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What i don't like about bigger bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by melb_ourne, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    After 20 years of riding, i finally did my upgarde from 250s(Across) to a Hayabusa, and end up dropping my new bike. I am small person, 5'2 and 75 kg and i find the bike so hard to control.And I having big time - buyer regret. For someone my size, i should have stayed with my little Across.

    So What i don't like about bigger bikes.

    -splitting lane is harder(can't fit between cars at the lights)
    -is heavier(couldn't pickup the bike after dropping it)
    -harder to control in peak hour traffic(it's like riding a tank)
    -parking is harder(with my Across i parked just about anywhere, and with Busa I have find some where with ease access.)
    -more afford is required, I ride 5 days a week home to work, and feel tired after riding a bigger bike.

    Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me?? Should i stay with the Busa or switch back to the Across?
  2. Hi , Um could you have gotten any bigger a bike? I would struggle with a busa too, but theres much smaller larger capacity bikes out there. The gixxer thou that I ride to work for example. :)

    Seriously though, that is a big jump. Confidence in your own skills is very important too.
  3. The best advice I can give is, you have to feel comfortable on your bike if you think the BUSA is too big and heavy then it's probably not the right bike for you.

    Maybe take a 600 for a test ride and see how you feel on that
  4. You should sell that big heavy tank like bike to me and stick with the Across.

    How much damage did you do?
  5. Did you actually test ride it before you bought it?

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I'm not sure anyone would like a busa in traffic.

    Expensive mistake? :cry:
  7. G'day everyone,......

    I can only say that when I switched to a larger bike it took a little getting used to.
    The turning at low speeds,parking,ballanceing etc,.....
    its a whole new learning curve but you get used to it because you are rideing already.

    If you find it so much of a dilema,...you might want to get a slightly smaller bike,......engine size is'nt the isue realy just physical size of the bikes bodywork.

    Dr Who?
  8. You went from an Across to a busa??? :shock:

    That's like going from little miss muffet to Mistress Zelda's whipping emporium. :LOL:

    Busa's aren't known for the commutability.

    Either give yourself time to become accustomed to the 4 - 5 times the power and different bike geometry, or trade down to a 600ish bike - they are more than amply capable.

    The only thing I don't like about my bigger bike is that it's turning circle isn't as good as my old GPX250, otherwise, it totally rocks. Commutes, scratches, splits, hoons, cruises and all in relative comfort. :cool:
  9. Dude, that is one phuck of a jump! :shock:
    As everyone else is saying, should go for something a little smaller than da 'busa. I just did the jump from SRX to my SV a couple of months ago, and Im still getting used to it.
    And yeah, splitting on a 'busa would be like splitting in a VW beetle.
  10. I went from a ZZR to a ZX12R, but i am 6'1' and have some beef behind me.

    Its not the power thats the problem, its the bike is way too big for you in size.

    If you bought this bike new, then the salesman needs to be shot..

    I wont flame you, as you know you have made a mistake, but seriously what on earth did you think the bike would be like ??
  11. Wow it is like going from a 3 door hatch to a Bus!! No wonder why you are having problems....

    Trade it in on a 600... a YZF600 (Thunderace), CBR600F or even a VFR750 would have been a better bike..
  12. Not trying to put you down or anything, but you commute 5 days a week, purchased a bike that was made for one thing. Speed!!! and it is very good at it. It is not a comfy bike, or easy to ride. Im 5.9, 120kg's, the bike is a struggle for me in heavy traffic. You need a 600-750cc bike for what you are doing with it, something a little more practicle, like a sports tourer, if you want to get out on longer rides. Many people like the idea of a beast like the busa, but reality is cold biatch to wake up to, looks like you have though, hope you havent done too much damage. I suggest you trade it in for a better bike, mid range, smaller, lighter, cheaper. Good luck bro :wink:
  13. well i am 6"3 and weigh 90kg.

    I went from a ZXR250 which was a tiny and i used to chuck it around to a zx636 06 which felt like a nice comfortable size 600cc sized bike. My friend had a GSXR 600 07 model and i would have to say that was like sitting on my zxr250, the thing was too small for me!!
    she would roughly 5'3 herself so u might wanna check out gixar!
  14. melb_ourne, I'm not a big guy, maybe 5' 10-11" about seventy something kg. I went from an Across to a CBR600F3 (97) and I found the CBR to be easier to handle at low speed in most instances. It's a little heavier than the Across when reversing or similar. Come to splitting and around traffic the CBR is a much more confident bike to be on, the balance is brilliant. Maybe try a comfy 600?
  15. Thanks for all the comments.. I migth stay with it... might also go to gym... hopefully overtime i will get used to my busa.

    I knew I was going to drop the bike, so I got Knobbs installed.

    Yes.. Got it from the Trading Post and test ride on sunday on a clear patch of road... feels heavy but i thought I could manage it
  16. Don't worry mate, a lot of people do it. Ditch the 250 and go for the biggest thing they can find.

    I know 1 bike shop that wont sell you a bike if you can't pick it up, layed down on a matress.

    Unless your doing massive highspeed interstate runs, you'll waste 70%+ of what the busa can do. And hell, a gsxr1000 will not only eat a busa through the corners, but down the highway, not speed limited hehehe.

    If i was you, get down to a bike shop and test a few other sport bikes, gsxr750,1000, fireblade, anything u like the looks of, just to see if you still want the BUSA.
  17. A gym wont make you taller dude! :LOL: :LOL: May make you stronger but you still got a barge of a bike! Trade down mate!
  19. I'd also add to what others have said. I went to a pretty big, top heavy bike from a 650-a big bike (that makes a Busa look like a featherweight) with a high centre of gravity, large turning circle etc compared to what I was used to. I cannot flat foot one foot on the bike most of the time unless on dead flat ground.
    BUT, I still manage fine on it now. It took about a month of commuting to get used to the differences and I'd never go back now.
    You will develop stronger muscles where needed, and any bike an be lifted by anyone with the correct technique.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. At 5'2" then getting feet down on the ground on most 600's will be tough, even lowered. These days pretty much everything is going to be a struggle for you height wise, and most of the modern 600 sportsbikes are as tall as ANYTHING out there at present.

    I'd rather have a heavier bike I can put my feet down on properly than one 20kg lighter im on tippytoes for.

    On the upside, newer bikes are a lot lighter so they are easier to support.

    'Busa may not the worlds best commuter, but I'm sure you bought it for more than JUST that. To those gobbing off at you that you should have bought a GSXR or CBR or whatever, just recall that you have all bought a bike thats also a completely crap commuter :p