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What is compliance?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lopsided, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm very new (done the intro course, learners this Saturday).

    On bikepoint there are bikes advertised without a stated year of manufacture, and it says "2006 compliance".

    Can someone clue me up on what "compliance" is?


  2. It means that its an imported bike. As far as I know, its common for the odometer to be reset to zero when they compliance it. The rough/crude indication given by km travelled goes out the window for imports.

    Its not a 2006 bike but something older. The true age of the bike should be written somewhere on that compliance plate.
  3. When you import a car or bike to Australia, it muse be complianced. THis is basically a check and/or modification that it meets the applicable Australian Design Rules (ADR's) for that class of vehicle. The compliance date is when that bike was made to complie with the relevant ADR's (legal to be registered in Aust.). The Oddometer isnt reset, but it is common for some places to wind them back a few thousand or more, to make the bike look "younger" and more appealing.

  4. Given that winding back speedos is illegal and likely to cost a dealer their trading licence if caught I'd hardly say that it's "common practice". Many Japanese bikes do genuinely have low kms despite their age so there's no need to mess with the odometer. There will however be quite a few imports out there that have been assembled from parts - in which case the number of kms on the odometer won't match the actual distance covered by some/all of the mechanical parts. Of course it's pretty easy for someone to switch the odometer on an official import bike with one with lower kms off a wreck too.
  5. 2006 compliance on bikepoint?

    sounds like our favourite 250 dealer folks.

    lopsided..... get ANY bike checked out before you buy it. Even if it is from a dealer. There are 250 dealers here in vic who don't hav ea really good standing with the general bike riding population on this site.

    Just don't sign or promise anything until you get agreen light from a knowledgable person you can trust..... this does not include the dealer

    There are a number of Netriders who may be willing to inspect a bike for you.

  6. As the bike isnt registered in Australia till after compliance, the KM's are not recorded at the RTA yet. If the odometer is tampered with before the compliance and rego is done, how do you prove it. I agree with what your saying though about the Km's though. I own a spada that had 10,000 on it when i got it, and have no reason to doubt it. Bike rides great and does not show any excess wear that would indicate winding back. Swapping the odometer should not work, as when you rego your bike every year (nsw) you need a pink slip, and the KM's re recorded. If you then swap the odometer to a lower reading(or wind it back) the RTA should pick up on the discrepancy in the reading from pink slip to pink slip.


  7. In Victoria (and possibly other states) kms are never recorded though. And with regards to winding back odometers it is an offence to "tamper with any instrument or device in a vehicle for the purposes of recording distance". So it doesn't matter if the vehicle's been through ADR or not the very act of winding back the speedo is illegal, though I agree the chances of being caught are probably fairly low.
  8. Lopsided, if you are not sure, as Drew said take an experienced/knowledgeable person with you to check over your potential purchase as well.
  9. It may be illegal in Australia, but who knows what has happened to the bike before it gets shipped? If I was in Japan and wanted to get rid of a bike I don't know that I would be too concerned with Australian laws.

    My Spada is an import from that place that people don't like, and I have no idea if the odo has been rewound. The numbers didn't look like they were lining up properly, but that fixed itself when it flipped over to 20000. The bike runs fine and is great, so don't discount it just because it is an import. It just means that it is an old bike and you need to realise that it has a (long) history before you get it.

    Treat it like an second hand bike(ie expect things to go wrong that do with older bikes) and get it checked out before you buy it.

    Good luck with the bike buying and enjoy the experience!!
  10. Sounds like a very good idea! Don't know any riders (erm although two people in my life are ex riders and trying to talk me out of this) but am sure that will change yall seem like a friendly bunch

    Have done a bit of reading since I posted that question. Particularly after someone piped up with "sounds like our favourite dealer!" and I'm thinking "what do they mean?" But ah yep it is that sumoto place that is advertising these "2006 complianced" bikes. The bad rep was surprising to me!!! To a newbie it looks deceptively safe because they offer warranties *scratches head* but there you go.

    In any case I have crossed them off the list as bad rep aside I've just sat on a zzr and had a heart attack to discover that I'm on tip toes. So mortifying. The sales girl was totally nice though, and has suggested the lighter, slightly lower gpx... after her waxing lyrical about how cheap they are new, and geez it's starting to look like a good option rather than dealing with the hassles of a used bike.

