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What is the deal with these 'street fighters'?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by C_west, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. I have seen a few of these 'street fighter' bikes getting around, from what I can see it is just people taking off the fairing from there sports bikes and blinging them up? some dont look too bad if done tastefully then the other day I saw a magazine dedicated entirely to this style of bike, geez was there some ugly mothers in there. They kind of remind me of custom harleys etc acept on sportsbikes, ie changing parts just so it isnt as it was from the factory.

    So what does everyone on here think of them?

    and yes, I have been to the aus street fighter forum to look around. . .
  2. Whatever floats your boat. I like the look of some which are tastefully done but you are correct in saying that some look butt ugly.

    Wouldn't mind a Street Triple 675 :)
  3. yea a bike like that looks pretty nice from the factory thank you very much, it all ready has that kind of fighter look to it, but when you look at say a GSXR that has been done to look like a completly different style of bike? I dunno, but each to their own, its not like I have to ride the bike. . .

  4. I personally like them, and plan on building one of my own. There not just completey bolt on parts either. Alot of those street fighters go through some heavy mods to change them up.

    Its really personal taste! Some people like bobbers, others like HD's & choppers, some a pure sport bike riders and then you have the stunters.

    Life would be boaring if we all rode around on the same thing!
  5. Buy a new sportsbike lowside it,hightside it and there ya go instant street fighter :wink:
  6. Edit, yeah what he said. Yes, it took me 30 minutes to post that. :LOL:

    I think a lot of the uglier ones come from people who blow their savings on a fancy new sports bike, crash it, and can't afford to get it fixed. Followed usually by claims that the aforementioned isnt true.

  7. most fighters have spent more on parts than what the bikes is worth stock.
    Not everyone likes the mundane stying of suzuki, yamaha and honda.
    I cant sell mine cause i love it to much and all the modded bits of it.
  8. streetfighters are an abomination. god forbid anybody wanting to customise their possessions to the way they like it. they are eyesores and should be outlawed.
  9. Great to see an avenue for artistic expression.
    And as opposed to tagging it hurts no-one.
  10. Tagging isn't artistic expression, it's out-and-out vandalism. Some graffiti is artwork, take a walk through St Peters. Not tags, however...
  11. Yeah... you would never wrip the fairings off a poor unsuspecting F4I would you??? :LOL:
  12. Interesting bike pics above.

    I agree, tagging public property is vandalism; however I do know that at least some kids spend time developing their "tags" and are quite proud of their work which they display on their school items with some pride. Not my idea of beauty, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To some visual pollution to a few an artistic statement of rebellion.

    "Some notorious graffiti taggers have been welcomed by the art world. The most famous being Keith Haring, whose works have sold for upward of $100,000. More recently, taggers such as "Neck Face" have begun selling their work in art galleries, and have been featured in newspapers and on T.V., often with masks covering their faces." sourced from http://www.newstrend.com/2005/09/graffiti_tags_murals_outlaws_a.html
  13. That's just a new paint job on a K1200R.
  14. People shouldn't belittle streetfighters! Slow guys like to look tough too!
  15. Is that why all the slow guys over here ride R1s? :p
  16. slow? have you checked out the fighter scene recently, most true fighters (and i am not talking about some crappy binned sports bike but the real deal) start with the engine mods and go from there.

    some of the top end fighters are putting out 180hp+ at the rear and some of the truly lunatic ones in the uk and america are 200-210hp+

    so 'slow' is definately not a word i would use
  17. They would obviously be related to one of the minor arms of House R1 :p

    My comment wasn't really serious, but even my mother can ride fast in a straight line :)