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What is required for towing from the scene of an accident?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Mum told me that a friend told her that you don't need to tow a vehicle from the scene of an accident if it isn't on the road. Is this correct? Mum wasn't given the option and, at $270 for a pickup of a bike from 2km from the depot seems a bit steep. The bike had been moved to the footpath and, if she was informed or asked what she'd like to do, she would have left it there for me to organise for her.

  2. When Dave had his off they asked him and he told them to leave it for a friend to pick up. And that’s what happened; I would say they told a lie to your mother to make her do it
    So the short answer: Yes you are right...you don’t have to get a tow if it’s not on the road
  3. if I remember correct it was not your mothers felt for the crash...I guess you could just pin it onto the cost for the AT FALT person....I would be kicking up a stink if they ask you to pay as (im not a legal person here so chance im wrong) I think what they did was not legal as they forced her to pay for something she did not want OR need!!!! :evil:
  4. In the Melbourne Tow Truck Allocation Area (which I think also covers Geelong) any crash damaged vehicle can only be towed away from the scene by a Tow Truck with "TOW" rego plates and that has been allocated to pick up at that crash.

    If the vehicle is able to be moved 2km away from the scene then any Truck can pick it up.

    You also have the option of collecting it yourself with a trailer.

    TT registered Tow trucks cannot be used to pick up vehicles from crash scenes but can move them between panel shops or outside the 2km range as mentioned above.

    All the above covers cars I'm not sure about bikes but contact the Taxi Directorate via VicRoads as they administer the Accident Allocation & Tow Truck Licencing in Victoria.
  5. Re: What is required for towing from the scene of an acciden

    If it was off the road, then they took it without authorisation. Call the cops and tell them it was stolen, and that you know where it is.