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What is a Troll?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by b12mick, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. As I mentioned in another thread, sending PM's is not the way I operate. If I have a problem with an individual on a forum I will voice it publicly. I have nothing to hide.

    So here goes.

    According to Mr Hornet I would suggest that a vast majority of posters on netriders are trolls.

    Why would a start a thread or even contribute to a thread that I have no interest in?

    I don't post ride reports, because quite frankly I don't think they'd be particularly interesting to the majority of people on this site.

    I don't welcome people to the forum because a large number of people post a welcome only to never be heard from again and there are more interesting things to read and catch up on.

    I don't post pictures in the photography sections because I either forget to take the camera with me, or I'm to busy enjoying the ride to bother with taking pictures.

    So does this make me a troll? I never thought so, but obviously I am.

  2. Yeah I saw his post and wondered WTH he was typing when he thought that was a good idea to submit that.

    The above actually describes the behaviour of a 'lurker' more so then a 'troll'.
  3. You could have cut/pasted the rest of my definition which says:

    You have your reasons for what you do and don't do, and so does every other user, but unless you think that your intention is to act contrary to the good purposes of Netrider, you are not a troll.....
  4. I thought trolls are people who create a post just to stir up sh*t. Like make a post that is of a sensitive topic and let people argue over it. Or did the meaning of troll change?
  5. yes, that's right, but Mick is reacting to a more detailed, personal definition of troll which I posted elsewhere..
  6. I once read that a troll was an old, ugly hag who lived under a bridge, in the book 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'... ?
    Anyone else (for the sake of Netrider forums) who is a sh*t-stirrer is simply an immature, sorry-arse f***wit, in my books.
  7. I really enjoy a reading a good troll. It can inject a bit of colour into threads and keeps things interesting. But I also really like sitting on my feet until I get bad pins and needles and have to walk down the hall to get a cordial in lots of pain.
  8. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  9. shit!8-[
  10. Too true.

    As was;

    A memory - something you lost with age;
    An application was something you filled out for a job;
    A program was a TV show;
    A cursor was someone who swore;
    A keyboard was a piano;
    A web was a spider's home;
    A virus was the flu;
    A mouse pad was where a mouse lived;
    And if you had a 3.5" floppy, you told not a soul :LOL:
  11. Unfortunately though Hornet you (and others) are at times a tad to quick to call 'troll'.

    I don't have the time and or inclination to find some fine examples, but even some of your own posts add nothing to a thread, or the forum and are troll like in nature.
  12. I like streets Magnums especially the double choc.
  13. Who really gives a rats?

    I would rather read a funny or even a shit stirring troll post than some of the other crap that gets written up.

    One good troll post can far outweigh the 10 -15 posts per day that others may make.

    Take a chill pill .. life will still go on.
  14. Give that man a cigar......
  15. Now, why am I not surprised to see your enlightening contribution here ](*,)
  16. Oh no, you're not still having a sook are you?

  17. Just for the record, I really want to say again, respectfully, that I am not a troll.
    I know my thread on "trickling" was deeply unpopular and I am sorry that it ruffled feathers.
    I posted it because it is an issue that concerns me as a person on the road, whether that be in my car, truck or motorcycle.
    Everyone here deserves an equal say, but I apologise to Netriders for any disturbance caused by my indiscrete posts/ramblings.

    As a self punishment / flagellation I will not post here for 1 month.
    (I hear you Moderators sigh in relief)
  18. Don't ban yourself Ham. Just post up without the derisive emotive content. Easy. :)