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What is included in a Minor and Major Service?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MystDmeanr, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all, iam jus new to the bike world.

    I have just gotten myself a 2nd hand 94 ZZR250 and i wanna get it serviced before i start giving it a good ride.

    Can you guys tell me what is done on a Minor service, Major service and around about price for each. Oh and what workshops do you recommend in the Liverpool/ Granville area.

    And FYI what i think that needs to be done is to my baby Z:

    -oil change
    -oil filter change
    -front folks are soft (i dont know what to do there)
    -clean/ lube chain (chain and spocket are still in good nick)
    -coolant change

    Thank you all for readind and replying
  2. Welcome to the friendly forum, dmeanr.
    In your local area I would recommend you give Paul Aitken a ring for your service, he's on Milperra Road, just east of the bridge over the river. Paul's an Aprilia/Hyosung/Guzzi dealer, but he's an old racer and an all-round nice guy, and I'm sure he'll look after you. (I have no business connection with Paul but I work just round the corner and I buy bits and get flat tyres, etc, fixed there during work hours :grin:)
  3. A bit hard to give you an indication of costs and what will need to be done to your bike as it is 11yo. You will find your services will most likely need to include some general maintenance items (eg. chain/sprockets/brakes/leads/plugs/tyres etc.). You might as well get the bike running well when you first get it and enjoy it for the next 12 months.

    As to the cost it all really depends on how the bike was treated in the previous 12 months to you having it. Generally speaking, basic services on a bike are between $160 and $250.

    Make sure you keep the bike in good mechanical condition while you have it and don't get too carried away spending big $'s on modifications. Save your bikkies for when you upgrade!

  4. From your typical bike shop
    Minor service for the VFR: $220 which comprises of an oil change
    Major service for the VFR: $400-600 which comprises of an oil change and new filter.... it should be valves and other stuff but I know for a fact that it doesnt get done so i dont use bike shops any more.... do it myself typically...
  5. Thx all for the quick reply, i'll give Paul a ring and see what happens,

    will update post after having my baby Z service.

  6. Hey guys Happy new year.

    I ended up doin a DIY service, wanted to give it ago and found it very easy and way cheaper then getting a pro to do it.

    With great success i:

    -changed the oil (motul 5100)
    -replaced the oil filter
    -cleaned and lubed chain (Belray)
    -replaced rear brake pads

    An 1hr or 2 later, very pleased with myself, smiling ear to ear, having only spent around $90 for this service. I'll be happy to do it again.
  7. Hi, lurker. I wanna do the service by myself as well. Could you share your experience ?
  8. Guessing you mean forks, at a cheap level you can get new seals and a thicker oil if they're a bit too soft for you. Do they have adjusters you can see?
  9. Well Ericgao, hi ya mate

    its fairly simple to just change the engine oil, oil filter, clean and relube the chain.

    Ok this is how i went on doin it:

    -I went for a ride to warm up the engine oil and chain.
    -Let the bike rest for 15-20mins (you dont wanna burn yourself)
    -Put the bike on the center stand (haha to youse who dnt have one :p )
    -Got out the oil pan, unscrew the bolt to let the oil drain (its the bolt on the bottom LHS, not the one in the middle, thats where the oil filter is), it may be abit hard to unscrew the bolt so take it easy.
    -Let it drain till it stops dripping
    -Now unscrew the bolt for the oil filter, oh and its not just the bolt that comes off, the oil filter cover and filter does do. (Dnt loose anything)
    -Let the rest of the oil drain (movethe bike from side to side, helps to get more out).
    -Remove the oil filter and replace it with the new one, and the rubber rings (there are 2)

    While you wait for the oil to drain you can start cleaning the chain or if you rather have a couple of cold ones :p :p go for it.

    Clean chain:

    -I used spray on degreaser the cheapo ones, works great, but i use KERO and a brush now.
    -Screw the oil filter and drain bolts back on.

    Now for the next part, dnt know if this is the right way, but its what i done.

    -Hosed the chain down
    -Dried the chain with a rag while rotating the rear wheel
    -Filled the engine with 1.9 ltrs of motul
    -Checked the oil lvl thou the round window and went for a ride to warm up the chain again.
    -Now spray the chain with the lube, inside and out. mainly the joints connecting the links, if that sound right :shock: .
    -Let the lube to dry for 15-20mins

    All done.

  10. AFter youve been for a ride check the oil level again, as some of the journals and your oil filter will fill up, lowering the level in your window/dipstick.
  11. What if we have an uber paddock stand? Then may we mock your heavy and cumbersome centre stand? :cool:
  12. as per pete the poms super (minor) service-
    (and don't bother contacting him he's to busy for new clients) :p

    replace oil
    replace oil filter
    balance carbs
    set air mixture screws
    lube throttle cable
    lube clutch cable
    lube clutch level
    set throttle freeplay
    set clutch freeplay
    lube front brake lever
    replace front brake fluid
    replace rear brake fluid
    replace rear taillight bulb
    adjust and lube chain
    check all nuts and bolts
    lube side stand
    tyre pressure 36r 32f
    check all lights and switches
    check oil level
    adjust headracers
  13. I'm going for my first workshop service ever next weekend. In around 2 years of riding bikes I've always serviced my other bikes myself.

    Damn overly complex, watercooled, 5 valve, dry sump, dodgy italian electrics bike!

    I rang my local and asked what the difference between major and minor service is.

    He said in both major and minor, they change oil/filters, tension chain, lubricate, check all nuts and bolts... everything basically.

    The only difference is, in a major service, they take the heads off and check the valve clearances. I said I think it didn't need doing.

    Forgot to ask the cost though.
  14. in general, major and minor services are described in the owners manual as well as the service manual.

    Minors are just oil and filter change and a look over things like chain, brake pads, head bearings etc.

    Majors include things like replacing air cleaners, flushing brake lines, greasing drive splines (on shafties), fuel filters, fork oil plus minor service things.