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What infamous KTM ad..???

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gypsyvtr, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. My apologies in advance....have no idea where to post this one, but...

    Had a friend send me an email with a video attachment called :

    "That infamous KTM ad that was banned in U.S".

    .....tried to open but I was "forbidden" (in big bold letters) to view the attachment (couldn't access)...........so, now I just have to. Curiousity being a bastard and all.

    Anyone know what it might be about or anyone have a copy???
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    Probably just this one.


    People doing stupid stuff on the road. Nuns would have had it banned.



    They didn't close any of the roads off, they just let the rider go nuts.
  3. Hehe I watched that the other day. I must say it works, it makes me want to go out and buy a superduke... RIGHT NOW. :LOL:

    I CAN see why people would ban it, but it doesn't mean they are right to do it. People are insane about censoring things these days, it's madness.
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  5. Awesome!! I love that shit.
    Thanks Righty.....absolute champion. :wink:
  6. I actually dont like that ad, because i hate dickheads who ride (or even drive) like that through the streets, and i can see why it got banned. Plus, dont u want to promote the bike? Wheres the engine sound? I dont want to see two dudes with their shirts off touching each other....and too many visual effects, keep it simple ffs.
  7. Then long may you stay on a Hyosung.
  8. i think i want to go and test ride a superduke... :mad: no no i must resist... have two bikes already...
  9. Until i get a superduke.
  10. Anyone that rides a Super Duke and doesn't wheelie, stoppie and generally hooliganise with it should have their keys, or at least KTM logos, confiscated by the KTW owner's club. It's like smiling and waving when riding a Harley, it reflects badly on both you AND the brand.
  11. That was crap. :?
    I want the 2min 25 sec of my life back!
  12. Whoa, ease up there Loz. Let's not bring out the big guns too early.

    Bah who are you kidding? You know if Hyosung brought out a bike that could actually cart your ugly arse around you would buy it :p.
  13. Advertising Works. I saw that ad 2 years ago and had been pining for one ever since.

    Suffice to say i now have a shiny SD sitting in the garage. And yes i now think im a badass boxer and my riding has been totally corrupted!

  14. yeah. i agree . . i use to like it, i even posted up a thread on the ad sometime last year.

    now however it does not have the same effect as when i saw it the first time.