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What is it with old guys in sports cars?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zenali, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I've been commuting for a couple of weeks now on a shiny new cbr125. I've noticed some trends in the types of people who try to drag me off at the lights (which, given that it is a 125 cc engine and still being run-in, isn't that difficult!).

    Exhibit A: the young male in Ford XR6/Holden Commodore with low profile tyres and alloy rims.

    Exhibit B: the soccer mum in BMW X6/Porsche Cayenne.

    Exhibit C: the grey-haired/balding older male is Porsche Boxter/Porsche Carrera.

    Now, I know that the cibby looks like a sports bike, so I can understand the young hoons wanting to test their V6 against what they imagine to be a superbike or something. And I'm not actually sure that the soccer mums are dragging me off - they seem to just drive as if they are the only ones on the road regardless of whether I'm in my car on on the bike.

    But what is with the old guys in their sports cars? I mean, what are they trying to prove? They have a Porsche and they're scared of being beaten at the lights by something the size of your average scooter. It's as if what is left of their testosterone comes boiling up at the sight of the fairings and they leap from the lights like a bull from a gate, only to slam on the anchors 100 metres down the road when they catch up with the rest of the traffic.

    I can't help but laugh. I've ridden behind them at the lights to check whether they always take off like that, but it only seems to be when they look across at me pulled up next to them at the lights - as if it is an insult to their manhood to let a motorbike beat them at the lights.

    Has anybody else noticed this?
  2. I don't want to offend you, as I don't think the CBR125R is bad for what it is - but just because you're pushing your bike to the max to keep up with traffic, doesn't mean traffic is doing the same thing. ha. I know when I borrow my folk's sports cars that I am always at the front off of the lights - and it's not because I'm trying, it's just so effortless. The cars you've mentioned are all hi-po and I'd imagine would easily put the cibby to shame. So I'm just wondering who's dragging who.... :LOL:
  3. it's the only way they can validate the over inflated purchase price of a tonne of metal.

    they freak out when they realise that they spent the price of a small house* on something that, at the end of the day, is pretty useless and they then spend every waking moment trying to justify that purchase to themselves.


    *a slight exaggeration, but you get my point. oh, for the days when you could buy a house for <150k... sigh
  4. Taiheung, couldn't agree with you more. Being a bald older driver of a porsche boxster don't assume that l am trying to drag you off unless you hear the chirping of my tyres, it loves to wheel spin in 1st. Even gentle acceleration in the boxster is still alot quicker than a cbr125 having it's neck rung off the line.

    BTW Taiheung- nice choice of bike.
  5. I'm totally with you on the way the Boxter handles, but the younger guys and women driving sports cars don't seem to blaze away at the lights the way the older guys do. That leads me to assume that it is not the car - it is the driver. Riding along Alexandria Avenue and Yarra Boulevard I see heaps of sports cars, but it always seems to be the old guys who take off like a shot as soon as the lights change. Also, I have tailed two different Porsches for a while before pulling up beside them, and in both cases they accelerated far more aggressively when I was beside them compared to when I was behind them.

    Ergo, it isn't just the car, or even just the driver: it is a combination of the car, the driver, and the fact that there is a motorbike sitting there beside them at the lights.

    Let's face it - most of the cars on the road would at least keep up with me when the lights change. I didn't get a 125 for the adrenalin. :) A middle-aged woman in an XR6 will pace me perfectly, but a young guy in the same car will take off like a rocket.
  6. Another scenario, and one that I enjoy playing out considering that we don't have autobhans in Oz, is the acceleration from the lights till 60, 80, 100 is quite often the only thrill you can get on the road legally.
  7. Sure it could be considered a waste of a small house, but if I'd been saving my coffers for years and years and finally got a porsche, I'd want to get a bit of my moneys worth out of it!
  8. It's like this my young friend.

    By the time you get to an age where you can AFFORD a Porsche, you have to go round hosing off everything in sight because you might be dead the next day :LOL:.
  9. I'd be more disappointed in people who bought sports cars then DIDN'T give them a bit of stick every now and again.
    Circumstances are moot.

