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What is the best Motorcycle Movie ever made?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kalling, May 18, 2009.

  1. What is the best motorcycle movie ever made?

  2. The best:

    Biker Boyz

    the worst:

  3. more a doco than a movie.

    but you cant beat "on any sunday"
  4. Chrome and Hot leather :p :LOL:

    but seriously, On Any Sunday!
  5. Was Torque worse than Wild Hogs???
  6. Yes!

    At least wild hogs knew it was a joke!

    Ffs! Motorcycle Karate! I mean come on!!! :LOL:

    (was talking about torque... a movie that totally takes itself seriously :roll: )
  7. stone...
    well it was filmed up the road from me.. :wink:
  8. Silver Dream Racer :eek: Bikes, Christina Raines, an underdog training montage and the greatest movie ending ever.

    If you perform a forum search you'll turn up at least one monster bike movie thread.
  9. Girl on a motorcycle.

    how could you loose?

  10. Her over-frequent sexual exploits aside, it sounds like you can't lose either.
  11. On Any Sunday
  12. Torque was amazing.

    I was really impressed with the audio crew.
    They made all the V-twins sound as good as 4-cylinders.
  13. Gotta be "On Any Sunday"/
  14. Torque took itself seriously :shock: I thought it was meant to be a comedy. :wink:

    I suppose thats what you get from the maker of fast and furious though
  15. Go fcuk yourself! :LOL:
  16. winner... i dont care about history and all that...
    shut us up as kids for a few hours...
  17. #19 matressking, May 18, 2009
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  18. :LOL: Cheers for that mattressking, I've honestly never seen it before. I'm heading out to the vid shop now, looks like a comedy night it does.