    Wow I'm so glad I logged on here and didn't buy a bike from that sumoto bunch. *breathes sigh of relief*

  11. Yeah Sumoto is the place in question.... god to go and look at what out there and to sit aon a few bike but i'd be wary of them. MY bike came from them initially but i'm the second owner since then. The Mechaninc i got to look over mine said that the clock has either been around the clock or rewound and the engine was worn more than the distance on the clocks.

    AS for bikes... GPX or a good SPADA are about the same height. I have a SPADA and i's a great bike. I'm about 5'8" and have room to spare when standing so you should be fine if you're a little vertically challenged :grin:

    I almost bought a GPX but i have a soft spot for the V-twin rumble.......such that it is on a 250.

    2nd hand is fine and you will save money... just get it checked 1st!! As i said...there are members here who are willing to check bikes... some for free, others for a few tinnies... some for $ for a professional service. All depends on who and what level of "check" you want.

    Oh and we are always willing to answer questions........ i know i asked a LOT before i finally got a bike.... over 1500 posts and 15 Months here before i bought one!!
  12. just wear heels when you're riding; can't go wrong :rofl:
  13. Flexorcist wrote:
    Nice :LOL: and lipstick for when you get pulled over :wink:
  14. Hiya and welcome! When I was looking for a bike I asked someone (friends hubby) to actually come with me who had been riding for years and got him to take it for a spin and put it through it's paces as I didn't even have my L's yet. do you have someone who could go and do the same for you? There is another thread somewhere recommending buying a POS (Peice of Sh8t) for a first bike cause it aint gonna matter if you scratch it or drop it so much - a good peice of advice.

    Hey good luck with your L's course! :grin:
  15. A POS bike is great to start off on if you have the time and patience to work on it. With older bikes there's always a risk of something going wrong and it's likely to cause more frustration than joy if you happen to be less mechanically inclined. Gaffer and WD-40 fix a lot of things... but not everything.

    A new GPX seems like a great option too if you can bear to lose out on a quick depreciation. Not to mention the likelyhood of dropping the bike in your first few months. If you buy a brand new faired bike get some oggy nobs or crash protection bars. Think of it as insurance against stupidity.

    I'd recommend something a few years old preferably naked but there's not a lot of choice in the Victorian market. seem like Honda VTR, Honda CBF, Hyosung GT250 (shudder). Suzuki Bandit 250 '95 onwards. are the choices of officially imported bikes as opposed to grey imports Honda Hornet (I'm biased) Yamaha Zeal, Kawasaki Balius (may have been officially imported) I've seen examples of models as late as 2000.

    Apart from seat height also look at seat width, quite a few of the NR ladies have the seat reshaped to help them reach the ground on thems bigger bikes. Keep in mind your very first bike is unlikely to be the bike of your dreams, it's going to be a learning tool to help you appreciate the potential of your next bike, and so on. But in the end you likes what you likes.

    PS. Welcome to Netrider.
  16. Maybe I should look into that too to help with the serious case of ballspread I've been getting. *rubs his outer thighs*
  17. I'm one of the rare few that bought a bike from Sumoto and actually had a relatively pleasant experience...

    I knew nothing about bikes - and didnt know netrider existed - but my bike ran perfectly from the day I bought it until the day I sold it on...the only problem i had with it - was when i overfilled it with oil thinking i was doing a good thing as i hadnt topped it up in a while :oops:

    Yeah it was an import - and there was low kms on the clock - but a few mechanics who looked at my bike (once I'd heard about sumoto - and had overfilled it) said that my bike was in great condition for its age...noone suggested that the clock had been tampered with - and it passed all roadworthy inspections required..

    My little srx250 never let me down, and I know when i questioned sumoto once i had a few concerns their 'customer service' did drop - but ultimately for me - as a student i got a cheap bike that ran well and didnt cost me any uneccessary repair costs - yeah I had a to get a new chain before i sold it and i bought new tyres for it after advice from a friend...but it was a great little bike...maybe i was just lucky... :grin:
  18. I reckon your best bet is an older GPX250 - you should be able to pick up a good one for about $3k and they are fantastic bikes. Really couldn't go wrong with one of those.

    That's what I would have got if I hadn't stumbled across my wonderful SRX250 - which I can also recommend. :grin:

    Don't forget you don't want to spend too much because you'll want something bigger in 15mnths (Trust us, you WILL want something bigger).

    Happy Hunting!