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What is a good mid-size commuter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Hello, im in want of informed opinion...

    I have ben riding a Yamaha SRX250 for the past 1.5 years, main purpose is commuting. To make the story short, as its an old bike, and I'm putting a lot of k's on it... I've had enough of fixing S..t in order to get to work and have decided to go for something better. Im still on L's till november, so it has to be LAM'S.

    I need a reliable, comfortable bike with some grunt. My daily ride is about 80k's a day, 6- 7 days a week, rain or shine. I go both on congested roads and h'way, so i need the grunt to get out of harms way and hopefully not too heavy so can squeeze through those traffic jams.

    So far, I've liked the look of the GS500, and I saw a nice CB400. Pricewise, I can probably come up w about 3-4 k cash.. but I'd get into finance for the right unit. I saw a nice looking GS500 for about 3 1/5, but had 30000 k's on it..

    I want to also stay away from 80's bikes, as I have a feeling that with that amount of k's I will end up killing them. Or my fingers.

    Any suggestions???

    Ah.. Im also a short ass, 1.68.. I think thats about 5'7"..

    Thank you!!!
  2. I ride a CB400. Great bike for commuting. I'm short too so we are in the same boat. I looked at some of the bigger 650 cc bikes when I was looking. PrOblem I found was they are all restricted, and as I wanted to keep my bike after I'm on my blacks I thought buy as big as possible and remove restrictor. Not so easy. Restrictors can't really be removed without s massive pain in the arse. So I got a CB 400 which is unrestricted in stock form. It can get up n go. It's easy to ride. Light. Pleasing on the eye.

    They can end up costing a bit tho. Seem to hold their value pretty well.

    I would recommend you go out n ride one of them. Another option might be a gsx650f. Good bikes. But restricted.
  3. A R1 - any year model :)
  4. as above, ride sensibly and you shouldn't need to worry about still being on lambs for 5 months. im not advising you to break the law though........

    but if it was me and i was that far into my lams i would consider it
  5. Which r1 can you get for 3k, that's going to be cheaper in repairs than his current 250?

    I would keep the 250 personally it's only 4 months and then you will have some choice. Or get a klr/dr 650.
  6. LOL - I like R1s. I find the GS500 and FZ6 kind of size about right. Bigger is fun but harder to filter and split with, and smaller is a bit short of go and stability and ... general big bike goodness. ZX14s are great, but they're not cheap transport. The fact that you can lay a black ribbon all the way from this set of lights through the next one, is ... satisfying, but not conducive to responsible operation. It's a bit like walking down the street with a hockey mask on carrying a running chainsaw.
  7. 5 months till can upgrade ?
    holy crap don't buy another underpowered overpriced bike.
    wait. and save more money.
    then for commuting 600cc minimum, like a hornet or a ninja or something.
  8. I read it that he's still on Ls till November, which would mean another 16 months of LAMS.

    If that is the case, check out both the GS500 and CB400 - both good commuters and buy the one that suits you best.

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  9. I ride a GS500 as a commuter. Great bike never had a problem with it. Its like riding a scooter. I have also ridden my mates FZ6R but its a bit lacking in power for my liking. Apparently it can have some throttle restricter removed that fixes that problem.
  10. the following are all perfectly good commuter bikes

    Gladius 650
    Ninja 650

    All around 10g's brand new but you get piece of mind with unlimited km warranty and reliability of new bike.

    Personally I'd take the SV650, having ridden one from Brsibane to Melb late last year (friend who bought it wasn't confident enough to ride that distance)
    I nearly traded my GSXR1000 for one when I got home.
  11. +1 Cougs. For a LAMS unrestricted commuter that suits shorter riders, you really can't better the cb400 or gs500 (or the gs500f if you do plenty of highway riding).
  12. Did you guys even read the OP?

    He said that he had $3-4K to play with, you suggest, R1, ZX14, CB400, SV650, Gladius, Ninja 650 all which are at least double his budget.

    Christ I wonder how you people survive, no wonder household debt in Australia is so high.
  13. Yes we did read the OP
  14. Hmm maybe I should read. Sorry
  15. No, no.. I come OFF L's THIS november.. What do you think of :

    GS500 2002 w. 35000's ks for 4000 thou
    ER-5 2003 30.000 k's for 3.5 thou..
  16. I think at that price range, once you go to sell it for a larger non LAM's bike you will probably get similar money as what you paid..

    How many K's are you expecting to do in the remaining 4 months???

    BTW, gs500's are pretty much bullet proof, 35,000 ks done isn't much for one of those, so long as the owner has some maintenance history or you can get it checked out, it should last you easily, not that familiar with the ER-5 & how it stacks up..
  17. Only needing LAMS for 6 months is a bit rough.

    But if you've decided you can't live with the current bike until Nov,

    I'd go with a GS500e

    30,000 isn't a lot of Ks for one of those. it's a pretty under stressed motor and suzuki have a reputation for building bullet proof air-cooled engines.

    In fact as a commuter it should do the job so well that you may well decide to keep it after you're off your restrictions.
    and then you can get something utterly impractical to use on weekends :)
  18. GS500 should go well over 1500000
  19. The GS is a good option if you really want to step up now, and likewise the ER-5.

    I'd go that way rather than finance for a bike you might want to upgrade from not so long afterwards.
  20. I got a GS500F second hand as my first bike....rode 7000ks in the first 6 months including a couple of ride to the Snowys. Learned all about the twisties on it, learnt all about redlining and generally rode the s..t out of it. Good dependable bike but lacked stability in cross winds due to the low weight and thin back tyre( I reckon). Rode it 600ks to Sydney and traded in for a spanking new Kawa 650RL. Rode the 650 600ks back home and loved it even more. Even with the throttle lock it had plenty of get up and go. Getting rid of the throttle lock was a 15 minute job, but thats another story. Now, I am a light weight and find this bike exciting enough, without having to think of a bigger bike. It has a much broader power band than the Yammy 600. With your full license 4 months away, it would be a good idea to hang on to the present bike and then your choices will be much better , especially if you are looking for a second hand bike. Any of the 650's will fit the bill. The Kawasaki 650 R has the best upright position, if you prefer that for commuting, and is 30-40 kgs lighter than the Suzuki GS650F. The Suzuki 650 S is much lighter, but has much lower bars (which could be raised). The Yammy 600 is lighter too but way more expensive and has all its grunt in the upper revband. Try them out and see, would be the best option. Once you are on your full licence there are other options like the Honda VFR 800