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What is cooler?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kawasakiboy, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. I know this is probably the worst post ever!
    Do you ride with or without a backpack?
    I always carry my back pack even if it's mostly empty, well I still have a small first aid kit and water bottle in there at all times.
    you just never know if you have to help someone or yourself on the road including wildlife.

  2. Storage is not an issue for me with a top box but in saying that when I first started on my motorcycling journey I had a back pack and never liked the feel of it.
  3. I am completely the opposite I feel nude without my backpack.
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  4. if thats what makes you comfortable keep doing it
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  5. When I first started I used a backpack a lot. I found the wind would move me around more and any weight in it changed the bike's balance and behaviour, plus there's the issue of what that weight it going to do to you in an off. Then I got a tank bag and used it exclusively. Now I mostly use proper luggage and although I have a big tank bag I have yet to fit the straps to the bike so I can use it.
    If you need to use a backpack because that's what you've got, try to keep it small and only put light and soft stuff in it, like a change of clothes etc. I'd avoid hard containers.
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  6. Wow ! that must be some big 4ss backpack
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  7. I have a backpack for commuting to work. If I put my laptop in it is very heavy. I have gotten used to it, but in summer it does make for a hotter ride. Wind pushes you around and the backpack seems to create more drag. Without it, my back protector isn't pressed into me and a bit more air flows. Would like a top box but don't really want to modify my bike to fit it.
  8. Consider a seat bag. Tank bags & Seat Bags Online Motorcycle Accessories Australia - SCM
  9. Is a Ventura style rack set up a suitable option.

    that way when you're not commuting to work no bag just the rack
  10. Many moons ago i use to carry my life in a backpack on the bike nowdays i carry at least a kriega 10L for emergency stuff .
  11. can't go past the Kriega gear! My backpack is Kriega love it. Thinking of purchasing either a Kriega Tail pack.. or the Kawasaki tail bag bag thing not sure,,,,
  12. the krieger tail bag is great
    if you havent got much in it its nice and compact
    i have a tail bag but it flops around a bit
  13. Only because you're old.
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  14. yeah
    well there is that
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    I highly recommend you to get your self some. Despite having a pannier set now i still keep all the tail bags set :)

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  16. Depends on the ride. If I am traveling out of town for a ride, then I have my backpack with stuff to clean visor and water. If I am staying within the 25km town radius then not always. I have worn my backpack enough that I do feel strange with it not on. I hated having it travelling to perth. It is just my gym bag and with my clothes etc, it was digging into my shoulders for 400km. Need to invest in a decent one. I was offered a free gear sac for my bike, buuuuut I think they make the bike look ugly lol.
  17. Had a huge top box on the vstrom, but when riding to work on the DR I have a waterproof backpack that I carry wet weather gear, laptop and first aid bag in. Won't be putting a top box on the XSR, will be looking at some tail bag arrangement.

    EDIT: I don't mind riding with a backpack as long as it's setup right and not hurting my shoulders.
  18. I use a backpack in town but can't stand it for longer rides. I use either/and tankbag, tailbag, panniers or gearsack in that case.
  19. I have a Dianese backpack for when I have to take the laptop to work.


    It's much more user friendly than your normal backpack, airflow is OK and the clasps are made for use with gloves (they slide up or down to undo )

    It has some decent padding between the laptop compartment and your back so you won't end up THAT hurt when you park like 69SIM69SIM.
  20. I ride a cruiser with a sissy bar and pack rack. On the rack I usually have an old plastic milk crate held in place by bungees. It may not be COOL but it certainly is convenient for shopping etc.