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NSW What, I suspect, we already knew....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. .. has now finally been admitted to; there is no tolerance of any sort in the measuring of your speed or in the issuing of traffic fines in NSW


    Apparently last year over 26,000 fines were issued for speeds between 1kph and 10kph over the posted limit, 14% of all the fines issued.

    The moral probably is, get a GPS and ignore your speedo, because if you claim speedo error, it won't wash.
  2. 1kph over is less tolerance than Victoria.
  3. exactly

    I'm guessing that a police-person might have some personal latitude depending on how he/she viewed the situation, but cameras and radars that are set for a speed make no distinction
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    Doesn't bother me so long as those pesky safety cams go.
  5. You can get done for 1 over? Thats ridiculous
  6. How I read it is the low tolerance is only on mobile not fixed (safety or speed).
  7. I heard a fairly extensive interview with a senior Police-person yesterday afternoon and he said there was no latitude in any case...... He said if the limit was 60 you could get booked for doing 61.... he quoted the 26,000 figure in support of this, stating that these offences were detected by all means.
  8. You DO know that they are obliged to say that, don't you?
    There would be no use in having a tolerance if everyone knew about it...
  9. 10km/h over has never been an accepted tolerance by cameras. This tells me nothing, it would be far more interesting to know how many people were booked 1-3 and 1-5 over. Whats the lowest anyone here has been booked for? and how did you get the ticket?. Mine is 21 over by a cop so that doesn't really help.
  10. What I would like to know is how many cops go through the trouble of pulling drivers/riders over if detected around 5kph over?
    Somehow I doubt most would even bother..
  11. I saw a cop with a radar on the footbridge getting people who were heading East out of the tunnel under the Coca Cola sign in Kings Cross, he said he was only pulling people over who were doing $0.75 plus. It is a $0.60 zone. That was a few years ago. Me thinks the bean counters are putting a stop to that. More fines = more loot for the Govt
  12. I agree. If the only thing the driver was doing wrong was going 5 over.

    But if the driver was say talking on a mobile, not wearing a seat belt and had unrestrained children in the back, then he might add it to the list depending on whether the driver passed the 'attitude test' or not.

    Oh and my wife recently got and infringment notice in the mail for 64 in a 60 zone. Damn mobile revenue cameras.
  13. If you read the report into the effectiveness of speed cameras from the RTA that was published earlier this year, police issued infringements tend to skew to higher infringements. Whereas cameras skew to lower infringements

    This would indicate that cops don't bother with the small fry. It would be frustrating doing someone for 5 over and see a heap go past at 30 over.
  14. Correct. There is no tolerance in the 'system' anymore, even if there is some in the monitoring devices.

    It's as simple as this but we weren't paying attention...

    60km/h = law abiding citizen
    61km/h = breaking the law

    However where we've gone wrong is believing it's about the money 1km/h can produce, it's not about the money it's about compliance, or more importantly it's about obedience.

    There is a zero km/h tolerance in your system now, and as has been rightly pointed out it is just like ours. By my reckoning that puts N.S.W about 3 years behind us. However, and pay close attention to this however, 3 years can be bridged easily once it's been tried and tested and implemented down here.

    The main difference at this stage is our cameras are covert whereas theirs are overt.
  15. Manufacturers specifications:

    Stationary Accuracy +/- 1 MPH
    Moving Accuracy + / - 2 MPH

    Anybody pinged for 1k over then dispute it in court.
  16. There is another difference.

    The NSW government had an audit done of fixed speed cameras. As a result of this a number of speed cameras were found to be ineffective in improving safety so are either being removed completely or moved to another location.

    The Vic government did a similar audit and found that all speed cameras improve safety so they will install more.
  17. I have the national road rules and TORUM.
    I get them or updates every year.
    I have never read in any of them about tolerances or 1-3 -5 k's over.
    To be pinged by a camera doing say 61. Your speedo will be reading 65. :) True story. Unless whilst you have your beast on the DYNO they do a speedo check.
    Never heard of anyone getting a 1k over fine...ever.
    If they issued those they would open a flood gate of trouble for themselves. Well unles you live in Victoria and are still considers criminals and convicts by your own peers.
    Victoria. The bend you over and **** you with no spit state.
  18. That doesn't happen though does it?

    Detected speed - Alleged speed = Equipment Tolerance

    If your alleged speed is over you get a ticket.
    No tolerance for alleged speed over.
  19. Our audit was a total spankfest, but I'll probably cover it when I get to the Social Engineering thread. What a fucking stitch up that was.
  20. Indeed they are, what they say and what they do are completely separate things. The absolute zero tolerance is a line that has been pushed for several years now, and it's a line that has been completely left to it's own devices by the police who do the enforcement. It seems the line doesn't like being at zero.
    The closest figure I've ever heard is from about a year ago when Hairy Scrub sent a fax detailing that there had been not one fine issued between 1-10 km/h over the limit in cases where the limit is 100 or above. In the same article, the police response was that there was zero tolerance on speeding and motorists could get fined from 1km/h over. Read into that what you will, but it's telling. There was a thread about it when it was released.
    Possibly, but anecdotes say otherwise.
    Only the fixed cameras, the mobile ones aren't. The number of mobile cameras is low currently but increasing.