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what is supreme?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dgmeister, May 16, 2012.

  1. Which bike suffers from the most awesomeness:

    gsxr 750 2003
    cbr 929 2001

    horror stories?
  2. 929, and the 954's even better.
  3. they sound pretty good except no steering damper
  4. Won't need a steering damper unless your tank slapping all the time. Plus every guy and his dog sell aftermarket ones
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  5. i am not afraid of god but tank slappers scare me
  6. Try relaxing your death grip. [​IMG]
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  7. Just buy the one that you like, you are the one that has to ride it. Who cares what others think.
  8. GSXRs all the way....
  9. you dont need one if you can ride a motorcycle properly.
  10. I have to vote for the Blade, but each to their own :) I wouldn't care about the steering damper issue myself.

  11. Depend what you want. The Suzuki will make you better rider. The Honda will give you the open class grunt (almost).

    Personally I'd take the Suzuki, because having a lot of grunt I can't use is starting to annoy me. The Suzuki will still have more than you can use.
  12. Only Yamaha's suffer from awesomeness, get the R1

  13. Is that what they call bits of gearbox in your engine oil these days?
  14. My R6 sorta kinda needs damper, at Morgan Park. It has more than enough go to get the front light over the rise on the front straight, and you get all light over the crest and if you don't hang on you'll slide off the back of the bike. But it doesn't have enough go to pop the front off the ground and reliably hold it there. A seat squab or pad to help hold me forward on the bike might be a big help. The 954 and the ZX14 don't have dampers either, but neither seems to be as badly effected at that spot, although they do both get pretty twitchy.
  15. Ibast nailed it.
    I would buy the Honda, but prefer to ride the Gixer. It's a big leap ahead in the way it handles. So much easier to punt than the 929
  16. pizza??
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  17. i will prob go for the honda + supreme size,
    but have to look at them first.
    I have heard (those 750's) the gixxer gearboxes blow up or something?

    I want the bestest most awesome bike ( as we all do) for the money
    hondas seem to have more positive reviews
    not much to find about gixxers except the gearbox blows up

    but will def look at both!
  18. That model of blade (929) had stator issues. I had one, and it's the only bike to ever leave me broken down at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception. I do remember it had tons of undersea storage, I could fit a pair of shoes and some pants in there. Was a great bike, but I never got over the stator issue and sold it soon after.

    Gixxers are bulletproof, I've had four and never a thing go wrong with them. My eyes have been opened recently though. Naked bikes are better for the road.
  19. god damned compromise!!!!

    even at this upper end of the range you still need to compromise

    cannot wait to get my pure adrenalin awesomeness fix, as i am a junky
  20. The CBR929 is a great bike, here's mine, I really like it :)