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What is the deal with the Hume between Gundagai and Albury??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OC1, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. This is a continuing national disgrace - the busiest road in the country yet still not fully duplicated!

    It was with much delight that each time I used to drive to Sydney a new section of road was being built - but now it seems no new sections are under construction!

    It's very strange driving from Melbourne to Albury on a first-class road, then just after Albury going back to 3rd world conditions......... "Welcome to NSW' - HA!

    PS. That big submarine in Holbrook - what's the use of it - you can't even tour the inside of it! One big black turd in the middle of nowhere.....
  2. It's a clever plot by the people of Holbrook to keep the people of Albury out of their town!
    Seriously, though, isn't some 'normal' road after the boring 'super-slab' before and after a pleasant change?
    Actually it's because Bob the Builder spent most of his time whining at the Federal Government about roads, and didn't spend much State money on roads. As well, since the Hume is nowhere near Maroubra, he wasn't really interested!!!
    And the sub is the advanced party for a SUB-way restaurant to be built there real soon!!!
  3. Re: What is the deal with the Hume between Gundagai and Albu

    Yeah I agree with you on that section of road etc etc etc

    As for your 'black turd' comment?! read on
  4. If you think the hume is bad, try riding down the Olympic hwy sometime.
  5. Well blow me down..... it's only the top half of the sub! I guess it makes a tour a pretty useless idea (I always thought the whole sub was there - and about the mega-$$$ they could generate if it was open to the public!)

    Anyways - the Hume (and the Pacific) are still a disgrace, considering they are truck routes, and should be fully duplicated - maybe from those extra $billions the government has stashed away?
  6. Just thinking... isn't there a railway line shadowing the Hume for most of the stretch in question?
  7. Yep - I think road freight is still cheaper though!

    The problem is cage drivers on long distance trips are still killing themselves - many times running into other cars and trucks.
  8. Nah, not really.

    From Albury it heads off towards Wagga and doesn't return till just prior to Yass.

    The line from Coolac to Gundagai was a branch line up to Cooma.

    No I'm not a train nut, just a normal nut case :p , I was curious one day and found a map which revealled all.

    I did a 9 hour scream up the Hume from Melbourne Airport to Sydney Airport earlier this year (yeah, I know flying is quicker) in 9 hours and was very happy to have Cruise Control in the car. Most of it was done in the dark but there's only about 80km of two lane Hume left in NSW.

    The biggest annoyance is the fact that every town you still drive through has a 50km/h zone in the bloody middle of it :evil:
  9. Re: What is the deal with the Hume between Gundagai and Albu

    From the Australian War Memorial site.

    The smaller replica next to HMAS Otway (the submarine in the park) is of the WWI sub.


    ps - the bakery there isn't bad either.
  10. about 1500 trucks leave melbourne to go to sydney each night that is one way about the same coming back to melbourne