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What is THE BEST tyre??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mr.Ed, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. My tyres (dunlop qualifiers) still have plenty of tread left but know I'll need a new set for "summer purposes" :wink: hence the question. I want something s-t-i-c-k-y but that won't get me killed in case it rains. Durability isn't much of an issue as I ride less than 700km a month and I believe that any tyre I pick should last the whole summer (am I wrong??? :shock: ).
    Someone told me to look into the new Pirelli Diablo III, is it a good pick?
    How much should I expect to pay for a new set fitted?

    Btw, I ride a 600 RR '03 (see profile)!

  2. The New Michelin Pilot Power 2ct the new dual compound tyre is highly rated.
  3. problem is there is no best tire, they all offer something to someone.

    and just because one person recomends them doesnt mean they would be right for you (not that i am saying dont listen to other peoples opinions, just take it under advisement.)

    ultimately whatever you choose make sure you are comfortable with em because if you dont your riding will suffer considerably

    and tyres can cost between $450 - $750 a set depending on what you buy and where from, not sure about tyre sellers / fitters in syd though
  4. rubber

    I find that alot of sports tyres these days have a real high peak, and steep sides. This suits alot of people, in that the bike changes direction easily and quickly. I dont like that though, I like a gradual and even turn in, and dont mind having to work for it.
    With that in mind, I have found the qualifyers to be great. But different strokes for different folks! :wink:
  5. 700kms a month is hardly reason to be buying some super-dooper tyres; from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney you won't be riding far enough to use them..... :roll:.
  6. ask flux about the diablo's, pilot road 2s will suit your purposes IMHO, i have ridden in the rain never had the back step out, they have great durability, as they have a sticker compound on the edges but a harder compound in the center of the tyre, you will be look at $279-$300

    the power 2ct if the price on a front is anything to go off ($278) you would be looking at $350+ and unless you plan on taking it to the track i would have to say its unjustified, there is plenty of good tyres out there
  7. I'm not a fan of Qualifiers. I recently spent two days in the twisties on Pilot Roads and had two front end slides and the rear was all over the place. Pilot Powers seem to do a good job, but they just don't last IMO.

    My favourite tyre by a long long way is the Pirelli Supercorsa. Superb grip, great turn-in and bubble-gum smooth in a long corner. Plus they seem to last.
  8. pirellis are great
  9. It all comes down to personal opinion, but I prefer the Pirelli Corsa to the Pilot Power as for me, they seem to give me more "feel" of the road. Can't complain about the Pilot Powers, but they don't put as big a smile on my face after a good ride as the Pirelli's do. My opinion anyway!

    Now if you would have asked what is THE BEST BIKE, the answer would have been less subjective. The Ducati 748 wins hands down!
  10. I've had Bridgestone BT014's, Michelin Pilot Powers, and Metzeler Sportec M3's on my GSR.

    Of the lot, I preferred the M3's. Stickier than the powers, but more longer lasting than the BT014's. Has a similar profile to the powers too (steepish).
  11. And that's why the first comment about tyres being very subjective stands out. I got 13,500km from my PP front and 7,500km from my PP rear. And although not being the quickest, I don't hang about either.

    I never got on with the Corsa's on the Fireblade, but others loved them. What I've heard about the Powers is that they provide minimal feedback prior to letting go, whereas the Corsa's let you know earlier that you're on the edge. It's just a 'feel' thing. Tyres are, I am afraid, a $500 gamble. They all do an excellent job, just some will suit you more than others.
  12. Pilot Powers would be my choice stick like chit to a blanket under any conditions, but then mind you im an old man and ride ever so sedately :LOL:
  13. Iam using bridgestone Battlax atm BT924 or something and they seem to be pretty damn sticky! but then mines only a 250 =]
  14. Putty Rd is just around the corner (if I can corner it!!) :wink:
  15. Hmmm I've been playing with the idea of an advanced rider course followed by one (at least) track day. I'm sure a good tyre wouldn't hurt, right? :grin: I almost convinced myself to buy them in time for the PI GP, but honestly I'll probably have enough tread till next year!! I think I'll just do the standard mods (exhaust + filter + dyno) and change tyres mid-november, or sooner if the powerball decide to go my way! :LOL:
    I like the idea of the Diablo though!! Soft on the sides..
  16. Treat it with respect, and try and not ride it on weekends :wink:.
  17. On the 600rr, running pilot powers at Phillip Island for a full WET day (rained heavy all day) they didn't step out once. Spun controllably, and predictably, but never got me worried. For a wet tyre they get 5stars!
  18. I have loved the feel of pilot powers and have used them for years.
    Excellent grip level, very predictable feel and smooth from edge to edge.
    They were fine at PI, they did suffer a bid of cold shreding after the morning start, but they were excellent when properly warmed.
    They very rarely brake lose but any things possible when you try. :wink:
  19. I am on my 4th set of metzler m3s and have had no reason to think about putting anything else on my nine :grin: I have had pilot road,pilot power,dunlop 208rr,pilot sportsand some sportsmax thing so theres nothing in the mitchellin or dunlop stable that will swing me away :wink:
  20. I've tried various different sporting tyres.

