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what is flapper. what is pairs cbr1000rr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ronnybee, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. cbr1000rr 2006 does anyone know what a flapper valve is,what it does and any benefit if removed? also the pairs valve. thanks guys

  2. Google, a single google search on both showed me exactly what you are after, Any questions after that feel free to ask on here for someone who has allready done it.
  3. re flapper/pairs valve

    thanks etelmo and t355 for the info guys.
  4. I did the flapper mod on a CB900 which presumably has a similar setup. It did very little. I doubt the CBR1000 will gain much from it either - it's one of those bikes where if you want more power, just open the damn throttle a bit more.
  5. yep, played around with it, noticed fcuk all difference, put it back to how it was (who gives a toss about 0.9hp on the road, when you already got 140+??) and have been happy ever since.
  6. From the second link I posted

  7. Fair enough, remember though, that tiny dyno gain is at full throttle - how often do you use full throttle at low revs on a CBR1000? About every time you want to bang the number plate on the ground I'd guess.

    Still, it's an easy enough mod to make, you might as well.
  8. I did it on the SP1. Made a tonne of difference. There was a dead spot between 4500 & 5500 rpm. With the flapper mod that flat spot was gone.
  9. A Flapper is a Slapper with saggy tits. e.g. Posh Spice.
  10. i removed the pair valve on my f4i. i rerouted the crankcase breather through to the pair valve ports. now excess crank pressure and oil will vent through a cavity in the head that connects the exhaust ports. i mainly did this so that the crankcase breather was no longer connected to the airbox. sometimes you can fill your airbox up with oil which then gets sucked into the cylinders causing hydrolock. bugger all power increase and i wouldn't bother if you were chasing a quick win power increase. supposedly a stronger pulling idle, but it was already pretty good on idle.

    it's possible to remove the pair valve and cap the vents. it's mainly there for emissions reduction afaik. you can even buy little plastic/billet block off plates.
  11. :shock: I've never seen tits that are made by Dow Corning saggy. :p