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What is it with Picton?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Truck, car crash takes 'multiple' lives
    December 6, 2009 - 9:29AM

    A collision between a truck and a car south of Sydney has claimed several lives, police say.

    A police spokeswoman said the truck rolled on top of the car at Picton.

    "(It) has rolled onto a sedan or ute... and has crushed the vehicle and there are people (in) there," she said.

    "The duty officer at the scene is unable to confirm exactly how many are deceased, but it does appear to be multiple fatalities."

    She said details of the accident would be released when they came to hand.
  2. Well, it does depend somewhat on where in or around Picton this accident took place. Being the first port of call south west of Sydney after you leave the urban sprawl of Liverpool/Campbelltown, it is an attractive place to go to escape the rat race, and it's usually very crowded with both bikes and cars on weekends for that reason.

    There is also a nice collection of twisty roads around about that attract the keen and the unskilled, and this also contributes to the accident rate (Razorback, especially).

    But the worse part of the problem is that the proximity of numerous coal mines means that the roads are constantly being used by coal trucks 24/7.

    Mixing it with those guys who are working on tight deadlines and uneasy working conditions means that riding/driving around the Highlands is always a bit of a lottery.
  3. The accident could also have happened in the vacinity of Picton, but on the Hume Highway, where the posted limit of 110kph is largely a waste of paint on a sign.
  4. Im SCARED when passing trucks on the hume highway heading just out of sydney.

    Especially when you get the roadworks, where multiple lanes have to merge. Nearly been squished there a few times. You have to overtake quickly, stuff the speed limit.

    And yes, 110 on a sign means "Go below this and youll get steamrolled"
  5. It hapened at wilton not sure if it was picton road or the wilton road part leading to appin road,
    Both roads have a lot of traffic are 1 lane each way in a lot of places and with large trucks from the mines zooming through on deadlines, you dont wanna get in there way, i remember going through there as a learner and being tailgated and having to go full speed limit not learner limits just for my own safety,
    Though lookin on the quick news flash it looked more like a petrol tanker they showed
  6. Word at the Pie Shop a few minutes ago was that the accident was on the slip road off the Picton Road onto the Hume Highway. That could all be talk, too, of course.
  7. This is the ninemsn report,
    i was out riding today and for some reason it seemed every inept driver in the state was in the area so much so i called it a early day, guess its just festive season, people are up late tired or innattentive, be careful out there all
  8. And I just got back from an attempted afternoon ride to the Pie Shop. After having to sit the bike up and come to an almost complete stop when I came around a right hand corner to find the road blocked by a semi on my side of the road and then having a similar thing happen 3 corners later with a 4WD towing a caravan, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour. I found a conveneient lay-by, turned around and scarpered home.

    Welcome to summer weekends on our favourite riding roads.

  9. The road was still closed, and detour sign posted at the Wilton turn off around 6.30pm, so must have been east of Wilton. I use this road every day of the working week. The road itself is mostly OK. Have to agree with what's already been said.....posted speed limits mean nothing on this road or the Hume nearby. It does carry a lot of truck traffic, both coal and other. Construction of a jersey barrier will help reduce the head on's and head on fatalities. Not sure if it will reduce the incidence of speeding and same direction accidents though :-s

    What a tragic accident, no matter who is at fault.
  10. News tonight suggest that the car involved was overtaking a ute and clipped the rear of the ute, sending the Camry across to the wrong side of the road and into the path of the truck which was unable to avoid it. 5 people, all members of the one family, recently settled here from Afghanistan, were killed on impact.
  11. Apparently other family members were following in a 2nd car and saw it occur. What a tragedy.
  12. Picton Road is where all the dumbshits in NSW who have trailers, caravans, lumbering 4wd's, and old under-powered station wagons go to practice their dangerous overtakes on an undivided road.

    There's no lighting so judging distance is a little tricker than normal, and there's a high volume of truck traffic: so not too many second chances.

    Used to know an RTA engineer who lived in that area. He reckoned the majority of people who died on that road did themselves in with a stupid overtake , and that it should have been divided or at least had a concrete barrier down the centre years ago.
  13. I guess it easy to speculate, but, as someone who uses that road on a very regular basis, it does perplex me how people can get into so much trouble on it.
  14. There is something about razorback that can tie you in knots. On the surface it's not a particularly technical piece of road, but in reality it's got a combination of changing radius and blind corners with changing surface.

    Add to that surburban sprawl finding it's way out there and people being so used to having their hand held with speeds and advisory signs this piece of road does catch people out.
  15. Yes, I used to enjoy the Razorback, though it is hard to get your head around the fact that that road USED to be the main highway between Sydney and Melbourne, but the surface these days is just crap. I rode it earlier on this year and I think I'll give it a miss in future.
  16. Another vote for the :? party. I have been driving that road since 1968 and riding it since 1974, when it was a lot worse than it is now (Picton Road, that is) and am also completely at a loss to explain the accident rate and toll. There are no sharp corners; the surface is as good as the Appin Road, which has no accidents, there is an oversupply of double-unbroken line, to be sure, but the overtaking sections are very long, by any measure.

    I can't say anything re the most recent awful accident, but I believe a lot of the problem with the Picton Road lies with the legendary contempt for the road rules exhibited by most Wollongong motorists.....
  17. Oi, I'm a Wollongong motorist, oh, wait a minute...:-w
  18. i rode picton the week before, the roads are good its just when u have idiots overtaking, this is what happens