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What is the best track day + occasional use bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    Opinions on what bike is the best for track days and occasional street use. It has to be good in terms of

    Cornering ability
    Straight line speed
    Tyre choice
    Reliability in terms of starting / running / keeping cool
    Not going to cost a bomb to repair if it goes down < Of course this is a ... area

    It dosent need to be pretty or flash or learner legal (though learner legal need not be excluded), two strokes are in and 2nd hand bikes preferred.

    Thanks :grin:
  2. Kawasuki CBR6
  3.  Top
  4. What's your budget?
  5. Grab a late 90's/early 2000's 600cc bike.

    • More then enough power
      Plenty of spares
      Great handling which your not likely to out grow
      Endless amounts of aftermarket kit
      Easy to ride
      Standard wheel sizes on most of them, so large range of tyres

    2 strokes IMHO are too much hassle if your just an occasional track day punter. 400's are getting old and parts will only get harder to come by. 1000cc bikes are overkill unless you can outride a 600cc bike. I would say there would not be many people that can ride a 600cc supersport to its potential. As well as a lot greater tyre wear on a 1000cc bike.

  6. erh? bikesales + google are both confused...

    Budget, i have not thought that far yet so lets dream away or be realistic, open to all suggestions =]
  7. The reason i thought 2stroke is e.g. rs250, lightweight, agile and plenty of power!

    yay nay ?

    I am hesitant to go for a bigger engined bike cos i do see alot of people on track days getting carved up by smaller bikes in the corners but then the bigger bikes overtake on the straight.
  8. And and and...

    whatdya guys think of the school of thought that a Aprilia rs125 or similair will "make you a better rider"
  9. As the token NR "eccentric", I would recommend a 20 year old BMW K100. Cheap, bulletproof and the perfect excuse for being slow if it turns out you're not very good ;).

    Not to mention the reaction you get when your antique shaftie on cast iron tyres, and with sparks flying from the undercarriage, goes round the outside of the bloke on the new Gixxer Thou' :twisted:.
  10. I've been around the outside of thousands on my 250cc...ducatis and gsxrs and even cagvita mito...i just think those guys arent giving it as much as i was.
  11. SV seems to be a popular track bike, not too expensive either

    I was still thinking two stroke race bike >_< i guess id be trying to do one track day per month
  12. Any 600 supersport, basically. You'd have to spend a bit of money on the suspenders and brakes of an SV to get it up to speed.
  13. Most of the Japanese 600cc supersports are very similar (in some cases, virtually identical), so it doesn't matter which one you get. They would pretty much be the best track day bike (low weight, >100hp, excellent suspension etc).
  14. Strokers are a lot of fun, but most of the the 250's are getting old and you'll outgrow the rs125 fairly quickly in terms of power, although they do handle very well.

    My punt would also be on '95~'05 600 supersport. Test ride a few and get whatever feels best for you. The Kwaka ZX-9's are also going for quite reasonable cash at the moment so they may be worth a look into if you were dead set on something larger.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. If your willing to keep up to date with maintenance then a 250 2-stroker would be a great track bike.
  16. You must keep all the ladies happy with your massive e-wang...

    Well done!
  17. And he doesn't even know what a Kawasuki CBR6 is!! ;-)
  18. agree (y)

    from my experience, the 2strokes are great but dont do as well as a modern 600 in terms of start & go convenience.
    when you've paid for a trackday its frustrating to miss sessions with mechanical gremlins etc.
  19. I'm not making it up and im without e-wang, go do a track day, go in the slowest group and if you cannot find someone on a ducati or a gsxr that has nfi what they are doing to overtake ill be surprised.
  20. The slowest person I've ever seen on the track was a guy on a 1098S at Wakefield park. I could run the track faster.