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what is the difference between riding and driving?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by abvc, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. people said riding is not suitable for everybody. but let's see,

    -. both have mirrors
    -. gas is accelerate, brake is deccelerate
    -. turn the steering to the left to turn left, turn the steering to the right to turn right
    -. you can choose between manual and automatic
    -. both require the same road awareness on the road

    so if you can drive, why can't you ride? why do you think riding is different and takes a different skill level?

  2. really??

    bikes fall over, cars don't! i think thats a good one to start off with
  3. Your more exposed, not only in the event of a colision but wind, rain, coldness, heat etc etc.. riding isnt for everyone..
  4. Same as how some can throw a ball, but not juggle?
  5. Well, once you're above a certain speed you lean. In fact I'm pretty sure I do more leaning than turning of the handlebars.

    And it's important to turn the right way or you could highside or lowside yourself, even at low speeds. Trust me, I've tried it a few times ;)

    They really don't.

    If you had a few drinks (still under the limit) or were a bit tired and unsure about reaction times AND were given the choice between riding and driving what would you do?

    I know I'd choose driving every time. You're seen a lot more often, people actually look for you and the road conditions aren't anywhere near as important. Braking is handled by one foot, rather than a foot and a hand and tends to also happen a lot faster so reaction times aren't quite as vital.

    Also, you can't put on makeup/eat breakfast/read the news/gossip on the phone/pick your nose/fish around for something in the passenger footwell on a bike. I think that would disadvantage the average driver significantly.

    Basically you need half a brain, a lot of awareness, very good road sense and yes that half a brain again. Things I'm not convinced the majority of the population has.
  6. You can be a poor driver and get away with it (that goes on a LOT!)
    ...no such luxury on a bike.
  7. There are also some people that are just not meant to ride. Example, an L plater of 3 years that I rode with on the weekend. Thought it was perfectly fine to ride around corners on the centre line then due to abysmal technique finish up 1-2 feet in the other lane. Riding is an art. Some people are just not meant to do it.
  8. What's the difference between a horse and a cow? Both have legs, both have tails ....

    As for riding not suited to everyone, that's probably true, after all there are plenty of drivers not suited to driving.
  9. A girl I did rider training with sat 20km under the speed limit consistently, even on busy industrial roads with trucks up her arse. Then sat bang on the centre line over a crest. Then was 20km over the limit in a residential area. She couldn't emergency brake to save herself or do low speed work. And she crashed twice.

    That was after the L plater's weekend and several days of rider training with a ton of road craft lessons. So yeah I think you're right, some people just aren't meant to ride. Although I believe this one still does, if she hasn't gotten herself run over yet.
  10. Another example one of by friend got a car and bike licence, he sold his car and bough a bike 3 months later sold the bike and bough the car.

    Not everyone can ride
  11. Because you turn the bars to the left to go right in the world of two wheels...
  12. i think most of the concern is that... bike can fall - which is totally true; in a stationary at least. what about other factors? radio?

    on the phone while driving is actually illegal.
  13. Another example.

    girl on my HART pre-pre provisional course (this is getting ready for your p's mind you) dropped her bike about 6 or 7 times around corners and when stopping.

    I can tell you, she was not ment to ride and if she were to eventually get her p's (god knows how she got her l's) it would be extremely dangerous for everyone especially her.

    I mean for us riders, it doesn't seem that hard, but we have to understand that not everyone has perception and co-ordination. I cite the case of my girlfriend recently getting her car p's. I was all for her getting a bike license before then but ever since... oh man. absolute zero hazard perception skills.

    Then again it has only been 2 weeks and i remember how terrible i was for the first 6 months on my p's.

    Moral of the story, you either have a natural aptitude or have to develop the skills to ride.

    Also, here is the difference in emoticon form: :biker::driver:

    Note bigger grin on riders face.
  14. There are people I don’t think should ride…
    Then again there are people I don’t think should be allowed to drive either.
    Generally they are the same people
  15. Show me a car doing a stoppie.
  16. Well as posted you actually 'steer' the handlebars to the right to turn left and vice versa.
  17. =D> ^^^^ show me a ferrari that can do that, eh?
  18. You need more brains to ride, if you don't have them you end up very red or very dead.
  19. Exactly right!