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What is the best motorcycle you had or have

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Marsrocket, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Many of us have had many motorcycles over the years... in my case I have owned five... in the mid 70s I had a Honda 350 Four for a short time until I had a moment at a traffic light in Box Hill when I was revving up to take off when the light turned green and something in my head clicked and said don't go... the light turned green and the car next to me took off and on the right a car went through the red traffic light and wiped out the car... if I had taken off I would have been dead... I rolled the bike to the curb and threw up and never road again until I reached my early 50s. I started again on a 80s Suzuki GN 250... road it for nearly four years... great bike to learn on because it you could never go faster than 100 kms and hour and it was so light you could throw it about if something popped up in front of you, like a Kangaroo... then I got a 80s Kawasaki VN750 which I had for a couple of years.

    Bought a new GSX650F (non Lams) two half years ago and a Harley Custom Sportster 1200 built in 2000 which came into my life a little over a year ago.

    Yes, I am getting to it lol... the best motorcycle is one I have now... and it is not an ad for Suzuki because I don't think you can buy the non lams GSX650F these days.

    I paid $8990 for it (best money I have spent)... I look at it today an still cannot believe they can build such a machine and sell it for that price... it handles like a dream... it is so smooth and has that really safe feeling you want on a motorcycle... this is due to being a heavy bike and once you get going that feature really helps in freeway speeds... the bike cuts through the air like a knife... it also looks great once you take the crappy stickers off (mines black and white)... I will never see the top speed of the bike but for me it purrs effortlessly on the freeway at 110 kms and overtaking is a piece of cake on country roads.

    Recently I poured all over the motorcycle and the japanese can really build a sophisticated machine for a low cost... it's no wonder this motorcycle is very popular overseas... personally I am happy not many were sold here as I can ride a machine that stands out in looks and performance and not see another one on the road.

    I have never had one problem with the machine and every day I wake up I want to ride it... at 61 that is saying something... it has to compete with my other toys in the garage and the GSX650F is hard to resist.

    It's the cheapest machine I have but it is one of the best buys in my 61 years.

    What's yours...
  2. did the Hardly have tassels on the handle bars?
  3. No lol but some others do have them I have been told.
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  4. My current Shiv. But plaudits have to to the old '81 XT500 which was bulletproof. On and off road, went over anything, simply pick up after any crash (many) and ride off. Great torque for everyday traffic. Only downside - rubbish for distance, too much vibration an a top end of around 140 and that felt like riding a jack hammer! But still a sentimental fave...
  5. Easy....Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS (Z1000SX). A do it all, comfortable, versatile, super smooth commuter and sports tourer, fast or slow. Great bike
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  6. Yamaha XT550 - long gone now. I'm a little like you in that I rode long ago. Early 70s saw me on a Honda 750. I haven't had a lot of different bikes, but kept each for a long time, a couple of brief periods off the bikes ( 4 or 5 years Max) since first getting a licence as a teenager.

    I mention the 750, because it was pretty good, owner serviceable, reliable.

    The XT was perfect at the time. Enough "legs" to get out and go places some distance - I went to a few rallies in them days. It was simple, uncomplicated and reliable, a hoot to ride, made a great commuter, and I could go off road if I wanted to. It was also the only bike I've owned that was totally at home on rough gravel roads though it was too heavy to be a serious trail bike. (I've had other trail bikes) It is the standout, by a large margin.

    Current bike is a road bike Suzy 1250 Bandit - An OK commute, very competent tourer, Excellent time and space machine where there are big spaces without a lot of scrutiny and a WAY better bike overall, than the 750 was by almost any measure apart from the seat. It's not so easy to service. That's progress. The 750 had plenty of poke, excellent brakes, and a very good seat. Maybe I'm just getting old.

    XT550 - It was just perfect at the time, and I'd have another. The perfect second bike.

    The others don't rate a mention. Just motorbikes. (4 others)
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    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
    I've had almost 40 bikes since I started riding and the only one that I really regret selling was my Kawasaki Z1 which I spent several years rebuilding and restoring (then got tempted into selling which I've regretted ever since).
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  8. Of the 30 or so bikes I've had since the mid 1980's, including GSX750, Z1000, RG250 etc - four stand out.

    RG500, mad two stroke power band and 1980's tyres. Supposedly the closest thing to a full on race bike when I had mine in the late 1980's. It was completely the wrong thing for a ham fisted teenager to own and it tried to kill me on multiple occasions - I still love it even though it's long gone.

    M109R (LE), it was like riding a carnival float and you certainly know you've been riding when you finish (my arms are now 2 inches longer than when I bought it due to massive torque and the sail in the wind riding position).

    CT110, nearly indestructible. I've thrashed both of mine and they still want more. Great fun on dirt.

    BMW K1300R, it lets me ride 1200KMs in a day or commute 40KMs, 160 BHP at the rear wheel and can scratch if needed (my current bike and probably a keeper as it's the best all round bike I've ever ridden).
  9. My little GN 250 is a sentimental thing... I got really sick in my early 50s and I got the bike for $500 bucks plus 2 helmets and gloves... the guy who owned it fell off going over a curb at walking speed and fell off and hurt his back. .. the bike was a life saver... got me off my behind and out into the world...

