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what is checked when getting a NSW Blue Slip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ZX-5R, May 10, 2006.

  1. I am about to take my project bike to get a blue slip and i was wondering what the main things are that they look for. Do they pull things off your bike to inspect them i.e brakes

  2. Nope.

    It's not much more then the pink slip for bikes. theoretically they can ping you for lowd mufflers and high gaurds, but so long as they are not stupid, you should be fine.

    The places that can do blue slips tend to be bike riders themselves. Even if they are not, they don't really know what they are looking at.
  3. the bike shop said my local guy is really harse so im probably going to go else where, my tires are great but the exhaust is original and has rusted the enternals so its pretty loud. there is a leak where the pipes connect to the headers aswell, the front disc is rusty so until i ride the bike abit the front disks scrapes like the pads are always engaged hte rear drum break is abit squeky on occasions, all body work is perfect (or will be when i take it for inspection)

    I get my pink slip done at the servo on dee why beach, the guy doesnt know shit, he just checked the lights and got me to roll forward and break then roll back and use the back break. took less than 2 mins.
  4. When i got my blue slip for the DR600 he didnt even look at it didnt even kick her over because he was busy, my mate picked up the blue slip the next day.
  5. it's same as pink slip, plus extra checks on whether the numbers line up.

    There is a list available from rta - have to search though.

    unlike a car, you can see brake thicknesses etc without removing anything - the worst you'll probably get is a guy putting a mic. on the rotors. Everything else is done by sight and feel (if they check the head bearings)
  6. No they don't.

    You can't just do bike blue slips, you have to do car blue slips as well. Which is why bike mechanics can give pink slips, but not blue slips.

    They know zip about bikes. When I got the GS blue slipped, I had to take it back as he had read the wrong number for the engine number. Luckily I picked up on it before taking it to the RTA.

    Is it a rep-write off, or just an unregistered vehicle?

    Rep-write off you have to show receipts for all parts/labour + proof frame has been checked etc.

    Theoretically they are also meant to test power output of the bike as well.

    For the most part, all they check is the numbers match up.

    The lottery bit is when you take it to the RTA. You are then randomly selected to take it to an RTA testing station (3 in Sydney) for a full check.

    If it's a rep-write off it's almost always going to be randomly selected.
  7. thanks for that in kaer, I guess I wont be taking it to where the bike shop recomends he must do heaps and everything he picks up on he probably sends you back to the bikeshop to get it fixed, (the old I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine)

    Where abouts on the north shore would you recomend taking it ?

    If the bike fails do you still have to pay them ? I know they issue you with what they call a white slip which means the bike is un-roadworthy. I would hate to be slapped 2 x $28
  8. But my local BIKE ONLY shop does blue slips and they have nothing to do with cars. In fact i don't think you could even get a car into there workshop through the entrance it is that small and once inside the workshop the actual hoist is only big enough for a bike.

    However, the mechanic who is qualified to do them MAY be qualified for cars aswell. There is no way he could do them at his work shop however as he simply is not equipped to do so. Also given the fact he has done test rides, reports and 1000cc bike shootouts for bike mags i doubt he s into cars.