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What is the best 50cc to buy at value for money?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by frustr8me_07, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hi im new here and wanted to buy a 50cc scooter. Was just wondering if someone could give me advice on which one would be best value for money Thanks :)

  2. I don't know what one is the best, but rest assured they are all as slow as a month of wet Sundays
  3. Hey Tweety, does this ring a bell?
    "acting as a role model for the community"
    "treat everyone with respect, courtesy and fairness"
    "Act with fairness and impartiality"
    "Show tolerance to all individuals and their traditions, beliefs and lifestyles"
    "Do not harass, vilify, victimise or discriminate against any person based on sex (GAY) disability (scooter :grin: )"

    It is obvious that you have no interest, knowledge or intention to contribute anything in these scooter threads. So, why don't you go and compare the size of your bike with the other big boys, and let these threads for those who want to help..
    :p :moped:
  4. Regardless of what TWEET wrote the OP was a very open-ended and ridiculous question which you didn't even answer.

    You can have all the benefits of scooters and good luck to you but no 50cc machine will be fast even though "not to slow" is subjective.

    To the OP. Go try them out and see what suites just dont expect to do it quick.
  5. Perhaps you can point out where any of what I stated is untrue??
    And while we are here, please don't infer that I said a scooter rider is Gay, I simply pointed out what I have so many times heard from others pertaining to scooters, and the OP agreed with my comments :LOL:
  6. I am not a moderator in these forums and i'm not in a crusade against scooter bashers..
    I gave you a tip about your attitude here towards a new member. It's up to you what to do with it. Chuck it in the bin and keep on posting here about how scooters are this and that and that they are not bikes blablablablabla
  7. Hey,was that photo of your Piaggio taken in Balmain? Would explain a lot........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. frustr8me_07,

    Why don't you post at the Welcome Lounge a hello to all the members, that way more people will respond to you..

    as 2wheelsagain said, that was a "very open-ended " question

    So update your profile with your location, deferent states deferent scooter options. Your price range would help.. There are 50cc that do 50km/h and 50cc that do 100km/h and they start at $2K and could reach $5k for a 50cc.
    Also, why scooter? You might want to get a second hand manual motorcycle. You can with 2-3k, or a postie motorcycle from 1500 with auto clutch.. Do you need the under seat storage and weather protection that a scooter will give you? Have you seen something you liked?

    Check the other posts here, lot's of info, like

    and ignore our disputes here :p.. too much time in our hands+ the older you get :LOL:

  9. No... It was taken in one of the rides in RNP and MacPass we did together :LOL:
    And yes, that is a pillion on the second shadow, a real one, no plastic doll :p
    The cappuccino machine left no shadow, as it was tacked inside the 55 L under seat storage. \:D/

    ps.. I saw the crappy movie "the queen" in dvd the other day. The bikes they had chasing Diana in the tunnel were a Piaggio X9 and an X8!! (the 200cc model, not my 250). Of course there was no x8-x9 when the crush happened, but who cares; when they want to portray a bike that can chase Mechs or BMW and take photos at the same time, they used an X8... Case closed :cool:
  10. I suppose it depends on teh driver of the car, and which BMW /Merc they used. I know I could get away from pretty much any scooter in some of their products.
    Seriously, are you saying your scooter tops out around 140-160 MILES an hour? :LOL:
    I should have said when asking about your photo, I was referring to the one you have in the "garage".

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Ah, that's Manns point park, greenwich, next "point" from balmain.. ( got to add some less w@nky photos in the garage!!!

    No, has a speed limiter after 150 (km/h) ,but look at the movie what happen to the BMW that was doing that speed :wink:
  12. V-moto

    Get a V-moto Monza

    Mine is fantastic, does 150ks to a 5.2 ltr tank.

    Will easily do 80ks with minor mods.

    i think their $1895 new


  13. Peugeot JetForce 125cc that thing is awsome. I work for a bike dealership and i get to ride one home whenever i please. I do alot of Highway riding and it can easily do 100kms and its great on fuel too. RR is $5,390 on ride away. PM me if u want more info :)
  14. The best 50cc scooter is 100cc+ :wink:

    Seriously... the difference in cost isn't that great and they are much much more usable.
  15. definately go try as many as you can mate. Thats the only way to tell. A scoot needs to be tested, plain and simple, you cant buy one from behind a keyboard. Get out there and test ride every one you can get your mits on.

    TO be more help, we'd need to know a couple of things; you location, budget, style your after, size your after, terrain you plan to use it in etc etc etc.

    Why are you restricting yourself to a 50cc? Is it simply because you cant be bothered going through the process of getting a bike license? Thats fine too, nothing wrong with that, many people are in the same boat. But in most states you can actually do a scooter license where you can sit the motorcycle test on a scooter and get a license to ride a more powerful scooter. The test is VERY easy on a little scoot.

    Thats a real benefit if you can do it, because most people starting out just dont realise how underpowered 50cc scoots are. The jump up to a 100cc or a 150cc scoot is a real improvement, without being intimidating at all. They are still small and light and easy to handle, but they give you so many more options and you'll get so much more use out of it if you can go into 80km/hr zones rather than be stuck in 50 and 60 zones.

    So give us some more info and we'll help where we can.

    Oh and dont worry about those who have a laugh at scooter riders expense. They're just after a reaction and its not worth the effort. Dont waste your time worrying about keyboard worriers.

    And guys, you should remember that Nertider actively advertises as having a "dedicated scooter forum" so why try your hardest to turn these people away from the site? Two wheels is two wheels, share the love.