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What is a squid?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zxrno1, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Ok I know I'm getting old but WTF is a squid ??
    By what I've read it is term for riders with no or little protective gear on is this correct? is it an abbreviation for something else?

  2. I found this in the urban dictionary:

  3. It's a marine cephalopod.
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    Cheffie was right. Nods, mods & now squids. lol

    Squid - sumone who rides with only mandatory protective gear.

    Quick LOCK the thread.
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  5. That's exactly it.

    You are showing your age, and you also spend too much time on track and not enough on internet forums! This question comes up frequently and you'll probably get a lot of amusing answers. :)
  6. Thank you,
    Now I know, I am a Squid, Hahahahahaha
  7. There are 2 defintions that are commonly used.

    The proper one. And the one that just means riding in a singlet with shorts and thongs, that everyone around here seems to use.
  8. search function is an excellent tool - please use it before posting up something that might have been exhausted numerous times before (like squids)
  9. Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant and Dangerous

    I've also been told it's derived from the term "Squirrely Kid," used to describe someone with poor/stupid surfing technique, which entered the motorcyclists vocabulary at some stage in the 20th century when many surfers also began riding bikes.

    Lastly, the term also gives a visual description of its subject matter following an accident. A helmet with tentacle like dangly bits and gore hanging from it - just like a squid!

    The term therefore isn't actually just to describe somebody who wears little or no protective gear - it can also be used to describe a dangerous/stupid/crappy/overconfident rider, whether or not they are in full leathers, boots etc.
  10. I think this says it all...

  11. Plenty of Squidilicious vids on YouTube..
  12. Nah, Thats not me, hahahahahaha
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    The douchebaggery of the squid in this video is almost incomprehensible. Watch 'til the end!

  14. Well duh!!!!!

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    He's not a squid, he's just a wanker.
    Seen it before,
  16. Well there you go, I never realised it, I'm a squid.
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    Haven't seen a 'glove on which hand?' thread for a while! well overdue :)
  18. Thanks, and your right, my son asked the other day so I though I should check and make sure what I told him was correct.
  19. Is it still squidding if you wear a seatbelt?
  20. You could also tell him it's a derogative term some riders use to describe others who don't conform to their standards of behaviour.