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What is it like to own Daytona 675?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dima, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm really in love with this bike and it quickly gets to the top of my list, especially the new 2013 model.

    So what are the gotchas of owning it?

    - reliability (I've heard Triumphs usually have more issues than Japs)
    - servicing/running costs
    - insurance
    - parts
    - anything else to know about?

    I'd really love to own it, but there might be too many factors/cons against it that I'd really love to know in advance before I marry this bike.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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  2. My advice would be to get the R version in white because it's pure p0rn! :D
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  3. Test ride and buy all bikes have their strengths and weakness.

    Only on new release models their pretty solid. I would be interested how the new model goes since its a newish engine and ECU.

    800km is 1st service then 12 months or 10K which ever comes 1st 10K is minor, 20K major
    Tyres will be same cost on any super sports.
    Fuel range depends on your right hand. I used to get 250 easy before the reserve light.
    Its in the higher bracket. about a grand for full no claim discount rated rider. Other bikes are around the same.

    Got a Gold VISA card? Unless you go OS for parts there fcuking expensive. After market stuff is pretty good

    Yes your overthinking your decision. owning bikes is a passion you should not give a dam how much xx or yy costs if this is your dream bike. In all compared to Jap bikes running cost are about the same. Well they were with my mechanic. the LAMS, the Daytona and current bike were all the same price to service.
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  4. #4 dima, Apr 16, 2013
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  5. I owned an 08 daytona for about 2 years and put almost 40,000km on it.

    I rarely commuted on it, used to take it to the twisties every weekend. Did 5 track days on it, around 5 drag meets. Used to chuck wheelies and burnouts on it all the time and general hooning. Only prob I ever had was the temp sensor failed. Other than that it took heaps of hard riding and ran as good as the day I got it when I sold her.

    Only sold it because the cops were threatening to impound it..

    I've owned plenty of bikes, i currently have an 07 cbr600rr track bike, 09 R1 and a VTR1000 (and a dirty). I can honestly say I've never ridden a better bike for mountain carving than the Daytona and its still arguably better than my 600 even after setting it up as a dedicated race bike.

    Yes it's been a few years since i sold it, but I had a ride of my mates one the other day and i could've cried. Oh the memories!
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  6. Okay. So there are no real gotchas with tona.

    Now R vs Standard. Can anyone explain the difference between KYB and Ohlins.

    I realise Ohlins are stiffer and have wider adjustment range, but what are the technical differences between the two.

    I also realise that I won't benefit from R very soon (esp on the roads), but for the price - it sounds like a good deal.
    Opinions on that?
  7. @dnagir talk to @Blaise he's a very skilled rider, handy with maintenance and a Mod on this forum (as well as being a dam fine chap) he's had a daytona for a while, I'm sure he's got some feedback for you.
  8. Sixty degrees in Notting hill.
  9. No disrespect but at your level of riding you will not notice the difference or should I say the benefits of the Ohlins.
  10. Thanks @109er. Would be good if @Blaise would drop a word or two here.
    I know @raven loves the Daytona too. But I didn't want to bother him because I talked about it 100 times :)
  11. Does anyone else here think that 800-10000kms is a long time between services?
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  12. My new zx10r goes from 1000-12,000 between oil changes now. Technology changes oils get better I guess its the way of the future
  13. Hmm. Did you really see me riding? I think you were always in front of me on any ride we were together LOL... anyway...

    That's not what I was asking. I was asking if anyone can explain the differences in technical terms?
    Stuff like why KYB is better for the streets and Ohlins for the track (if that's the case)?
  14. I think it comes down to how fine the adjustments you wish to make are.
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  15. That's just seems like a long time lol
    My bike is 1 year old and 5000kms oil changes are the go. I don't think it's changed on this years model.
  16. hmmm Even my level I could not tell the difference and I am now on different brands again. @Jay77 said it best but the Ohlins on the Daytona are slightly different to the off the shelf products. IE the rear shock uses the collar system for preload where as the off the shelf have the on the fly adjuster. IF your going to do track day they are worth the upgrade since they adjust so well and fast from road to track settings. but if its a road bike once you set it you will forget it.
    If you going for the new version the better points to look at are the Brembo brakes then the shocks IMO. Its brembo master cylinder plus callipers. you think to stop and your stopping.
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  17. Not sure about the new 675 and 675r but the kyb forks in 2012 where 25mm cartridges while the ohlins nix 30 forks are 30mm cartridges. The ohlins works on the premace that compression damping is on one fork leg and rebound damping in on the other fork leg. What this does is negate the small amount of time between comp and reb damping on forks that have both on each fork leg. The ttx rear is exactly the same as the off shelf but without the hydraulic preload adjuster. If I was looking at an 675 I would get a stocker and put a ohlins ttx rear shock and a ohlins fgr 30mm cartridge kit in the forks. But only because I dont particularly like the white on the 13 bike shape. The best benefit of the R is the m4 monobloc brembos. They are superb in their feel and performance and are notably better than the standard brake blocks (although they are sufficient)
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  18. And this is my R day I picked it up
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  19. What most of you have said more or less agrees with my experience of the Daytona.
    It IS a far more tractable ride, because of the engines torque characteristics. That makes it easy to ride in traffic. Just let it rumble along in lowish revs and it'll still pull away with relative easy, making it a quite ride. More relaxing.

    The same applies when out in the twisties. You can ride it hard using the revs, or sweep through the twisties on the torque curve.
    I'd rather have the Daytona than any of the jap thou's! And it is better than the jap super sports. (No insult to owners intended)
    I would probably go for the 600rr as my next choice out of the range.

    In 2 yrs it never missed a beat, and quite frankly, if the parts are more expensive, I would'nt mind for the privaledge of riding it.
    It's one of the few bikes, I could'nt wait to go riding on.

    I had the stock bike. The brakes were very strong and never let me down even in extreme cases, but the fronts could still be tickled mid corner without upsetting the bike.

    I can't comment on the upgraded parts of the R, but I never needed them.
    The bike is a 'Cornering Machine!!' Got proper tyres?...then go nuts!
    If you can afford the 'R' version then get it.

    If it's a new one you get, then ONLY get it from P.S in Ringwood..

    Oh...one more thing...the triple engine, and that creamy sound it makes...cannot be beaten.
    That's my biased point of view! :)
    + everything UDLOSE said... He knows! :)
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  20. And to get the best note you will need an arrow slip on. Best sound ever!