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What I hate about motorcycle/scooter riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Your following behind a rider and lane splitting stationery cars to a red traffic light (or get to the red traffic light and there's already another rider there) .... and the bastard/biatch sits (or is sitting) between the cars in line with front bumper. No attempt to occassionally look behind for another rider, and/or no attempt to move either forward or forward and to one side, so that another rider can get in front of the cars too. They just make you sit a car length back like they own the entire intersection.

    Rant over .. I feel better now :grin:

    And no, there's generally no reason they can't move forward some more (eg. pedestrians crossing etc.). Hrrmmppffff!
  2. And whats the go with couples having matching helmets? I demand action .
  3. If it's ever a black X8 with a Netrider licence plate surround, wake me up with a toot :roll:
  4. Plus its pretty dangerous sitting between the cars cause the drivers may not notice em there. Better to be in front over the pedestrian crossing.

    Next time you should beep em :grin:
  5. Or get off your bike,
    Walk up to em,
    And give em a swift kick up the Arse!
  6. What i do when people do that is i'll give their back tire a nudge with my front tyre. :grin:
  7. LOL thats naughty!
  8. Yeah but oh so funny.
  9. Use your horn or rev your motor, they get the msg and make some room, works for me.
  10. What I usualy do is remove my underwear and throw it on there helmet, gets there attention quick.
  11. Worst still if its a scooter because you know you gonna be stuck between
    the (2) cars. :LOL:
  12. I agree
    if its a black GPX with NT plates
    give me a toot :grin:
    and hell why not
    a nudge as well :LOL:

  13. +1

    Actually I do it on the pushy too. When the bastards dont move out of the bike lane. But thats only happened once. :)
  14. I normally rev a bit, doesn't work all the time.......
  15. OMG yeah happened to me this morning but it was a bloody cyclist. Rev it gently first but no response. Rev it more... no response. Creep up the back and honk the horn. Finally she decides to move up. OMFG!!!!
  16. No one can here my sewing machine GS500 either!
  17. the other day I saw a bike was behind me and moved over as I stopped so he could get through. pr*ck didn't even nod. so some of your mates aren't helping the cause.
  18. I vote the rev first, then the horn. Sometimes there may be a cop about or a pedestrian, so you don't want to be parked on the crossing.

    Bump my rear tyre at your own risk. I don't alway sit with my foot on the brake (or hand) and if it causes me to drop the bike on a car I won't be the one footing the bill.
  19. Hey. they aint my mates. My mates by definition are the blokes that would nod. It he is a rude pri&^ then he aint MY mate. Gottit?
  20. And this is different from it being a bloody dim motorcyclist exactly how?