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What is so good about moving over seas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I've been looking for my next bike for awhile now and it seems like more then half of the adds i come across have the reason for selling "Moving overseas", Have you met or know anyone who has sold a bike to move overseas? Or have you bought a bike from someone moving overseas?

    Also have you seen this same reason for selling ages ago (old farts)? maybe before the interwebs was invented?
  2. I'm in berlin at the moment and sold my bike in sydney before I left. Moving overseas was just something to do, learn a language, get out of my comfort zone a bit.

    At least in my case, the bike was in great condition and he got heaps of free extras as well as an amazing price on my leathers. He got a terrific deal.

    And there's nothing I miss more than my bike.
  3. I'm the other way around. I moved from Europe to Australia and didn't get my license until I was in Sydney (at 33...). Love the decision and love the bike.

    Why move overseas? Experience, culture, change of lifestyle, meet new people, see other countries, need I go on?? Life is short, too short. Go places, do things, meet people, live life!!
  4. IMO "going overseas" is the standard explination for selling any king of vehicle (car, bike, boat etc)

    The last 3 cars I have sold I have put the reason as "going overseas" I give that reason as it's much better for potential buyers then "bored of the car", "car is about to sh!t its self" or "I'm looking to upgrade" buyers don't like these reasons as all of them make them think hmmmm maybe I'll get bored or the car? I don't want a car that's broken? or Maybe I should upgrade?

    Whatever the reason for them selling really doesnt matter that much, what matter is the quality of the bike, car etc and making sure you don't get bent over by some1 who really is doing the dodgy brothers on u.

    Do the usual checks, get an inspection and REV's check and wish them luck on there "overseas trip"
  5. I moved over here for work, so the car I sold back in the US was sold with that reason :)
  6. Also implies limited time - attempt to rush a buyer's decision.

    Like zaboom said - who gives a sh*t why they're selling, it's your money and your choice, so make it on your terms.
  7. Last time I bought a car and asked the owner why he was selling I got the following response:
    "Its my sons car - and he just died. We dont really know what to do with it so figured we should sell it."

    Whether it was true or not I dont know - but it certainly stopped me asking any further questions on the topic!
  8. Some people are more astute then sellers realize, if people are honest with me I'm more likely to buy, if i smell BS like "moving overseas" i'm off to find someone honest (or a better actor).

    Every car i buy isn't detailed and all oil spots are seen, that way i know what is wrong and how much it will cost to fix, but i guess there are more people ignorant of mechanics and think if its clean it works.

    But to all the people who sell bikes with "moving overseas" in the add, if someone wants the bike and has the cash they will buy it, nothing they say about moving in the add will will ever make me feel like i have to act quickly, there are more bikes out there, another will come along.
  9. I'd actually see it as a nice possiblity for the buyer to drive the price down. That is of course, if the seller is genuine and really is moving overseas.

    And a mechanic doesn't always tell the truth as well but you'll find that out yourself if you move over seas yourself and need to find your first car/motorbike...
  10. I tend to steer clear of adverts that say "moving overseas".

    The first thing I think of is that they want to be as far away as possible when I realize that this car/bike/boat is a piece of crap :)
  11. Well, I actually am selling the bike due to moving overseas (Canada), but I haven't listed that as a reason in my ad.

    If someone asks when they inspect it I'll happily tell them, otherwise I don't see how it's relevant.
  12. Because your Aussie accent will drive the opposite gender in another country wild ;)
  13. Yeah I think the hidden implication is two-fold. Firstly; "I don't really want to sell it" Secondly; "I'm selling it cheaper than it's real value".

    To me it means the seller is full of sh!t and the vehicle should be avoided.
  14. When I left America to return to Australia I had a 'moving overseas' garage sale. Basically I sold 90% of my belongings that day, including my car.

    A few people asked if I was really moving overseas, and I just said "Yeah mate. Time for me to go home." As soon as they heard the accent they knew I was for real.

    In the CBD you see a lot of international students selling their stuff when the time comes to go home after their course finishes. If it is October - December, I would say there is a pretty high likelihood that it is a legit sale. Particularly if, like me, they are selling their furniture, books, kitchen appliances, and so on.