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What is my problem ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blue14, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. It has been some time since i have really felt like a good blat. I fear that the urge is no more. :shock: Its not as if i dont have a variety of ride to choose from, its just i really cant be bothered riding anymore for some reason. :? Is this a phase i am going through, or is it something i will have to come to terms with and force myself to enjoy it again. :?

  2. Just gear up and get on - it'll come back to you :)
  3. yea.. sit in a car for a few months.. ittl come back :wink:
  4. Sometimes people feel that they need to move on to other things as that chapter in their life is finished. Some put it away and come back in 10months. I would set yourself some goal to achieve to keep you motivated.
  5. I had the same feeling.

    I got rid of the bike and was without for near on 2 years.

    I walked into a bike shop and I started to twitch, 6 days later I was riding again :)
  6. Which bike do you ride the least?

    Maybe think of a Motard or a dual sport to something different from the sports bike or cruiser.

    A few dual sports can be converted to motards so you get two bikes in one :cool:
  7. I think it's normal to lose interest in something you used to be quite passionate about.

    The ship I crew on has about 200 members on its crewlist. Now each one of those crewmembers at one time in their life thought it would just be magic to sail on this tallship. So much so that they attended the crew induction and did a few or more or many sails. Then one day they log on to the crewlink..look at the upcoming sails...and think 'meh'...and log off.

    Out of those 200 names, we can rely on only 10/15 crew to put their names down for regular sails.

    Life gets in the way of things. Perhaps they discovered a new interest such as golf or backgammon. *smirk* Or perhaps they got tallship sailing out of their system and it no longer interests them. Who knows?!

    If riding no longer interests you then you don't have to ride - but before giving it up I urge you to question what's going on in your life/mind right now that may be causing your lack of passion. Tired? Stressed? Too many things going on? The bike is the perfect stress relief tool. Perhaps look at it that way - and make the effort to get your gear on and ride her out the driveway. Slowly rediscover that passion. :)

    Hope that all makes sense! It's late and I'm tired. :)
  8. You probably answered ya own question in ya other thread dude.

  9. Sorry Blue,

    The bad news is, I think all hope of ever enjoying riding again is lost ..

    but there is some good news, I'm willing to store the 12 for you until the urge returns again.

    I promise I will only take it out to rotate the tyres and circulate the oil :LOL:
  10. [/quote]

    i can relate to that ;)
  11. Paul, I know exactly how you feel, I'm just going through the same thing.

    Last weekend was the first ride I've wanted to do and enjoyed for months, I think mine is due to having so many issues with the bike though :(

    Mate, if you don't want to ride, don't. If you force yourself to you won't enjoy it, it feels like a chore. Just wait and see what happens, the feeling will come back, but if you force yourself to go, where is the fun in that?
  12. I get just like this when I dont get on the bike for a month or so, then i decide to suit up and all that then jump on, and then I remember why, and it puts a smile back on my face. :)
  13. I had these same issues a couple of years ago. Sold my business and never looked back. Did nothing for about a year then worked a casual job for a little while just to have some play money. Spent heaps of time with my son before he starts school (today!)
    As the saying goes, if you shut one door behind you another will open up un front of you, if work sucks, start looking elsewhere, there is ALWAYS something better out there to be had.
  14. +1 Pick a beautiful day and go for a drive at peak hour to meet a friend at a specific time where it's hard to get a park. Also make sure you have to fill up with fuel :grin: Yeah, I'd say don't let yourself ride for a couple of weeks and see if you miss it.
  15. Meh what are you gunna do? Sometimes people just stop riding or maybe it's something a bit more. If the rest of your life is flying along no worries or if the rest of your life is a bit stagnant then you need to look at the bigger picture. Oh maybe it's time to get off those crotch rockets and get a big fat arse cruuuuissser :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. Yaaaaaar!!!!

    Sounds like it's new bike time!! :cool:
  17. Need a challenge...learn something new? How about a Cornering and Braking Course at Broadford on the Sat 17th of Feb?

    PM me if you want more info.
  18. Maybe one of those tank protectors with a naked chick on it would encourage you to get back on the bike too... :p
  19. Do some trail riding perhaps.I go through same thing every now and then.Try having sex on your bike,that might help.
  20. hmm interesting topic, as i am going through a similar stage, am certainly wondering if maybe a change in the style of bike, or just a straight change is maybe required to get me through and interested in riding again.

    Personally if your not sure what you want and your not keen on riding atm, just park it, let it sit there (if you can afford to keep them sitting there, which i assume you can seems as how you have mutliple bikes), and see how you feel, i know mine has sat there at home on most weekends as of late, with maybe a bit spin to a mates place etc. but no twisty action and for the short term i don't really see that changing much.

    But i really don't think there is a clear cut answer, or advice well atleast everyone i have spoken to haven't had it so i only hope time will answer it, and i think that maybe your only answer too.