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what if?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by riyder, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. does anyone know of the law of self defence.
    what are the legal and possibly moral rights in relation to defending yourself. say if there is a confrontation and fight, if your struck or hit what is a suitble level of force to restrain the person. is it 1 punch for 1 punch, or until the attacker is not a threat anymore????????????/

  2. Section 462a of the crimes act of 1958 states the following;

    A person may use such force not disproportionate to the objective and he believes on resonable grounds to be necessary to prevent the commision, continuance or completion of an indictable offence or to assist of effect in assisting the lawful arrest of a person committing or suspected of comminting any offence.

    I think I got that right.
  3. I love it when Vic talks dirty :wink: :LOL:
  4. Wow VIc, you never cease to amaze me. Where do you drag up this information? Are you a lawyer?
  5. I had to learn it word for word as it is something you need to know when being tested for your firearms licence.
  6. they never asjed me that when i got mine... just had to prove i was gonna use it for a legitimate reason.
  7. I dont know the exact law. But i have defended myself\friends on numerous occasions at clubs etc. If someone wants to have a go at one of my mates i dont hold back at all and ive never been charged or the like. Generally the cops rock up and start questioning people and from my experiences they have asked me a few questions then just told me to fcuk off home or whatever. As long as you didnt go right out of your way to start trouble your usually ok. Providing your not intoxicated(they dont like that) and the other person has eventually been able to pick emselves up off the ground without the ambos rockin up your sweet...

    Dont know if that helps, why do you ask? If your thinking about a possible future confrontation i suggest you avoid it and handle it in a different way if possible.

  8. Almost to the letter!!!!.... have you worked in Security before Vic?
  9. Oh bugger I got the "assist of effect in assisting" wrong.
    I just checked it against the actual law and it reads, "effect or assist in effecting" Not abd though for an old fella.

    Secuirty......yeah about 10 years worth, or is it 11 years this year......
  10. Should we all be worried that Vic is allowed to have a gun :shock: :p :wink:
  11. No he should be fine.... i know guy in the army who are nOT allowed to hold civilian shooters licence but are Weapon Specialist in the army (not kidding either!!!) kinda scare you that the army says "here son have a big gun or 6". the civilian law says "no your too nuts/bad character to have one."
  12. Lol thats gold.. The army actually organised some guys to come out and do the course for us so we could get our civie firearms licences.
  13. be afraid...very affraid.

    the guy i know was a complete nutter...used to blow things up as a kid....police won't give him a licence due to mental state, and has a record with the cops for blowingup backyard made bomb as a kid. but he can be a weapons specialist in the army!!!
  14. Reasonable force ! i always liked that one . What was reasonable force to me was eccessive force in the courts eyes , hence no more license :( .
  15. the beat goes on ,la de la de daa