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What is the Break In Stage For A Bike???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wonderboy4, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll try to make this as short as posible, we've all heard of breaking an engine in, my question is, how many k's is this supposed to be. Because according to a website I found:


    They say it's 3500 miles or 5600Km, and not to use synthetic oil (for reaons explained on the link page) until then.

    I bought my bike second hand (Ninja 250R 2008) and it had 2,800K's on it. It now has about 3,800K's on it and I just did an oil and filter change and used a fully synthetic oil: Motol 10W50. No idea if or when it has ever had it's oil changed, but the oil was really black.

    Just wondering what you guys think and if I should be worried about this at all?


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  3. In my opinion it's run in when the number plate is first screwed on.... Give it heaps

    Only thing that needs bedding in correctly are the brakes, and to scrub the tyres... Don't ride like a granny
  4. Utter bollocks.

    Even being conservative, a modern bike engine is beyond the stage that could be described as "breaking in" by the time it's done 1000km. Beyond that point, although things will continue to loosen up for quite a while yet, you can do what you want with it. Even MrsB's Ural, an engine design 70 years out of date and so requiring traditional running in techniques, had completely settled down by the time it hit 4000 kms.

    Then again, the mention of miles suggests it's an American site so that explains it :D.

    As to the oil, IMHO synthetic isn't really much advantage in a road bike as you should be changing the oil frequently enough that the longevity (which is the main advantage of synths) doesn't come into the equation. However, it won't hurt your engine, just your wallet.

    Bottom line? Don't sweat it. Rev it to 18,000 if you want.
  5. If you have the kawasaki owners manual that came with your 250R, there is nothing in it thats says you cant use synthetic oil from day 1. That synthetic vs mineral from the start is bollocks.

    Recommended is 10w-40, the 50 will just give some more protection under greater heat stress. Manual states change your oil every 6 months or 5000km which ever comes first.

    Break in period for the 250r according to the manual is upto 1500km. 1000km up to 6k revs and then upto 8k revs until 1500km. Kawasaki are not fond of "motoman's" break in procedure.
  6. Good luck keeping the 250 under 6k rpm. My mate had one and when he asked the dealer he was just told not to thrash it for the first 1000 kms
  7. Thanks heaps dudes!, that puts my mind at ease,

  8. I am in the same situation as you OP, I just bought a new ninja 250 as well and so far i only done 100km on it, i read the manual and it say to keep below 4000 rpm for the 1st 800km and 6000rpm? Seriously I had to ride on the freeway on my way to work and crusing at 90kmph, it is easily at 7000rpm?

    I tried riding on 6th gear at 60kmph to keep it at 4km atm, but i find it is very hard to keep it below 4km on normal riding. So im trying to ignor the manual's instruction and just ride normally and sensibibly, I have not rev it pass 8000rpm, but just abit concern riding at 100kmph at 7500rpm for like 10 mins, i hope im not really hurting the engine? but there is not much I can do when riding at that speed?
  9. You guys might like this, his anecdotal evidence, if trustworthy, seems to speak for itself:

  10. Most bikes are dyno'd in the factory for quality control anyway, go with the Mototune method, much more fun!
  11. Advrider thread on people who have used the motoman method: