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What helmet do Cruiser riders use ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Here's some questions mainly for the cruiser rider ......

    Do you use a full face or an open face helmet?

    Why ?

    This has come up a few times during various times over the last few months with a few people I know and I would like to get other peoples opinions also as well as my own.

    With the injuries my son sustained and has healed from when he was hurt with an open face lid I am now curious.

    I rarely ever see a Harley or large cruiser rider with a full face.
  2. I think its the style for them to wear the open face helmets. But I personally wouldn't as warned by my bike instructor. There can be some nasty injuries sustained by having that part of your face exposed.
  3. i have a full face helmet for event rides

    and a full face flip helmet for every day and long rides

    My current bike is a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard 805 (C50)
  4. I wear a plain black, full face helmet when i ride the Boulevard.

    Have never worn and will not wear an open face, there is no protection for your lower face / chin ..
  5. anyone for Bugs for Breaky :shock:
  6. I have an open-face helmet which I bought new years ago but rarely use. I wear a full-face by far the most out of the two, stuff image and whatnot, I like the increased comfort and safety.
  7. My face is too beautiful for an open faced helmet.
  8. Or too ugly........ :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Only full faced red helmets..................but I am a rebel and refuse to wear black :LOL: :LOL:
  10. You've got a slanted view here.

    Of course the vast majority are gonna say full face. Anyone puts up open face, or even not wear all the safety gear, is gonna cop it from the safety nazis :roll:

    I rode with an open face when I had my Harley, and even a half helmet for city rides :shock:

    Yes agree, Cruiser riding is a "style", but you can still have horrific serious injuries and many die wearing a full face helmet.
  11. I looked into the safety side of NOT having a full face helmet ,when I got my cruiser.
    A lot of studies show ,that with a full face helmet on your more prone to neck injuries ,because when your face hits the ground the chin cover or the extra part of the full face helmet pushes your neck back as its a solid part ,and can brake your neck.

    But with a open face helmet ,your face takes the impacked and your jaw smashes to bits easy and less likely to give your neck damage .

    So its up to you which injury you want, a broken neck ,or smashed face???.

    EDIT__ here is one of 1000 test results

    Do a google search and see the results. :)
  12. Yeah, full faced helmets are the usual way people sustain the injury I did. I injured my Brachial Plexus (nerves in shoulder that control arm/hand) on my right side. From googling my injury when I first got it last year (March) it showed that this injury became somewhat common in USA at least when full faced helmets became law (in some/most? states). The head bounces from hitting the ground and the extra weight pulls or compresses the nerves in shoulder and injuring them.

    "Luckily" mine was "only" scar tissue blocking the nerves but that is still enough to cause am injury that's been going for 17 months, still get 24/7 pain from it. But I am fairly sure I would have rather sustained what I have than the consequence of my head hitting the ground (and tree?). I am somewhat close to maybe being healed from this, arm still can't move much but still, much rather a "gimpy arm" than head trauma.
  13. Interestingly, I saw this just recently:

  14. I wear a full face without question. I will not ride with an open face. I have tried it years ago on a Harley and just don't see the attraction of it - one ride copping a face full of grit thrown up from vehicles in front and bugs was enough for me. And then there are the people who wear an open face yet wear a mask or bandanna over their nose and chin and glasses or goggles over their eyes...seriously if you need to cover them all up get a full face FFS :roll:

    And of course there is the safety aspect, I value retaining my face if I come off - and yes I'm far too pretty to risk running my face along the bitumen :p

    So yes +1 for the full face. As for the whole cruiser "image" thing, admittedly I do opt for the all black helmet :LOL: so I do buy into image to some degree! But so do most riders - many colour match their helmet and leathers with their bike, customise their bike in ways that aren't simply about performance - custom exhausts for sound, fender eliminators, tinted screens, coloured wheels, stickers or "de-stickering" - the list goes on...
  15. Around town I wear an open face as I find it much easier to check my speed given the location of the speedo on most cruisers. Given how we have to ride/drive with one eye on our speedo these days I find it the easiest way to comply. A full face means you're always tilting your head right down to see the bloody speedo. On long rides & in wet weather I wear the flip face. Having a sissy bar is handy as I usually take both helmets with me & strap the other one on the sissy bar.
  16. If I had a cruiser then a full face blacker than black helmet would be the go, or one of the Harley flame helmets

    [​IMG] :cool: :cool:
  17. the old man wears an open face helmet on his electro glide harley. bugs aint a problem as there is a wind shield... and anyway he needs to hear the radio :LOL:
  18. That's a good point actually that I hadn't considered before. Checking a tank mounted speedo in a full face is fairly inconvenient. If I have my GPS on the bike I normally check the speed on that for exactly that reason - being handlebar mounted it's somewhat easier to view than the speedo on the tank.
  19. helmets are for wimps ;)
  20. I wear a black Nolan flip-top helmet. It keeps my face warm in the winter and I can flip it up in summer at low speeds.