    Dunlop 207GP's
    Dunlop 208RR's
    Michelin Pilot Powers
    Metzeler Sportec M1's
    Metzeler Sportec M3's
    Pirelli Diablo Corsa
    Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Pro SC1/2 (front/rear)

    First, I'll just say that I'm not big on testing the wet weather performance of tyres. To me, when you're sliding around on the road in the wet, it's about to get real expensive real fast. I'm a cautious, but still moderately quick wet weather rider, but I've never experienced any slides on any tyres in the wet on the public road, and my goal is to keep it that way. All of the tyres above are good for at least 30 degrees of lean in the wet, and that's about as far as is ever sane to push it on the public road in the wet anyway IMO.

    The 207GP's were old and a bit tired. They were on the bike when I got it. Didn't love them, didn't hate them. Nothing to say really.

    The 208RR's were very sticky. Replaced by the Qualifiers now I think. I actually liked the 208RR's aside from the fact thay they chewed themselves apart fast than a school of hungry piranha stripping a cow. That alone stopped me from considering them again. The tipped on their side in an instant. They are truly a road-legal track-day/road-race tyre. If you can get these tyres to their edge, the bike's likely scraping hard bits as well. Excellent grip in the dry. Never really tried them in the wet.

    The Michelin Pilot Powers. What can I say? Many people love them. I really dislike them. To me, they feel vague and unsettled when leaned over hard. Sure, they stick alright, but they don't provide any real feedback that they're sticking other than that you're still going around the corner. Go can very fast on these tyres, but not feel confident about it. To me, confidence is everything. The Powers are not a steel-belted tyres and I think that explains their lack of feedback. Put them on the 675, and disliked them on the 675 as well. Same problem. Must just be me and my riding style. If you've ever tried the Pilot Powers and they feel a bit vague to you, then just accept it that they're not the right tyre for you despite what everyone else says. It's no sin, and you won't be alone in disliking the Powers even though they have such a wide set of users who love them.

    The Metzeler Sportec M1's I've written about before. They grip will, and at the track I've slid them around progressively. Depending on whether you get the OEM (Honda) compound, or the generic compound tyres, does make a difference here. The OEM compound M1's are way better. The generic compound ones will slip about with any serious use. You won't crash 'cos they do it so gradually, but it isn't ideal. Given that there's no real way to tell which type you're buying (I don't know the different production codes for either) and that they'll chew themselves apart almost as quickly as the 208RR's, my advice is to give them a miss unless you can be absolutely certain you're getting the OEM compound tyres.

    The Pirelli Diablo Corsa's are no longer made (replaced by the Corsa III's). They are great tyres. Stick well. Good in the wet. Great in the dry. Can scratch your favorite public roads and then take them to the track and do the same. Good all-round weather performance. Being a steel belted radial tyre, they gave absolutely fantastic feel and grip when on the edge, and when they do start to slide at the track, it's smooth and progressive, and heck, even fun.

    The Pirelli Supercorsa Pro SC's I've written plenty on before. Unparalleled dry weather grip. On a fresh set of these tyres you can practically lean the bike over until the handerbars start to drag, and they'll still hold the road. Wick it up hard out of corners, and they won't spin up, they'll just dig in and leave a nice long blacky of deposited rubber on the road as the old rubber peels away to reveal new fresh super-sticky rubber again. In wet weather they're okay too, and work better than you might imagine given that the tread doesn't go all the way to the edge (read my 30 degree lean rule above). They have a problem though in that they are a track/race compound tyre, and don't like repeated extreme use/abuse. They'll turn blue, and/or after about 6-8 good hard uses on the road, they'll start to go off and slide about. I used to absolutely love these tyres until I replaced the rear and not the front one time. The rear stuck, the front didn't, front-end wash-out lowside and I'm now carrying injuries as a result. Has happened to more than a few people too. If you buy these tyres, and don't get me wrong, they are fantastic tyres for going balls out fast on, just be very cautious if they've gotten a blue tinge to them, or after 6-8 thrashes. They're pretty much designed to be worn out and replaced after a weekend on racing, or a couple of track days. Good for road use, but be mindful of them when they've gone off. Lurid slides ahead, quite possibly followed by much pain.

    Which brings me to the Metzeler M3's. After an aborted dalliance with the Pilot Powers on my 675, I've pulled the Powers off after 2500kms and sold them to someone else who likes the things. Myself, I was just so glad to be rid of them. I've put the Metzeler M3's on, and I'm loving it. I used the Metzeler M3's on the R1 in the past, and they are pretty much everything that the Diablo Corsa's were, but probably slightly stickier. They are right in the middle of a road/track day tyre, where you could use them for either purpose and not be penalised noticably for either application. They warm up fast, stick well in the wet (again, within my 30 degree rule), offer superb grip just shy of the Supercorsa Pro SC's in the dry, and give a more controlled ride at full lean, tip into corners provided fantastic feedback the entire way, and give lots of feel on the edge where if you want to go nuts with the throttle, you could slide them at (stupid) high lean and have it be an enjoyable experience. You tip them into a corner, and they'll just bite in hard. They aren't great for the wankers though, because they have a very steep profile (more rubber at very high lean), but so steep that even I still have chicken strips for regular road use. With very heavy abuse, they'll go blue, but that's true of the Powers or the Diablo's too.

    I loved the M3's on the R1, before I switched to the Supercorsa Pro SC's for ultimate track-day grip, and I'm absolutely loving them on the 675 again now. It's like rediscovering an old trusted friend that you lost contact with a long time ago.