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What Helmet do you own?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Smithy, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Just for shits & giggles I thought i'd be interesting to see what brand/model of lid NR's are slapping on their melon's.

    I have a few;
    Suomy - Corser replica (bought it in 2001)
    HJC - Green/purple MX
    AGV - GP1 silver

  2. I have a Suomy something or other. Don't know the "type" It's comfy though :)
  3. Shoei TZR Obelisk- Black and red with my signature red devil on the back :)

    Oh and my HJC spare!
  4. I have a blue Shoei TZR Obelisk.
  5. I have a o'neal dirt helmet (not sure of the model) and a shoei xr-1000 that has pink butterflies on it.
  6. 1. shoei tzr
    2. Nitro N1000 coz it was cheap
  7. AGV Stealth and I wouldn't get another, build quality not great.
  8. Arai Astral
    KBC tk-8
  9. I have a HJC Session for road and an Oneil for dirt.
  10. Shoei XR1000 Diabolic
    Arai RX-7 Corsair Shinya Nakano Replica :cool: Yeah babey!!! :cool:
  11. Shoei TZR
  12. A KBC of some description.
  13. I can't remember the name but here it is:
  14. KBC VR2 (There top of the range helmet but still fairly cheap)

    Would probably look at helmets from Shark/Nolan/M2R? for my next helmet. I guess I like helmets with nice graphics but they can't be too expensive :oops:
  15. shoei tzr matte black :cool:

    next helmet would be the xr1000 :cool:
  16. Nolan NE7 - Red for general purpose with UV visor
    Nolan N35 - Red for night and rain with clear visor (that also doubles as the pillion's)
    RXT - Red "dirt bike" style Red for the trails with Scott goggles

    For some reason, the helmets I use are all red :shock:

    Oh and a matt black posties for a spare and loaner :LOL:
  17. KBC Vr2. It is Ok but have had a few foggin drmas lately so I think I will get something else for my next helmet.

    Also the visors are easy to change but they have a stupid L shaped plastic piece that is very fragile and I have broken the ones in the original visor and one in the tinted visor.

  18. Had a really old AGV that I loved but it was time for a newy. Bought AGV stealth...much noisier :(
  19. KBC VR2 - Blue "Legend" design (until I dropped it stupidly)
    Shoei XR1000 - Cutlass design, Blue - it's much quieter and lighter than the KBC. It also fogs up less. I'm extra careful with my new helmet.

    The old helmet will be kept for go-karting or something not as fast as bikes.
  20. Got the same as Faramir.
    Vr2 went down the road.
    Xr1000 Buckmaster extremely colourful. very nice helmet