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What is a good city bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by theadz, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. By "city" I mean "hanging out in super slow traffic".


    I'm looking to get myself a good commuting bike. My two previous bikes have been the Suzuki Katana 250 and the Honda VFR 750. I'm thinking maybe a 600 that isn't air-cooled.

    Looking to spend 8k to 10kish.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Maybe a KTM duke? Motards are great for city traffic speeds - good visibility, handlebars way above peoples mirrors and great for wheelies.
  3. loz i already gave your opinion......did you not read my first post :LOL: :p
  4. Er6n, sv650, umm and vstrom 650 would be great in the city if you want a 600.
  5. if thats all you are going to do get a scooter? why waste a real bike?
  6. Aiming around 600 is a smart idea.
    Basically u want something nice and nimble, to weave in and out of traffic, but not a full racer so that u can't comfortably sit in traffic.

    SV650 does come to mind, but all depends what u want to do on weekends too.
    My GSX750F Handles traffic very well, and handles distance great, and all the twistys. You're VFR would be the same. But they're probably just a tad heavy.

    So yeah, ER6, SV650, would be adequate.

    But if you're not worried about distance, bite the bullet and get a motard. Will beat sporties off the mark, lane split better, and eat anything through the twisties. Nothing like the look on the face of an R1 rider when you smoke him on a 'tard hehe.
  7. +1 on the tard. You can throw it around, splits well, good height so you can see over the traffic, comfortable position for low speed stuff, also good on stairs, median strips, footpaths etc. Perfect city bike.

    Or you could get a scooter, but sucks having to tell your parents you're gay.
  8. Don't forget the 'tards are even easier to wheelstand. Thats what you do when lane splitting and mirrors get in the way, haha
  9. Only challenge with motards is wide bars, which are usually high enough so your mirrors miss car mirrors but might give you challenges with trucks, buses and fourbies.

    +1 the v-twins. The naked SV would work better in traffic with the more upright seating position.
  10. Thanks dudes, some good suggestions there.

    I probably should have been slightly more specific, I don't have a car and will occasionally (fortnightish) unleash on the freeways, but yeah, mostly I'm looking for something quick and nimble. The VFR is an awesome bike, but it's an unhappy beast sitting in traffic (much like myself) and is a touch heavy for manuevering at no speed.

    I don't know anything about motards, but I'm liking the concept. The KTM Supermotard looks ace, but is probably a bit bigger (and prob more expensive) than I was after. What type of motard would you suggest?

    Unfortunately I'm not sure I could handle the raw, manly, awesome power of a scooter. And the ladies, always throwing themselves at me, my girlfriend would freak. For all our happinesses I'm gonna have to bike up.

    ER6 seems pretty awesome too.
  11. +1 for the ER6-n
    I just saw one of those when I went for a walk, very sexy.
  12. What do you guys think about the naked Yamaha FZ6?

    Also, some of my mates don't reckon you should ever buy a new bike, is there any merit against this prejudice?
  13. you will always lose money buying new......but i was once told there is nothing better then riding a new bike and that is sooo true after owning it from new, the way they ride is from new is just so different to a bike with 20,000km on it
  14. Around town and even up to legal freeway speeds teh VTR250 is an absolute cracker, so nimble and quick to flick about that it inspires frankly lunatic commuting moves. It uses bugger-all juice, splits like it was born to and has the grunt to bugger off on most cars without breaking a sweat. I dig it like crazy.

    If you can't bring yourself to be seen on a 250, however, then certainly look at 600cc nakeds. Personally I don't think the FZ6 is the answer, it's tuned more like a racer with little down low, which is exactly how you DON'T want it tuned in traffic. Check out the GS500 naked, second hand Hornet 600s and naked SV650s. The Hornet 6 is a ripper of a hooligan bike and exceptionally easy to ride in tight spots but it doesn't deliver the tank range or low-down grunt of the GS.

    I'd definately buy second hand... Not only do you save a load of cash, new bikes are subjected to more and more ridiculous emissions standards every day that choke and bollocks up fuel delivery and power.
  15. Scooter would be the best option but you don't want one. :(
  16. Yeah, the nakey FZ6 is damn seksi, but it's really not what you're looking for. In terms of low-down, I'd argue that the SV is still gonna beat even the ER6, but the ER will beat a 4-cylinder.
  17. Also for a city bike, I'd change the gearing.
  18. VTR250 for the commute, you'd wanna change the mirror position though, or get street fighter ones, the bars are actually wider than its big brother. other than that its an absolute dream in the heavy traffic, it can get through some real tight squeezes, uses bugger all juice, and is indestructable. not bad on a tight twisty road either. they have VERY good brakes for a 250 and will stop on a dime. bloody comfortable too.
    ive kept mine just for the daily slug.

    if you cant bear the thought of been seen on 250, i'd give the ER6n a hit, its the same size as a VTR250, from what ive heard they are a bit heavy on the juice. i see alot of bike courirs with em. oh but it is a kwaka :p

  19. I think that a 600 is total overkill for a commute. I'm on one now and its a bit depressing filtering and doing stop start on it. I think a smaller more nimble bike where you get a chance to wring it out on every commute (even if its topping out at low speeds) leads to more smiles on your face as you clock on.

    A VTR250 sounds spot on. +1 to the tard too. I used to have a Suzuki DRZ400SM and I can vouch for it being a great commuter. It rocked for daily duties ... and you can treat'em mean and they don't seem to mind.

    Still last time I was in Melbourne(inner city and suburbs=gridlock) the guys on scooters pretty much left everyone else for dead for getting places quick. But then I saw a courier on a dualsport riding over a garden bed/traffic island without slowing down ... and that kinda shaped my decision to get a tard as my commuter.
  20. Thanks.

    The VTR250 is a good idea, except I do open out on long roads too, and freeways sometimes so I'm not just dealing with the gridlocks.

    I'm totally up for the SV650 or the ER6-N. Thanks to everyone who helped, I totally appreciate it. I would have got sweet-talked into the new FZ6 otherwise.

    I'm leaning towards the SV650 though, it just seems less like a robot in disguise... but I'll test-ride both.