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What If Drivers Drove Like Riders Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Pleasure ride today from ftg to noojee. Made me think while observing..

    Slower riders knew i was coming up on them, and showed me that by kicking out a leg, and passing them was easy.
    Faster riders waited for an ackowledgement i knew they were there, then passed.

    Slower cars couldnt give a shit, and continued driving along at 20 kmh below posted speeds, while turning to chat to passengers, use their phone, or toss litter out the window. But they couldnt turn enough to use their mirrors, .
    The they turn into a side road wihout indicating, brake suddenly without warning, just to creep round corners, but speed thru townships at 20 kmh over the posted limit.

    What if drivers drove like riders rode?
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  2. What if the TAC opened their god-damn eyes and took note of these observations?
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  3. we're all bat-shit insane remember, it'll be a cold day in hell before they actually believe what we deal with.

    as for the OP
    do you mean if they were as observant as us or if they could move through traffic like us?
    one way would be all skittles and champagne showers with bikini models, the other would mean we're more screwed than we already are
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  4. I do drive like I ride, stuff sitting with the pack even in a car, why would you.

    I even wind all the windows down even when it's cold.
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  5. I do drive like I ride. Admittedly lanesplitting is a little more difficult, but not impossible if your car is small enough ;).

    Only thing that annoys me is bikes holding me up in the twisties, and not letting me pass.
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  6. oh yeah. I forgot that there was a direct correlation between number of wheels and level of sanity. I need to work on thinking like a politician some more.

    looking forward to having mono-sylabic thought patterns and loving lamp.

  7. Imagine trying to nod at every car you pass..

  8. Once upon a time, drivers did drive as we ride. Road manners were taught and (to a degree) enforced, both sadly lacking in modern society: most individuals don't learn 'manners', and most coppers don't enforce anything other than speeding and drink driving offences as they are easy to prosecute.

    Without getting OTT, it all comes back to basic societal training which is almost non existent in formative years. Coming through to driving and riding it is "all about me" for the majority of the population. Riders tend to be the exception which creates such an issue with the legislators and the enforcers: we don't comply with the greater percentile and are therefor "the enemy".

    A simple return to enforcing road rules and common courtesy would reap huge dividends and most likely a marked reduction in road trauma, but don't expect any change in the foreseeable future :(
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  9. and you can hear their little voices saying "did you see how fast he was going?" when you finally get to overtake them.
  10. Go somewhere sufficiently isolated and people do the finger wave. On even more isolated 4WD tracks it's not uncommon to get out and have a chat if you meet someone else on the road...
  11. you'd look like one of those bobblehead things that perch on peoples car dashboards :p

    you could also say the same thing about riders over in big Asian cities nodding at each other

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  12. Thank you, Heli. You've nailed it. Expect the problem to worsen with successive generations.
  13. I'd like to watch peak hour if everyone was driving like I ride under the circumstances. From a safe distance, of course :devil:.
  14. Going by netrider standard, most people would be dead.
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  15. I think it is that city drivers have no clue when they get out of the metro area. Try going to the twisties on a weekday where the roads are more frequented by locals and you will notice a massive difference. On the weekend, when the city drivers all flock onto the country roads, this is where the problems lie.

    Having said that, coming back from Healesville on the Maroondah this weekend, following a trailer and a line of about 5 cars, the overtake lane comes up, and all 5 cars merged instantly into the overtake lane, the trailer speeds up a little, the first overtaking car didn't want to break the limit, despite their speedo probably reading 10% lower, and so 2km of overtaking lane later, only 1 car got past a 85kph trailer... Funny enough, I stayed in the left lane and ended up passing a few cars because they were all stuck behind each other on the overtaking lane.
  16. Yeh same here! I don't remember the last time a bike waved me past in a cage, oh that's right it's never happened. You just gotta sit behind the buggers for while they bungle along your favorite twisty road infront of you for up to 15 mins. I've had some good runs against sports bikes and got the thumbs up a few times. Now imagine if I actually owned a remotely fast car.

    If I noticed a car legitimately catch me in the corners on my bike I'd wave it past and try to keep up with it.
  17. thanks TAC. safe overtaking ruined by over the top focus on speed above all else.
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    Last edited: Nov 5, 2012
    This is not addressed at anyone in particular, but I wave past traffic if my pace [the posted speed limit unless conditions are poor] is too slow for them — either by pulling over when safe, or by slowing down when an overtaking lane opens up.
  19. Clarkson had a quote along the lines of 'people who aren't interested in driving aren't good at it,' which explains most of these issues.

    It's the people who have no interest in motoring who don't consider others, have no situational or mechanical awareness...

    I find performance car drivers, or even well maintained aging car drivers are much more aware then drivers of new, budget, dented and scraped A - B transport.
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  20. I wave cars past me if they're faster than me and there is an appropriate spot. It doesn't matter to me if they're legally or illegally faster. Admittedly I hate holding people up and would rather enjoy the roads in my own pace without someone sitting close behind me.
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