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What I have learnt while riding today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mid77, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Today a friend of mine offered to go for a ride with me to help give me some pointers and also to gain some more road experience on my bike. To that end, I have compiled a list of things that they don't necessarily tell you in the Learner course:

    Riding the Old Pacific Highway is really fun

    Riding the Old Pacific Highway in the rain is terrifying

    Riding Putty Road is fantastic

    Riding Putty Road at night and in the rain is more terrifying

    When they tell you your shiny new gear is waterproof, you should understand that it is not

    Heated Handgrips seriously rock

    Glasses and closed up helmets in the rain rarely mix well

    Glasses and opened helmets in the rain rarely mix well

    Helmets don't have windscreen wipers, but they should

    If you happen to ask a local what the road is like and they start telling you the tale of the rider that crashed just last week on that particular stretch of road (complete with all the gruesome details), kindly ask them to stick to details of the bitumen lest you end up doing what I do and take every subsequent corner at 10kph

    Did I mention heated handgrips?

    On your “DriRider†jacket if you want the “Dri†part to occur, close up the air vents

    People who drive 4WD's like they are in a sports car could technically be reffered to as “homicidal maniacsâ€

    Apparently double white lines are optional (must have missed the memo on that one)

    I'm sure there is more but after a ride like today the beer in the fridge is calling
  2. ah, welcome to the point end :).

    I'd have to agree that the Putty, in the dark AND wet is a particularly confronting exercise (having done just that more times than I can count). Good to see that you have learned something, even if it was only how many lies you've been told so far :LOL:.
  3. "what have I learned while riding today?"

    Practicing wheelies requires a spare change of underpants.
  4. I learned that even if the weather is sunny and warm, the summer leather gloves are not to make an appearance until November/December.

    Gets cold in the hills... real quick.....
  5. I learned that emergency braking (or just hard braking in general) across tram lines often results in a slide and testicular damage when the tyres finally grip.

    Why the hell do they put that petrol tank right there?
  6. Secret government conspiracy to keep down the population? :grin:
  7. Ah, grasshopper - When travelling at the speed of a cheetah, need wipers you do not! Merely turn your head to one side, then the other, and the visor is clear once more. Wax on, wax off.

    (Generally only works above 70kph. Super-effective at 100kph and above. Won't work on bikes with a windshield that keeps the wind away from your helmet either)
  8. I've learnt something today. Thanks
  9. Mrkotter: When you can take the pebble from Spots' paw it will be time for you to leave.
  10. Thankyou sensei, but I'm not sure that works at the speed of the tortoise (e.g. Me) :wink:
  11. Below 70kph, one must instead swerve between the raindrops. Follow the path of least dampness, and know that you will remain dry. *nod*

    Nawh, you're right - if the rain's just "misty" (not enough to form large drops on the visor) and the road speed's not fast enough to blow the large droplets off, wipers would indeed be nice. :)

    Until them, maybe.. hmm.. I know! Buy a helmet with a visor which can take tearoffs. Instead of one or two tearoffs, put about 300 of the things on the visor, and peel each one off once the visor gets misty. Yes. That could work well. That could work very well indeed. :-k
  12. you can buy gloves that have a rubber wiper on the left glove, i got them but they aint cheap, $125 for gloves, fair dinkum
  13. In the UK you used to be able to get a little rubber wiper that fitted over the index finger of your glove, in the way that a ring does. You could take it off and put it on any glove. They were dirt cheap, in fact I got mine with a bike magazine as a free gift. I think they were made by Frank Thomas. I don't remember them being very effective FWIW :( .
  15. My Dririder gloves have suede (or something) on the back of the first finger on each hand, and work really well to wipe misty rain off rain. I have seen other models by the same maker that have the suede bit on the thumb...one of the reasons I havent gone to a winter glove is coz I can't live without this feature!!!! :grin: :grin:
  16. Getting stung on the throat by a European wasp whilst doing 90kmph on a loose gravel road is a tad unsettling
  17. My DriRider Nordic Pro have a rubber strip/wiper on the left hand. They were about $60. Haven't tried it in the rain yet.
  18. Redlined my bike in 2nd today for the first time ... wooooaaahh!!

  19. Don't worry, they work fine. My Storm gloves have the same thing and it was very handy (pun no intended) this morning. It's not until you get out in the rain, that you find that it's the spray from the road that gets you, not the rain.

    BTW, nice choice in bike :grin: