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What helmet and why

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by xcamx, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Shoei

  2. Shark

  3. AGV

  4. Suomy

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  5. HJC

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  6. Icon

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  7. KBC

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  1. Time for a helmet upgrade YIPPEE. Looking at spending about 750 max

    and i should buy.....
  2. Any helmet that fits you best regardless of cost. If it's too big, too tight, too comfy at the beginning or wrong head shape, you increase chance of head/brain injury.

    Open face helmet if you don't mind grinding your jaw on the road.

    Extra money you pay usually means better ventilation, weight reduction, noise reduction and pretty graphics.
  3. Where's the "other" option. Definately go with fit first,, then material - can't see how brand can make a plastic shell superior to a fibreglass/carbon fibre one myself.
  4. Nolan N61. Put it on in the store and it had the fit of an old pair of bots you love, just perfect.
    I also was looking for a quiet helmet, and teh way Nolan wraps their visors OVER the visor mechanism minimises wind noise. It doesn't lok as pretty as having a cover over it, but it's good for wind noise.
    I also like the design of the eye port and the seal on the visor, plus the anti fog and ventilation are excellent.
    Nolan have been making helmets for ever, so they know a thing or two about what matters.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. dw too much about which brand to get mate. everyones head is different so go and try on all the ranges of brands to find out which one fits you best. for example a agv one doesnt feel comfortable as the shark helmet i tried on.
  6. I have a Shark RSF2, well i picked up a new one today, the other one was in a stack and saved my head so I went out and bought another exactly the same. Shark are very good value for $ IMHO. :)
  7. Main consideration for helmet is fit.
    Some are simply the wrong shape for your head, you cant have any bits where theres more pressure or gaps, must be a nice snug fit.

    The expensive ones are usually skinner, more aerodynamic, and have better ventilation. Plus you do pay $100 more for fancy design over single color. That extra $100 does nothing for safety.

    Id go for a fiberglass/composite over plastic shell though if you are using it often, it should be higher quality and will last longer.
    Had a cheap nitro helmet first, the chin bit fell out after 3 months of everyday use and bits were coming loose and the foam had all shrunk. Shoei is still almost good as new after 15 months.

    Theres studys which claim the cheaper helmets can actually protect better in most cases. The Snell standard has to survive multiple impacts, so the foam is harder. But in most cases multiple impacts wont happen, so the softer helmet actually cushions your head better.
    Thats what the artical thing said anyway.

    And heres a winter helmet tip, if air still leaks through the vents giving you a brain freeze stick earplugs in the holes from the inside to block them up properly :grin:
  8. I'll second that, tried on helmets from $200 to $1000, put on the Nolan 61 and it felt like my favorite jeans
  9. All heads a different.

    Brands, well, whoever markets them better are pretty much going to get more sales.

    Try a heap of them on, forget the graphics, forget the replicas (they wont make you ride faster).

    Get one that fits best. Get yourself a cotton balaclava, and pop that on when you walk into a shop, tell the droid that you intend on walking around the shop for 10 minutes with it on. If they discourage you, walk out, find a shop that encourages it.
    $400-$800 is a lot of money to spend on a lid that doesnt fit.

    Then look at things like vents, removable liners, cost of replacement visors etc etc.

  10. I would always go for a fibreglass helmet. Or fibreglass/composite mix. These need not be expensive. Should be able to get one around the $250 mark. As everyone else has said -find one that fits properly & is comfortable on YOUR head. Never mind the pretty colours. Or the big brand names. Its the fit that matters
  11. I wanna try on one of these Nolan bad boys.

    Possibly leaning towards Shark at the moment, last helmet purchase the shark seemed to fit my ugly head the best ;)
    Obviously i want the best and most practical helmet for ma hard earned $$$

    cheers guys, much appreciated!
  12. Hey wow!!! A helmet thread. I've never seen one of those before. Hey look a search button never seen that before either.
  13. I have a shark RSX and a Nolan Xlite.

    Xlite wins hands down. Less noise, less wind, better field of vision... about the same comfort. Plus I've stacked one at 100km/h and it served me well.



    The RSX is a race helmet and is quite comfy, but has a restricted field of vision and is noisy and windy to boot.

    My (having trouble sleeping) 2c

  14. I agree that Nolan does indeed make comfy helmets. I've had two of them now and they were great.
    I've got to say the cheap HJC helmets are not comfortable on my head at all.
    But the cheaper Arai produced brand of MDS fits perfectly.

    In Europe the ROOF Boxer range of helmets has exceeded all Snell tests, so of course we don't get them here.

    Why does that not surprise me?
    And Simpson make some great helmets also...so of course we don't get them here as approved helmets either.

    Ho hum.
  15. i did search for, helmet, helmet review, helmet opinions.
    I didn't seem to get much info and especially nothing like the good opinions and info i got in this thread :)
  16. I currently have a KBC VR1, The field of vision is realy good on it, which I think is an undervalued attribute on helmet. I personaly thing it is damned important for riding in trafic. Unfortunately on the downside I find it prety noisy over 80kph. It is also not great when it comes to fogging.
    I havn't had the chance to check out it's safty aspects, and would like to keep things that way.
  17. Wow, does the search function actually work properly here and not return 5 pages of crap but not the thread your looking for? It must be the only phpBB instalation where it does! You should send the code to the developers imediatly so they can fix everyone elses. :roll:

    OMG you created a motorcycling thread! Please use the search function because theres already thousands of these!
  18. I was very happy with my KBC VR1 helmet. Has all yer helmet classification approvals (Snell, Euro, DOT, etc), cost around the $350 mark, is vented, has a visor system that is a total cinch to change visors in 30 secs without pulling and yanking on panels like my old Arai helmet had me do. It's a little noisier than the Arai was, but had removable lining and different sized pad shapes (purchased seperately) to adjust the helmet to fit the shape of your melon.

    I fixed the fogging issue I had with it with one of those aftermarket visor panel inserts that sticks to the inside of the visor. Zero fogging issues after that, even in the worst of conditions. As for noise issues at speed, that's what ear-plugs are for. No helmet is quiet enough to prevent damage to your hearing at high speed.

    When I had my highside off at PI at 140kph and landed on my left shoulder, the left side of my head also impacted the track pretty heavily. Helmet is all banged and scratched up on the left hand side, but I did not have so much as a headache.

    Just letting you know that you don't have to spend close to $1000 to get all the options and standards approved ratings to boot.

    Read this excellent article for further info: http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/motorcycle_helmet_review/

    Read a scary story over at OCAU.mc of a guy wearing a Shoei X1000 helmet which has that highest SNELL rating. If you've read that article about helmets and SNELL and how some of the helmets actually are too rigid and transmit too much static g-forces to the brain, well this guy came off and banged his head. He got up and felt okay but 30 mins later collapsed into a coma 'cos the g-forces of the rigid helmet structure caused internal bleeding in his brain. He's alive today but still not fully recovered even 15 months on.

    Am not saying that this would not have happened with another helmet, or that the Shoei was to blame, but there's something to be said for being cautious about trusting any one helmet safety rating system too heavily.

    Me? I like my helmet shell to have some certain amount of give, stops the brain from turning to jelly when the helmet gets whacked.
  19. I got myself a KBC VR1, but it seems like it's a little big for my head.
    Plus it's the wrong color for my bike.
    I'm looking at selling it and getting a shoei at the redwing sale later this month. Hopefullly they're cheap and have the model I want.
    Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to bear with it.
  20. I have a Shoei XR1000 Badge (XS ;)) I can barely feel I even have a helmet on aside from the mild chipmunk cheek effect ;)