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What is it with chefs and motorbikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Josheos, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. I'm a chef of 4 years and started riding a few years ago, my housemate is also an ex chef who has an sv650, what is it with chefs and motorbikes? Gordon Ramsey? Gary mehigan? Idk I've just found it a common thing amongst us that 8/10 of us ride

  2. Just antisocial bastards.
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  3. stick it up your exhaust middo!

    we are connoisseurs of all things life, we like the good things, hence two wheels, among other things.
  4. Who can't take a joke. Come in spinner.
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  5. Eat to ride
    Ride to eat!
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  6. Because Motorbikes, like gourmet food can only be appreciated by connoisseurs.

    People who understand the finer point of things and life in general. :)
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    Meehan, Ramsey, ColumBSartist, et all...they're not chefs, just self obsessed naracsistic arseholes..

    after 3yr apprenticeship and 10 years in the trade I quit mostly because of arseholes like these .....
    who needs em'

    Still like my food though, as evidenced by my ample girth...lol
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  8. Hahaha.

    Could you imagine the road rage from a fully suited up Gordon Ramsay after being cut off by a car in peak hour traffic!
  9. Ex-chef here - can confirm a lot of chefs I worked with also rode bikes. When you're doing 18 hour shifts for two weeks in a row, you need that escape haha.
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  10. It makes sense if you think about it, I mean, what biker doesn't love to eat?
  11. work late nights and most weekends. Don't have much of a social life.

    can get out on the roads of a weekday when there's no weekend warriors.
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