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What Have your Family Done For You

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I'd like to think my kids would be this good to me one day, but unfortunately they already have invisible post it notes around the house, with their names on them, for when I cark it ....
  2. Yup pretty kewl.
    He must have been a great dad. He obviously did a good job with his boys.
    Good on them.
  3. I thought for a minute there he was going to have a heart attack.

    I must confess I got a little misty-eyed.

    I agree, he obviously did a good job with his boys.
  4. I have to agree with all of you.

    Karma dude! Karma!
  5. Is it really a true story or an ad for Chevrolet? It looked too slick for a home video
  6. On a simular note...

    I'm slowly stripping down and rebuilding my uncles SR500, dads XS650 is long gone, I know where the engine from his CX500 is but the frame got sold to a bloke in queensland after a SMIDSY so who knows where it is now...
  7. Seems to be a true story....

    You’re probably wondering how we were able to capture Herb’s true Chevy story on film. It was easier than you’d think. Conspiring with his two sons, Jared and Derek, we posed as a film crew to document three generations of an American family. Herb, being a good sport and a proud father and grandfather, played along. Little did he know, of course, that as he was catching his granddaughters coming down the slide, his long- lost Impala would come rumbling into view. The rest, as you’ve seen, is history.

    Herb’s story marks the first of the many true stories that help celebrate Chevy’s 100-year anniversary.

  8. If it's a true story then great but being the cynical bastard I am I call a very good marketing campaign.
  9. As if advertisers would lie, though !
  10. dude you're the worse damn cynic I've ever seen. easy: they emailed chevy about their story, so chevy jumped on the opportunity to make an ad. there's no way that shit was acting.
  11. You know what, it doesn't matter if it was real or not, I think it's more of the message behind it, and as to what families do for each other, that tells the story.

    For my last birthday for example, my daughter, still went to the trouble of making a birthday card for me, which she would have spent a bit of time doing. This simple thing to me means more than any store bought card or item.

    These are the types of things that I'll remember in the future....
  12. I have no issue with this.

    Having a brand attaching itself to the message is what I don't particularly like or agree with.
  13. Hes not the only cynic that has a general distrust of the integrity and professed motives of individuals and organizastions. [-(

    If its true and has merit then great ad!
  14. i would prefer to have seen the old man get in the car, smoke up the tyres, give his family the middle finger, yell ' Up your parasites of life" then vanish into the distance.
  15. Chevrolet have achieved their aim in this viral marketing campaign, it has got people talking about their brand.
  16. What my family has done or going to do? Help me move into my new abode that I got today :D they just don't know it yet!
  17. What I find hard to believe is Chevrolet's only involvement being just filming it. That car looks in showroom condition - I would bet my left nut that once the car was tracked down, Chevrolet offered to fully restore it in return for the opportunity to use this as a marketing exercise.
  18. I cant see anything wrong with GM running with it. Specially if they fund the resto.

    Hey Mr Yamaha.. how much freeken bark have I lost for you ????
    My teenage daughters are too stuck up and stupid. They think I have enough bikes lol. Bloody girls. I ain't ever gunna get that lucky. Good thing I love them to death.

    Unfortunately the world is for sale. And at a discount.
    It is kinda ironic isn't it. The epitome of the filth....GM. Showing us how to be nice and care.
    Almost makes me wish I knew my father
  19. I hope my future kids never find my '72 Fairlane for me, that thing is a heap now and will be in twenty years lol
  20. very good!