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What injuries have caused you to stop riding or change bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Camoridz, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. This is something i'm very interested in. Its regular to hear of injuries resulting in someone changing the style of their bike (esp. low back injuries). I think i may be able to help with this... recently i have seen a few people with low back pain who origionally were going to change their bike (much to their despair) but with some work they are now safely riding their current bikes without the need to change. I just wanted to get a feel for what other peoples experience is- the more specific the diagnosis you can provide the better.

    (I'm a physio)


  2. Got run over by a truck, after a car ran a red light and I t boned him.

    Broke multiple ribs, both arms, legs, thumbs, lost a lot of skin, about to have knees replaced now, 23 yrs after.
    Forced a change from sports bikes to cruisers, as I cant unfold myself after a ride anymore. All joints too stiff.
  3. Early 80s. Took out the back end of a car with my right knee. I still have the big scare. Was off the bike for 6 weeks with my leg in plaster.

    Mid 80s. Head on at slow speed. Took out my left knee on the front of a car as I flew over the top of the car. I do remember the driver’s eyes wide as. Ligament damage that the doctor would not fix as I was not a football player. So had to recover the hard and long way. Didn’t ride a bike for 2 years.
  4. so future, (i assume) you have been getting around without some of the cruciate ligaments in your knee. research suggests that within 20-25 years (depending on activity levels) the Arthritis in knees without cruciate ligaments is quite advanced.

    Do your knees limit the bikes you ride/ own now?

    peter- for how long has your post ride stiffness been at a stage that you need to change your bikes?

  5. I had a bit of a broken bone in my left hand that prevented me from riding for a while. Couldn't pull in the clutch!
  6. Right hand for me. Triangular chip of bone from my scaphoid. It's still in there somewhere and causes grief from time to time, especially on long rides.
  7. Ouch! Ouch!

    Not really an answer to your question, but when I was in my transition phase, from preferring scooters (Vespas) to preferring road bikes, one thing that tempted me to remain with scooters was the thought of the difference in being t-boned: whether you have 180kg of bike for the car to squish your knee against, or nothing so that you only take the hit, not the squish!

    Future, were you wearing knee armour? I wanna get some Draggins, but I'm thinking I should fit some very good quality armour inside it, nevertheless.
  8. Like Future - damage to the knee ligaments which was left to heal the long/hard way (happened early this year). Given that it's my right knee it has made me re-consider buying something with a kick-start. Also not too confident about buying/riding anything particularly heavy, at least not until my leg's back at full strength.
  9. I came off when the bike slid out from under me and I landed on hands and knees at 70kmh. Sliding for a fair few metres the kevlar in my draggins wore through and my knees started grinding away on the bitumen. They got better in time but a couple of years later I've developed a pain in each knee when I hold it at certain angles.

    Also not long after the first accident I was t-boned by a car that ran a red light. My knob left a huge dent in the tank and I whacked my knees on the handlebars which irritated the old injury. Fortunately by that stage I was wearing my full leather suit any and every time I took the bike out. The ambulance officers thanked me. My lower back has played up ever since.
  10. :shock:
  11. :LOL:
  12. arthristis and tennis elbow...(what a gay name of a form on injury/strain)
    cant ride sports bike for more then 10 mins before all the joints in my arms starts hurting
    mt01 seems to be doing alright 1 hours and little pain
  13. I lowsided and couldn't ride for 10-15 seconds due to having to pick it up and get it started again.

    When I had my appendix out (after it exploded) I couldn't legally ride for a few days after the operation, was painful after that with any bumps, but was fine after a week or two.
  14. Currently injured + still riding (about the only thing I do that isn't hindered that much, everything else is a biatch for me!)

    Injured my right shoulder nerve passage, brachial plexus (C5 + C6). Hand + forearm works 100%, shoulder - bicep + delt is the injured muscles (0% activity, MAYBE flickers here and there) so I can't lift my arm nor flex/bend it. Getting hydrotherapy + physio twice a week and starting acupuncture this week. Also get massage at local tafe most weeks when my massager is on, shes sometimes away busy.

    I'm one of the most interesting cases seen said from most (medical) people I have contact with. Not a common injury here in Aus, fairly big in US. Info at http://www.ubpn.org/messageboard/forum.jspa?forumID=18
  15. cruciate ligament was stretched not broken thankfully. It does cause me pain in winter. I ride a semi sports/tourer single with no drama at all.

    Stairs are the thing that cause me the most concern. it makes a horrible grinding noise when I go up and down stairs.
  16. I shatered my Left navicular , and all toes ,dislocated and shatered left ankle racing motocross. Surgeons made me sign an authority of some description for amputation but they managed somehow to put wires and pins n srews and stuff every where .Couldnt walk let alone ride for almost 3 years . Three years after that hey i was riding again and loving it , just no more motocross lol. oh and yeh winter can be a biatch !!
  17. I managed to tear my biceps tendon out of my forearm firing up a steam engine. It took about 9 months before I was supposed to ride again. I only lasted 6 or so before I was back on the beast.


  18. ok. Thanks ithis good so keep the injuries coming, i'll throw a few things into the mix and we'll see what happens.

    With the exception of the scaphoid (re other current thread) or acute injuries that are not allowed to heal (usually through the injured site being overstressed while the body lays down new tissue) then an acute injury to the body will 'heal' in three months. This particuarly applies to bone fractures and soft tissue tears. If you have grinded away your knees on the road that is a bit different. Also once 'healed' that new tissue may need to undrgo a graded loading program so it matures to the strength of previous tissues in that area.

    So why do symptoms persist? Well that is too broard to be answered but here is some points.

    - nerves (eg: brachial plexus) do not have a blood supply so will heal slow- sometimes their function will be permanetly altered although structurally they have 'healed'.

    - You may have an associated muscular stability issue- FUTURE the ACL is 2-5% sensory fibres that give info to the body on how to co-ordinate the muscles in your leg to keep your knee stable- even if you did not tear the ACL you will almost certainly have altered the function of how your body co-ordinates your knee muscles to a small degree due to the damage in the ligament. If this was not retrained then your knee may still have some improvement left in it.

    - tennis elow for years has been considered an inflammation of the tendon tissue- unfortunately this theory was squashed when biopsy studies showed that tendons do not contain inflammatory mast cells: ie: tendons do not get inflamed. thus a tendonITIS is a myth. what you most probably have is a tendonOSIS which is different and can be treated so you can be still ride sport bikes. Depending where your arthritis is this is definately obtainable.

    keep it coming guys. :grin:
  19. That should fix itself as when bone isnt in its right place and getting used, little sorta like bone eaters eat away at the bone untill it is gone because it does nothing. The same things add bone to areas where you regularly use, or take impact on (eg. if you like to punch like i do, you get big knuckles)

    I broke off the knuckle in my right hand pinky, its long gone now, and yes it was from punching something which I hit on an angle.
  20. cam, good onyou 4 becoming a physio :grin: a physio that actually gives a shit :LOL:

    whenever you come across a pt with r foot probs tell em theres a part for jet ski that makes a perfect thumb break, mick dohan has one

    as for the back, you dont need me to tell you how complicated that is. if you come across someone who really MUST ride then sugest those mountain racers that dont have a seat [cause back probs cant sit], they're for agile rock monovers

    also, the tourer is better for the back than the sports bike

    when you come across knee flexon and contraction probs you might want to recomend the kwaka 'eliminator', has v little pressure on the knee joint and doesnt really seem like a cruiser

    cheers :cool: