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What is a "No Stopping Area"

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. I scored a parking infringement on Saturday to the value of $110 :shock: for parking in a No Stopping Area on Keilor Rd Niddrie.

    I admit I'm 100% in the wrong as it turns out I miss read the sign and was in a No Standing zone so as I've said before "Do the crime, do the time or pay the fine".

    My question is what is the legality of calling a No Standing Zone a No Stooping Area??

    And my excuse for parking in a no standing zone was I was popping into the Ford dealership with a mate who was looking to buy a new car and being a Holden person it affected my normal judgement :LOL:
  2. This site is a good source of explanation for parking fines. Not perfect - but very good.

    No Standng actually = No Stopping.

    "IN A NO STANDING AREA" If you park your your vehicle in any area which is covered by a "no standing sign" you are guilty of an offence.

    The term "no standing" means that the momentum(movement)either forward or reverse of your vehicle should not cease,not even momentarily.

    "No standing signs" may be placed anywhere restrictions are required for a variety of reasons but are generally used so as to stop parked vehicles impeding the proper flow of traffic or where such vehicles may endanger other road users."No standing areas" may occasionally be restricted to a particular type of vehicle which will be clearly stated on the sign.

    "IN A NO STOPPING AREA" No changes have occurred to this offence other than the change of name from "No Standing" to "No Stopping" and remember it means what it says "NO STOPPING" anytime.

    It was changed nationally in 1999 to make it more clear... Some signs haven't been changed yet by some councils but it's of no account.
  3. Any irregularity on a ticket is enough to get it thrown out of court.

    It is an important difference as there are exceptions for a no standing, but none for a no stopping.

    I don't think, however, a motorcycle can claim to be a commercial vehicle, so I don't think you could write to the infringement bureau and get off that easily.
  4. That's the difference. It was changed in the late 90's.

    Essentially, there are no No Standing signs in Victoria. They are all No Stopping

    If you recall, No Standing had the words on the sign. When it was changed, only the S symbol with the diagonal line through it need appear.
  5. The only exceptions are if noted on the sign. There are a few older versions of the sign still hanging around where councils have been slack but they are still valid.
  6. One of the guys I work with scored a fine at the weekend as well but the City of Melbourne Parking Nazi put the wrong rego on the ticket so some poor bastard is going to cop a Perin notice in a few months for something they didn't do.......

    Thanks for the prompt reply, I had no intention of trying to dodge the fine as although I stuffed up I did make the mistake and if I'd parked about 3 metres further back would've been safe :roll:
  7. OK, given Vics reply above I could be well wrong under the new Australian rules, but in NSW No standing used to except drop-offs, commercial vehicles for a given time(?) (15 min) and a couple of other things (can't remember).

    But it may have changed and it may be different for other states.
  8. Standing should be ok, just no stoopng. It's bad for your back anyway. :p
  9. I thought it was No Parking areas that accepted drop offs, while No Standing areas didn't? I could be wrong.
  10. You Sir, are correct.

    They were simplified with a red P and a red S
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  12. More likely some other bastard got a fine and stuck it on your mates windscreen in the hope it would get paid... I've seen lots of it.
  13. Certainly pays to check the details. Would be worth seeing if the ticket could be sent to the proper party in case it was someone else moving the tickets around for a laugh.
  14. I just posted in another thread about the poor quality of the free legal advice here on netrider, and now am quiet likely to be guilty of the same...

    back in the day when I got my licence, (you try reverse parking a horse and cart) we had three parking restrictions, No Parking, No Standing, and No Stopping.

    In a No Parking Zone, the driver could leave the vehicle 'for the purpose of picking up or setting down goods or passengers'

    In a No Standing Zone, the driver had to stay in the vehicle, but could stop to pick up or set down passengers or goods (i.e. get his lackey to do all the loading/unloading)... I think under the National Road Rules thing they did away with No Parking and made them into No Standing zones...

    No Stopping means, No Stopping for any reason...

    My missus and I stopped in a 'No Stopping' zone, 1 behind the other 3 minutes before it changed to 4 hour parking... we got back to the cars to find a yellow envelope each, but the scumbag (Kogarah) council parking pr!ck had written the time as 10 minutes earlier, so there was no chance of fighting it... No Stopping x 2 = $580, +$180 for the doctors appointment made it an expensive little morning.... that is why they need to increase the baby bonus (retrospectively for 4 years, no ongoing)...

  15. no standing , no stopping signs it doesnt really matter.

    park on the footpath and its not an issue.

    if you have no other alternative , you broke clutch cable and you went to call your wife to come and get you with the trailer , you couldnt roll the bike because of the gearbox.

    there is a cluase that is written somewhere that you can stop in any zone of the above zones as long as its a emergancy or a breakdown and you are getting yourself or your vehicle off the road out of harms way .

    human life and safety of yourself or other road users has priority ( its goes something along those lines).
  16. Great idea but I think the City of Moonee Valley Parking Nazi would taken an even dimmer view if I'd put my car on the footpath.
  17. oops , thought you were talking about the bike, even better if your cars a automatic , couldnt move it until you got it towed .