    Yes, all amatuer Freud's - they're doing it to justify their big waste of money.
    I guarantee you most Ferrari drivers aren't particularly worried about how much their car cost.
    This might be a foreign concept for all us medium wage motorcycle riders, who saved up for our bikes; but there are people out there with more money than they know what to do with.

    A friend of mine works in car finance, his company once accidentally kept up a direct debit on a customer's account after their contract had finished on a Porsche GT2.

    "We're terribly sorry, sir. We've billed your account for the last 2 months when your contract had already ended. It was our mistake and we will refund the amount of $9,600 to you immediately. Is that ok, sir?"

    "Oh? Ok. Yeah, that's fine. To be honest, I didn't even notice the money missing. Thanks for that."

  10. Well I am old and have had sports cars and given any opp i will drag away from the lights.
  11. LOL! 42 doesn't equal old in my book. :) (I'm not that far off 42 myself!)

    And I'm not actually saying that there is anything wrong with dragging me off, either. (Just in case people think I'm having a dig.) I'm just curious to know whether my 2 week sample of driver behaviour is representative, or whether it is skewed by the demographic of the people who drive along Alexandria Ave in South Yarra.
  12. IMO old men with sports cars (or 23 year old's with Porches) =


  13. I try and beat people off the lights in a 14 year old Magna; and I'm 59!!!!!!!
  14. Often it's the older guys who have the money to buy the sports cars, or are more willing to spend $70k on a Porsche whereas most young CUBs (cashed up bogans) would probably go for an HSV/FPV.

    Plenty of my duels were with older guys in HSV/FPV's. They don't really find anyone else willing to take them on and probably don't have many opportunities to test their 0-100kmh on the road. Whereas younger guys often take their cars to drags, do burnouts and stuff.

    Maybe they're not trying to prove anything, ust have a little bit of fun. There is a certain rush from taking someone on at lights, majority of cars are Commodores/Falcons/Camrys who wouldn't bother, but motorbikes are usually more than happy to oblige in a bit of a squirt.

    When I'm in the XR8 I often take riders on for a bit of fun. 600's I can often keep up with, 250's is interesting. They can get off the line faster, but I'll catch em.

    It's just a bit of fun, nothing to do with proving masculinity. I couldn't care less if I won or lost.
  15. I for one am grateful for them giving their car a bit of stick.

    Who do you think the hard-working TMG officer is going to go after when he witnesses one of these impromptu drags? :wink:
  16. I don't think anyone is trying to drag you off at the lights.

    They are just all faster than you.
  17. The traffic light Grand Prix's are good fun. I agree with other posters that it's always good to see an exotic car being flogged. That's what they are built for.

    Funnily enough Wednesday night coming home from work i was behind a carrera. He gut stuck into it and i naturally gave chase :grin: Kudos to Mr Porsche. :wink:

    In regards to cars keeping up with bikes, i imagine the XR8 is worked to the hilt to keep up with an 11 second bike? The XR6 turbo's and Phoon's are the one's to watch out for. $5k and those things go like rockets!
  18. Yep, our TF (11 yo car) driven mildly still beats traffic from the lights, however I think that's because everybody else is sleeping.

    If somebody has a nice car and they aren't giving it a decent run then I think they should take it back and buy a Getz. Cars are for driving, tight T-shirts and cigarettes are for vanity.

    Even on an old shitty 600, every traffic light ought be an adventure.
  19. Such a pity the naturally aspirated XR6 is so hysterically slow. :)
  20. +1

    Thats what hipo cars and bikes are all about. Nothing worse than a poser who is too scared to kick it in the guts.

    I used to think that everyone was trying to drag me off when I was on my old NSR150. I realised that any reasonably powerful car could hose it off if they took off quickly from the lights and reacted quickly. The only reason the tiny bikes appear quick is because most bike riders anticipate the green light and are at full throttle before the average joe has even lifted off the brake pedal.