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what is the easiest bike to maintain???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by quami, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. hey guys

    just wanted advice as to which bike would be the easiest to maintain and ride for a beginner. i'm looking for a bike that is:

    a naked
    up to 400cc
    single cylinder
    sub $6000

    Cheers guys

  2. easy, XR400 with road wheels.
  3. It is not under 400cc but look at a DR 650 maybe
  4. DRZ-400e with road tyres.
  5. the bike you don't give a rats arse about
  6. The one with the longest service interval and shaft drive
  7. DRZ 400 is oil cooled.

    If you don't mind oil cooling, then maybe a Honda CX500. Shaft drive, good learners bike, one in good condition will be rock-solid reliable. But they are getting old.
    Why do you want only up to 400cc, is it because you don't want something too powerful? Or do you just like the number? You might consider an RVF400 if you have the moolah, they go like absolute fuck, I think they just barely scrape under the kW/tonne limit.
  8. But its not naked or low maintenance or single cylinder...

    Big lazy 650 like a Dr would be the go really. Air cooling is nice for maintenance. Anything in a low state of tune (read: not a sports bike or the like) will be easier to maintain.
  9. They are water cooled but the op didn't say anything about air cooling so it shouldn't matter either way.
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  10. Honda CBF250.
  11. Or one with a warranty and a decent mechanic :)
  12. god no..... theres a reason hart only used them for 12 months them (and they used cb250's for 15 years)
  13. and that reason is...?
  14. they were dead by the end of it, they literally fell apart. the biuld qaulity wasnt the same. the were made to be cheap
  15. Honda CB250. Which is why they still cost close fairly close to their original selling price, even though you can never find one less than 5 years old.
  16. I think you will find most of that is due to the australian market more than any other reason. But I do agree.
  17. CBF

    Can't Be Fanged

    Can't Be F***ed

    Can Be Forgotten
  18. CBR
    Cant Be Ridden

    Very Tame Ride(r)
  19. Why must it be single and 400cc max???

    Suzuki GS500 is a nice reliable bike that was recommended to me and so far I've had no issues with self-maintaining it. But it's 500cc and a twin...
  20. bigger capacity, means the engine does less work reducing wear and maintenance