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What Is The Best Road Trail Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rider2000, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys!
    i am 15 and am trying to decide between saving up for a 250 cruiser, or a road trail :D
    i was just wondering, in your guys opinion, which is the best road trail for a beginner bike?

    i know i have another year or so, but it cant hurt to start looking and saving :D

  2. Probably the Yamaha wr250r if you can save up enough cash.

    Lightish, a bit of power and long service intervals. But expensive.

    Or get a xr250, xr400, drz400 and thrash it.
  3. thanks man :) ive looked at them, and i dont really wanna be spending 10K+ on a 250 :). my only concern with the xr250 is that theres no newer models of them. thanks man though :D, what bike to you have?
  4. Xr250s are bullet proof, I had a mate run one for a couple hundred ks with bugger all oil in it.

    I've got an Xr650r at the moment.
  5. Best to get a reasonable 2nd hand bike than new then if you drop it,it won't matter as much and you'll have more money to upgrade when you out grow this one
  6. I've got a DRZ400e and it's a great all round bike and its LAMs approved. It gets up and goes on the tar when I want her to and she also loves the trails.
  7. thanks man i have an xr100 and its about 13 years old and still goes like a champ, do you know the top speed of any of the 250s, like the dr-z, xr, wr, crf?
  8. Whats the top speed?
  9. A quick Google tells me top speed of stock drz400 is 105mph (around 160), but might be a good idea to let someone who owns one and has maxed it out
  10. hmmm, what about dr-z 250? fo you reckon they could do 80mph? (i think 130km)
  11. Its a little single but it'll be revving its tits off at 130. I've seen a few learners a p players (that was an excellent auto correct...) in Sydney with the 400s - they look and sound great, and they are bloody wheelie machines, so much torque for a learner bike
  12. oh ok awesome man :D. im not quite sure how ill handle the jump from a xr100 to a dr-z400
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  13. I've had it at 135k's, she was ringing off her nut a little but it still only got the standard gearing.
  14. I've had both Drz250 and xr250 around135-140kph very buzzy. I think my xr650 tops out around 160 at the moment, I would be surprised if a standard drz400 did that.
  15. My Drz running motard wheels does 155 maxed. The gearing is done so it works out to be exactly the same as a stockie running knobbies. Obviously you could raise the gearing but then it would be useless off road and you'd be ridin the clutch until over 40km/h.

    Dirt bikes are geared low they are not about top speed. Top speed is pretty useless anyway as you never use it. In my view the problem with these dirt bikes is they start to struggle over 110km/h so you can't power out of danger as easily on a highway.
  16. awesome man, thanks for the info :D i think im deciding between DR-Z250 or hyosung gv250