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What is Honda doing??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Stormtrooper, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Not sure if anyone else has heard this, but I was talking to my local Honda dealer the other day and he mentioned that the VTR250 is being discontinued next year. Now a mate also told me the Blackbird is the same....

    Anyone know what Honda is up to? Are they just refreshing the lineup or are they cutting back on models? the VTR is a bit of an icon, and i'd be very surprised if they didn't replace it with something else...

    btw, this might be in the wrong forum :p
  2. There's a new blackbird coming out.

    Honda released a couple of concept bikes this year (there's another thread close by), and their lineup is a bit dated, so you'd expect things to be shaken up.

    There's no money in ritzy 250's, and emissions are tightening, so the CBF250 and CBR125 may well be it from Honda for a long time.
  3. I would imagine that with LAMS coming in for Victoria, the Australian market is now no longer large enough to justify supporting the VTR250.

    Will there any non-LAMS states in Australia next year?
  4. Queensland is not on LAMs and arnt going to change as far as I know :(
  5. Rumour has it that Honda are making a new Blackbird from the ground up, with a 2009 release... :grin:
  6. Yeah but you can do QRide if you're experienced enough -on the road-. That kicks butt :)
  7. Well you know more than the 50 or so BB riders I know, so share what you seem to know.

    I hope you don't mean that stupid photoshop of the VFR as a 1000 V4 with a bird like front hardly changed at all from current model?? That is very unlikely to be a replacement.

    There is some credible info about that the Bird is dead, there will not be a replacement "Blackbird" however Honda will release an all new Hypertourer to replace the Blackbird line, yet we are not likely to see it until 09.
  8. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=43336&highlight=vtr :)
  9. firestorm and hornet 900 are being discontinued also. there is no point in fixing what aint broken i reckon. but yeah i guess after 10 years they need new blood :cry:
  10. Hopefully we'll see a honda road bike fill the space between their 250's and the cbr600. Apart from the xr400 motard there is nothing to compete with the likes of the gs500, er6 and fz6.
  11. Except for the upcoming 600 hornet of course.
  12. What gap ??? There's a reason there's F@#K all 400's available in OZ. It's because there's no real market for a 400cc. (Other than trail bikes) Why on earth would anyone consider buying a 400 over a 600 ? ,which the market is well and truly catered for.
    I can't think of one instance where a 400 would be a more practical, economical or sensible choice than owning a 600. (And the 400cc motard you refer to is a prime example...ie, it's worth 50% of its retail value after 1 year of ownership) If you don't believe me, look at Red Book.

    As for "Nothing to compete with the likes of GS500, er6 and fz6"....there's a little thing called the Hornet 600 which has been out for 9 years and has outsold more than all the aforementioned examples in spades.
  13. You're forgetting a little thing called LAMS. Also there's significant savings to be had with insurance and rego with something under 500cc.
    As for the Hornet 600 it may sell well in Europe but like most naked 600s it didn't do particularly well here (hence the reason it was dropped). I believe the only reason it's returning is that they're now being sourced cheap from Brazil.
  14. What gap??

    Cbr125(scooter with farings) - Cbf250(cheap single cyl) <<-- - - - - - - - - - - - - ->> Cbr600rr(supersport)
  15. I have heard the Blackbird is no longer and making way for a VFR1000 ..

    Have also heard a new Blackbird will be released eventually.

    They had to do something with the Bird, although it is a great bike, it was fairly outdated compared to its rivals, the ZX14 and the 08 Hayabusa..