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What Helmets fit in the Suzuki Across........?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by newbie69, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I bought a suzuki across with the intention of being able to fit a helmet in the storage compartment however after trying on helmets at 2 different bike shops today i am yet to find one that fits in the compartment.
    They all seem to be either to tall, to long or simply just not quite the right shape to fit.

    Can anyone who either has or has owned an across in the past recommend a helmet and/or brand that they know fits in the across's storage compartment?

  2. Er, stupid question, but did you turn them around backwards? Some lids will fit one way and not the other. I'm pretty sure I can fit my colossal Nolan in there.
  3. ive fitted every helmet ive tried in there. my soumy M and a mates hjc XL (a little tighter)

    i can fit mine plus my giant thick cable lock so you will definetly fit most helmets.

    it can be a little tricky i suppose. the visor part of the helmet faces the rear and you have to tilt it a little to get it in.

    Hope it helps

  4. KBC VR1 - meduim

  5. Yeah thats how ive been putting it in.
    I have an old crappy helmet that i got with the bike which fits but none of the new ones have so far.

    I tryed a Large KBC VR-2 Gunslinger and an Rjays Fugitive and couldnt get either to fit.
    I must admit though the shop certainly wasnt going to let me force it in.
  6. well ive fitted the xl and ive heard of people fitting xl sized noggin holders in there. so either the ones youve picked up are really large shells, or you've got a case of opperator error there.

    cant say ive tried with any of those helmets though

  7. Went and ordered a KBC VR1 today which fits in the storage compartment.
    Unfortunately the KBC VR2 is a larger shell shape which is why i coudnt get it to fit.
  8. Mate, I'd be more worried about getting a lid that fits your scone properly :wink:
  9. AGV Ti Tech?- NO
    HJC FG14?- YES
    KBC VR1?- YES
  10. Did you try an Arai? The Vector is not all that expensive and will last alot longer than a VR1. I had a KBC VR1 when i got back into road riding and it only last 6 months before it started to feel worn.
  11. None, cause once ya put ya grog in ain't no room for nothing but more grog! froflmao!
  12. none!

    only handbags fit.
  13. my agv large size helmet fits. i just stuff anything else that i have inside the helmet. all good

  14. Thanks for all the replies. I picked up my KBC VR1 last night. Fits me well and also fits in the storage compartment so it’s a win win situation. Rode to work for the 1st time this morning, put the helmet in the storage compartment & stuffed my gloves inside that. Works Great!
  15. No helmet will fit, the glove box space is storage for the handbag accessory that comes with the bike :p