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What is so bad about sumoto???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by magpies03, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. hey guys,
    im fair new to the site and made one of my first posts the other day. As i mentioned im in the process of selling my car so i can 1) save money and 2) buy a bike and get my L's

    Just a quick question.....what is so bad about sumoto? Ive heard alot of people bad the sh*t outta the place and was just woundering what was actually so bad about it? I read up about sumoto and they seem to have some pritty good deals for a first timer. Just woundering if it really is as bad as people say it is?


  2. Type in Sumoto in search and wait for the bang! :grin:
  3. lol i did and heaps of random convos cam up there was alot tho but nothing specifically refering to sumoto
  4. sorry i take that back haha theres fkn sh8t loads of critisisms lol i think we should feed sumoto to today tonight and let that stupid show open up a can on them haha ive been into sumoto before looks pritty clean n sh*t in there but yeh obviously dodgy as well
  5. :popcorn:

    Now this could get interesting.
  6. SUMOTO SOUNDS FFFOOOOKKKKKEEEEDDDDD UP! No chance im going through them!
  7. They are good to go and use as a place to sit on a lot of bike to see what you like as they have a range there at all times.

    I just wouldn't throw any money their way if you want any value out of it.
  8. I actually saved part of someones post because it was so funny referring to Sumoto.

    ...Maybe in six months, after the warranty runs out, everything will fall apart while I’m riding down the freeway popping a mono on my awesome 250 and I'll crash and die with horrible road rash, and the only item they will recover from my broken body will be a Sumoto business card. And then, at my funeral, everyone will say "That was Eswen... we TOLD her not to buy from Sumoto's!!" ...
  9. Already Have!!!! just for a laugh. Haven't heard back yet. Not holding my breath either. Why would they do a beat up on a business that works so diligently at getting new motorcyclists OFF the road? :grin:
    After all, we ARE the scourge of decent, law abiding citizens in their prado's.......
  10. I just finished reading the 14 page thread about Sumoto. I am amazed that they threatened a netrider member with legal action if they went to relevant the authorities about their practices.