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what is happening here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. tonight, sitting down to our sunday evening roast my beautiful daughter (6) says "i am not eating meat anymore, because it is cruel" :shock:

    prior to becoming a roadworker i was head chef at Willow Cafe in Mogo.
    we specialized in vegetarion, vegan and all kinds of alternative cuisine, so i am by no way biased as to which is a better way of living.
    Nor do i want to enter in to discussions as to which is the BEST way to live....

    i asked my child why she had thought this and she said "mrs 'so and so' said it was cruel, so we shouldnt eat animals"

    my problem isnt with the issue as to whether a person is vegetarian or other but because this particular teacher obviously impressed upon MY child that eating meat was BAD!

    how do i mould my child to be a good person if they are guided by people who are so one-eyed?

    my parenting tactics are to bring them up to the best of my ability, and then when they are old enough, i will support them in whatever they wish to do/be.

    i feel like i have been robbed.

    my response to my daughter was as follows-
    "courtney, eating meat doesnt make you a bad person, its just that some people dont like to eat it for their own reasons.
    if you like to eat it, eat it.....but i wont make you."

    she ate her dinner after that.

    :? :?
  2. :twisted: oh nothing gets my back up more then other people forcing there beliefs onto other people, especially other people's children.

    I would be inclined to have a quiet word to this teacher & ask her ever so nicely not to push her personal views & way of life in class.
  3. of course my immediate thought was to find this teacher and do some serious chatting with them.
    its just not fair.
    thanks for the response, you confirmed my thoughts
  4. I have very strong feeling about some teachers (I don't like to stereo type and will give any one the benifit of the doubt) feeding there personal thoughts into our kids minds.

    Have a word to the teacher and if they won't listen talk to the principal, then if your still not happy there's the department of education.
  5. +1 to Charmed's response.
  6. off topic of course, but bega?
    i went to bega high and still spend a lot of time down there.
    i also know a bloke called spin from down that way.....

    we'll be riding!
  7. my mother is a teacher at the local highschool.
    i wanted to post here before contacting her because this is a great cross-section of the general community.

    however if it is clear that there is something wrong i will be making some noise.
  8. Small world isn't it.

    You wern't down here on friday doing the bend into Kalaru were you? I'm sure it was your company.

    That bloke you know wouldn't happen to work for the oppisition would he?

    yell out when you come down this way.
  9. indeed he does! (work for the opposition)

    guilty as charged


    and will do
  10. He's my older brother, Spin is a famly nickname, if you know his full nane you'd know why.

    I rode past you then at about 11.30 and then again at about 2.30. I was on a blue dl650 closly followed by an Accross.
  11. for some silly reason i do remember....
    i have had a few beers with the older spin.

    welcome :grin:
  12. Heh...

    My sister's vegetarian. She went on a vegan camp with her vegan boyfriend a few years ago, then found that meat made her feel ill. It makes Christmas lunches and dinners interesting (but then, so does the fact that my parents are divorced).

    I think you are doing the right thing. :)
  13. Back to the serious questions though.... Do vegan chicks swallow?
  14. :shock: :shock:
    interesting :LOL:
    i would say no
  15. Yes only if the thing is in vegetarian state.
  16. I absolutely cannot stand teachers who use their position of power over easily influenced children to push their own beliefs.
    Teach what's in the curriculum and be the bloody professional you claim to be!
    Personally, I would not only talk to the teacher, but lodge a complaint as well.
    Put them in their place, that is, a public servant, not this "educator" power trip name they have recently coined.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Similar thing happened to a mate of mine down in Tassy, aparently the grade 5 kids were asked to do a short story on what there parents did for a living, my mate works in the timber/wood chip industry, After youg Dean handed in his story on his dad the teacher aparently gave a lecture to the class about the evils of wood the chip industry, needless to say Steve was pissed off. never did find out the outcome, must ring him and ask.

    teachers are there to teach and challenge young minds, not to push there own personal biases on the kids.
  18. i know its a bit late to put a post in.

    i would say something like;

    people who become vegans and vegies do so because they care for animals and make a decision without thinking it through.

    vegans are following a fad. if you care about animals you need to recognise that its cruel to keep them in cruel conditions, its not cruel to eat. if she wants to make a statement she can avoid the animals that are treated cruely. chicken, pigs, and battery eggs.
  19. You obviously didn't read my post.

    My sister's vegetarian. Meat makes her feel ill. My aunt knows that it's not unheard of for people of certain blood types to feel that way.

    Not everyone chooses it for humanitarian reasons.
  20. OI!
    i dont want to discuss the rights and wrongs of vegetarianitis!! :LOL:

    seriously, each to their own, that's the point i need to make to the teacher.