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What Is The Best 250cc Cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rider2000, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys, im here today to ask you what the BEST 250cc cruiser is, in your opinion.

    i am 15 and currently have a job so i can save up for a bike, i know that i am at least a year away from getting my L's but it wont hurt to start looking and saving :)

    im mainly looking at the Hyosung GV250 because of their efi model. but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D.

    P.S the bike will be used for commuting from home to school to work, plus, the roads out here in rural NSW are SHOCKING! there are podholes everywhere, so if anyone knows anything about what the 250 cruisers suspension is like that would be greatly appreciated as well, thanks :D
  2. If you're tall, I would suggest the Yamaha V-Star 650.
  3. Yamaha > Hyosung. Consider the Virago. Reliable v-twin engine, easy to work on and there's cheap parts everywhere. Suspension on 250 cruisers like this one is fairly average. Rear is adjustable, I think it has 5 presets.

    If you're set on a cruiser and can afford a bigger bike, the xv650 is much better.
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  4. I didn't know they made a 250cc :p

    250cc cruisers tend to be pretty gutless. As the others suggest you probably want something with a bit more power on those country roads.

    If your set on a 250 the Kawasaki Eliminator is apparently good. The Virago is cheap and had a good reputation. I'd probably stay away from Hyosung. Too many horror stories.
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  5. The revues I came across on the Hyosung's were a mixed bag. I was thinking about a Hyosung but decided on a Honda ( a little bigger than a 250 =D..)
    Bottom line is you have to get on a variety of bikes & find out which one you like. In Qld, the riding schools have a few different bikes you can try. I'm sure it would be the same in the other states. By the sound of it you have the right idea and you have plenty of time to find the right bike :)
    Check out this review at roadrider.com.au All-the-LAMs-cruisers/, It's a good read..
    Happy hunting
  6. Hunter Spyder??
  7. Yeah, I had not heard of them until a couple of months ago. Google them and check out the web site. Interesting =D
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    thanks alot for your input, any advice i can get from fellow riders is amazing :) im pretty much set on the 250 cruisers because of their price, and dont really want to get a bigger bike because my parents are trying to push me towards a road trail, which isnt a bad thing, but id like to have a little pride in my bike, and plus, the cruisers look amazing :D

    thanks man :D

    awesome man i will do, what bike did u get?

    horror stories?
  9. the bike looks amazing, the 350 would be awesome as well, cause its not as small as a 250 but not as big as a 500
  10. 2006 CB900F Honda Hornet. I did say it was a little bigger than a 250 :)
    As I said take your time, it took me ages to find this bike, 1 owner 10003km, she's a beauty..!!!
    I've recently got back into riding after 20+ years. I've done 3 refresher courses so far and am planing on more advanced riding courses in the near future. I actually dropped her the other day at the course, luckily it was in a carpark, while I was practicing full lock turns, stalled it & down we went. Thank goodness the first thing I did when I got the bike was put Occy Knobs on, no damage =D. I can't recommend enough doing as many courses as you can. You can't have to many skills when it comes to riding on the road.
  11. thanks heaps man for the helpful advice :D i will definetly be taking as many courses as i can. would you recommend a road trail or a little 250 cruiser as a first road bike, i have 5 years of riding dirt bikes (only 1, my trusty xr100 :D)
  12. You have some experience on a bike already, that's great. But riding on the road is very different & a lot more dangerous. This is only my opinion. A crusier is just that, a cruiser, it can keep your speeds down while you get used to the road, fun & looks cool, but then a tourer or sports tourer bike will handle better and is probably closer to what you are used to. As a mate said the other day " if we could afford it we would buy a few bikes to ride depending on where we want to go, but we cant so we need to compromise and get something that will do everything". He rides a triumph tiger, just got back from 9 weeks touring around Europe ( so jealous). I picked the Hornet as it's got enough power, easy to ride and it will take me & the wife comfortably on some short day trips and I can have some fun with mates alone.
    You'll work it out =D
  13. thanks man :D, i looked back at your first post and you didnt give a definite answer, which 250 cruiser would you recommend, whatever bike you say i am really going to look into because you seem to know what your talking about :) and i respect my older riders
  14. I came from having only ridden dirt bikes to a cruiser for my first road bike and had to get used to it. Didn't take long though and the xvs650 is an easy bike to ride.

    Two different styles of bike for different styles of riding.
    Depends what you're going to want to do with your bike I guess.
    I love my cruiser but am half looking for a road/trail so I can go riding with my daughter.
  15. Kawasaki el250
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    oh ok cool :) i dont think ill be able to get a 650 cause my parents would kill me. but im still not sure whether or not im going to lean towards a 250 cruiser or 250 road trail... :D

    aparantly those bikes arent very good, do you have any experience with them?
  17. Rider2000Rider2000, any of the big 4 jap bikes would be a good buy, I would steer clear of hyosung due to reliability and parts availability. Riding rural roads as I did when young, you may be better with a trail bike to soak up the rougher roads, depending on where you are, you may also want to blast up and down gravel roads and go bush with mates. You've got plenty of time to look around and keep saving those pennies, buy the best bike you can afford
  18. Honda have a 400 cruiser, so it's water cooled and EFI.
    The XVS650 is its closest opposition, air cooled and carby.
    If you're already comfortable on bikes then I wouldn't bother with a 250.

    You've got a few years to save up and keep a look out for deals.
  19. thanks man, the main reason i started looking early and saving early is so that by the time i can actually buy one, i will be able to find the perfect bike and get it, instead of finding the perfect bike, and having to save up for 2 years. :)
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  20. thanks man :D i dont think my parents will let me get on anything bigger then a 250, maily because they want me to get a feel for the road, and theyre not worried about me being an idiot, theyre worried about the other idiots on the road, and its kinda hard to argue a mother on that. :)
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