    Not the best bike but a much loved one for many reasons. I should have kept it... I saw it a few months after I sold it and the young bloke who bought it had dropped it and it looked like sh*t.

    Not in the same world as the GSX650F but thought of often.

    Here is a pic of the bike taken in Ballarat... I rode it all the way from Adelaide to Ballarat and back again in the middle of winter in 2007... it got below freezing and I average 90 kms per hr... I wore 3 sets of clothes and had a massive back pack... the hardest trip I have ever done. The little bike never ever complained.

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  10. my spada was a great thing. the vfr400 was a little rocket. my zx9 is an excellent all rounder.
  11. Like no other bike I've ridden, my current Hypermotard 1100S grabs me by the balls and commands me to ride her. I know she's not perfect - no bike is - but she's the first one where I can look at each compromise and not wish it were any other way.

    I'll own other bikes in the future but they'll have to share the garage. I can't see myself ever giving her up willingly.
  12. Susuki GT380 2 smoke tripple, Great bike. I had four of them at different times when I was a young 'un.
  13. Without a doubt the VFR800 is the best all round bike I have ever owned.

    It does everything well, it handles (when you get the preloads dialled in), is an excellent commuter, great 2 up, has more than enough grunt when needed.

    Add to that Hondas build quality and reliability and it's hard to beat.

    Oh, and they're cheap......
  14. Wasabi Ninja 300
  15. Geez, very tough question to answer. I have loved all my bikes and they are each still a favourite in some way.

    Some that stand out the most are my first road bike, a 1983 Kawasaki GPZ250 (belt drive). I rode this thing everywhere, crashed it a few times (low speed, being dumb), and it just kept going.

    The two 2strokes. A 1996 RGV250 and a 1999 Honda NSR250SP. Both just ridiculous fun to ride. The NSR especially, it is now a very collectible bike (if you can find one..).

    My 2006 Honda 900 Hornet was another favourite. A very good all round bike, did nothing spectacularly, but did everything well. Comfy too.

    But by far the best one I have owned is my current ride, a 2014 Ducati Monster 1200. By a long way the most I have ever spent on a bike too. It was bought as i've always had a love for the naked Italians, and I think Ducati have finally got to a point that service costs are bearable. Anyway, it just continues to amaze me. I commute pretty regularly (90k round trip), have done an 1200k overnighter and a couple of other longish rides, it's comfortable, and handles like an Italian bike should. This one I will keep for a while yet I think.
  16. i've always had a love for the naked Italians

    Sofia Loren????? :LOL:

    I miss my XS650 Yamaha a lot, and I sold that in 1981.
    I had over seven and a half wonderful years with the 600 Hornet, it was not perfect by any means, but I put over 100,000 kms on it, and nearly cried when it disappeared down the road in the back of David's ute.....
    The VFR will be twenty years old in March this year, and it's a technological light year away from a 2015 bike, but I doubt I could use ten percent of today's bike's capabilities, so for the purpose of the exercise, it's my best ever bike...
  17. In 18 years I've had but 4 bikes. The Bandit is by far and away the best.
  18. I'm not having a go at you but the question is too simplistic. If you mean my everyday ride, and I think you probably do, then it's my TRX850 Yam. On the track it's my Cagiva Mito but that may be superseded by the Supermono I'm trying to build...We'll see. When I have some more dough for another tourer I hope to get another CB1300S Honda and it may push the TRX aside on some days depending on my mood. You see, these are all the best bikes I have owned/own....
    BTW, I too am 61 and since 1970 I have owned around 40 bikes and still own 6....Also the formula for bike ownership is N + 1 where N = the number of bikes you currently own.

    Kobo :cool:
  19. I have fond memories of all my bikes...... the first will always be my first! (MX80)
    My first venture onto roadbikes came in the form of a Honda CBR1000F, which I thought was awesome, with just one job.....take me from one place to another as quickly as possible.
    I then jumped back onto a Honda CR500 (2 stroke MXer), this has been the only bike I have ever felt fear on!

    Several bikes later, all with good and not so good traits, I love my current XJR1300 for shear grunt factor..... but,
    as far as 'Best bike I've ever owned?', I would have to say my DR650, because, it can do everything that I've ever asked of her, been everywhere I've ever wanted to go, although not very pretty, it is very easy to get along with. I find it great through the hills, great off-road, great in traffic.... perhaps the racetrack or drag-strip might be asking a little to much, I'm sure it would still handle it though.
    I get some odd looks on my DR, when I roll into town, as every bit of my bike has a purpose and nothing is just for show. I seem to get the odd person coming up and whispering that they have one in the shed also, even at Hog based rallies.
    So, yes my DR is the best bike I've ever owned & when (if) she ever dies, I shall replace it with another one.
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  20. I have been all around Vietnam and New Zealand (twice, winter & summer) on my DR650. As you say, it's a great bike in the fact that it's versatile, but you don't get very far down the road before you suffer a very sore posteria, ( however I did purchase a v. expensive Corban seat from the US)....but I still vote fory my current ride. Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS.