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What is it with dead rubbers???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. No, not on the mounting points for your shock, on the cricket field :LOL:

    Australia crushes S.A. in the first two Tests and then can't bat or bowl in the Third :?
  2. I think it's a feeling of the jobs done, before a series like this the Aussie cricket team in particular is like a machine, dotting every I crossing every T sports pyschologists, dieticians, trainers, computer sessions showing weaknesses etc, lack of time with family and supporters on a single minded mission to win. Then once they have won, well they dont go partying to excess like a world cup win but standards do certainly seem to slacken from the results in dead rubbers, would be hard to create the urgency and seriousness when in essence everyone has a feeling of job done after the 2nd test
  3. I thought the title was about something several steps worse again, so I'm relieved.
  4. no, Bravus, that would belong in the Pope Benedict thread :rofl:

    waedwe, I agree completely, but then last time we played England at home they kept the foot on their throat to the absolute end and won the series 5-0!
  5. we played shockingly... at least when SA were here and we won, they put up some fight. clarke n ponting both getting a duck... :-O

    come on aussies, at least a tie :p
  6. I think it's the piss up in between.
  7. The 5-0 ashes probably had a lot to do with the fact Warne , Mc grath, & Langer had all announced there retirements so would have been a pretty special atmosphere and a lot of extra work to ensure all 3 got great sendoffs' even after the series was won, wouldn't have been good watching them walk off the S.C.G losers after the final test, that and they really really wanted revenge from the previous series loss in england
  8. i was tired, k? :p
  9. This result had more to do with a poorly made wicket, a "concrete pitch" (read batting pitch) that had on its first day grass rolled on the top witch gave some ridiculously variable bounce and screwed over whoever was batting (in this case AUS) once those clippings disappeared the pitch returned to being a "concrete pitch" and would become a non-event, a batting pitch.