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What is the cleanest chain lube?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jisk, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I like to keep my chain well lubed but hate fling-off and cleaning the damn thing. Was researching at a scottoiler or equivalent but read that they're messier than the normal stuff.

    In your opinion, what is the cleanest (least fling off, least need for cleaning the chain) chain lube?

  2. i've only used motul factory line and it doesn't fling at all
  3. Don't be lazy :p
    I use gear oil and it flings like a bastard but that also means that A] no stones or grit stick to my chain and B] It wipes off the wheel/swingarm easily when I get home after I apply another squirt of oil.
  4. +1 Motul Road
  5. If you're that lazy, don't clean and lube it, just replace it and the sprockets every 10000-15000 km. That'll be $300 - $400.
  6. Sweetie old racers trick WD40
  7. Yeah good one, then he'll be replacing his chain every other month anyway as the WD40 will eat the O rings ](*,)

    Scottoilers are great if you set them right, I had one for years and got 70k out of my chains at the time and double that from the sprockets!
    If I did more riding I'd put fit one to my current bike in a heartbeat.

    As for the chain lubes more is less ! you don't have to drown the chain if applied correctly ........ IE: after your ride while the chain is still warm, so its all ready for the next ride :angel:
  8. Motul is good, Inox is almost as good, BP chain lube flings everywhere like crazy (seems to be too thin).
  9. Motul road. It's very light, penetrates well, give the chain a wipe with a rag after, minimal fling off. Chain is nice and clean, no gooy wax all over the place. Use every 300-400 Km.

    I've used wd40 before. No problems other than it's very very light. I was lubing/ cleaning the chain after every ride, about 150 Km. Changed the chain out after
    45,000 Km which was on par with the preveous chain, 40.000 Km, using chain lube.
  10. Wow, thanks for the info, good to know.

    Rattus knows his stuff.
  11. I use Motul Road also, Fully clean and lube chain after 1,000km, but after about 4-500 i just add some lube to the chain. (Used to fully clean it every 500)
    The chain keeps very clean as this stuff doesnt seem to pick up much grit at all so thats good. Chain always looks brand new.
    Also after a rain ride I'd be tempted to lube it if i could just in case.
  12. + 1 what he said.

    If you are worried about a little oil and dirt you shouldn't have a motorcycle to begin with.
  13. The old WD40 debate... bottom line is, WD40 takes MORE looking after than other lubes.

    WD40 doesn't degrade the Oring rubber, but it can hasten their wear. It has the potential to wick past the orings and dilute the sealed in lube.

    It also doesn't stand up well to heavy duty lube service, so you have to use it often, otherwise, friction occurs under the roller causing heat, which is what drives the lighter fractions out of the diluted sealed in lube and drying it out, meaning friction goes up further and heat... more friction equals less power to the rear wheel... more friction equalts more chain wear... heat equals degraded orings...

    Use WD40 in a pinch, or to help clean the chain if you must...

    If you're going to use WD40, you'll need to use it regularly to keep the chain lubed and hope it doesn't mess with your factory sealed in lube.

    Good luck.
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  15. Progold is good, motul road or race are excellent too.
  16. I'm getting good results from Maxima chain wax. 40,000kms on my CB1300's chain and still good for a lot more.
  17. I am loving maxima wax, the only thing on my chain at cleaing time is the wax. Stays on well even when riding through the rain.
  18. I've been using Castrol High Performance chain lube for the past 2 months. Put it on AFTER a ride when the chain is warm.
    It's great for the chain, it also lubes under my seat, the chain guard and the hugger, pretty much all under the tail area and the sidewalls of my tyres. If you get close enough it will probably lube YOUR chain as well.
    Yup it's great, flings nicely.....LOL

    Going back to Motul road, it's pretty good but waxy.