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What is going on out there with motorbike stores???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by isako69, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. :? :?: :mad:
    Hi all, im alittle angry and confused, does Peter Stevens sell Kawasaki Eliminators??????????? I saw it there today, was quoted and rang another Kawasaki dealer to see if they could match the price (if possibble, no problem if he couldn't & not obliged to either) the responce i got was the following "P. St. doesnt sell Kawasakis how did you come up with this redicioulus price?" i gave him a name and number, however he was still disgrantled with me & i cant understand why! Im not going to just hand over thousands of $$$$ and not do reaserch.
    Cheers :(

  2. Yes they Do have them in the PS stores
    i have even sat on one in ringwood a few months back
  3. Not all Peter Stevens stores are Kawasaki Dealers.

    When I bought the SP1, I could have bought it out fo the city store but not the Ringwood store.

    Silly but it happens.
  4. new or second hand?

    message to short
  5. As i understand it Peter Stevens had a bit of a fall out with Kawasaki... not sure on the exact details but i know the Dandenong PS has hiked up the price of everything Kwaka related since the debarcle.
  6. When I was looking at a 2nd hand one at Ringwood, they offered me a brand new one for $7490 on road. If that helps
  7. Just trying to understand how the prices work... If they had an off with Kawasaki, did that mean that the wholesale price(for want of a better word) went up, hence their retail price went up? Or was it more that they didn't want to promote Kawasaki so up'ed their prices themselves?
  8. I picked up my new ZZR600 from PS in Elizabeth St in Dec05....ring and ask for Mike...... he was very helpful to me when I was there.