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What have you seen while filtering/riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Ride home last night; I was stopped in the bus lane on Military road waiting for a bus to move off.

    There was a red mini to the right of me, and of course I noticed the long legs and short skirt but also the young lady was having and an……..um…what I can only describe as an intimate scratch…..must have been one hell of an itch =D>

    I didn't move until the bus behind me honked his horn and I jumped ](*,)
  2. In summer, I like the way the boobs just sit there in their low cut dresses, all exposed, very nice,
  3. Lets just say that practicing your MOST in deserted industrial areas have their advantages ;)......oh see how they blush and shy away from my high beam, too bad GoPro has a pathetic low light performance.
  4. Jumped off your bike and into her laps ;)
  5. You guys are talking about the vantage point on bikes, just think about the stuff I can see while driving trucks a few days a week (;
  6. And get the crabs she's itching, no thanks
  7. :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl:


    and +1 to riding a KLR ey Tiggers?
  8. Filtering down Dynon road very slowly (narrow 2 lanes) in Kensington last month and saw a guy pulling a bong while sitting in his car around 8am in the morning.

    Funny thing is I the one who felt paranoid about stoned drivers trying to kill me for the next 3 days
  9. Oh hell no, thanks alot Goz :p, weve now made it into Mav's infamous sig.

    NiteKreeper's one was just creepy, I dont look at him the same way anymore :p.....NiteKreeper aka Mr. Junk Pusher lol.
  10. lol @
    maybe he can change his name to "Junkkreeper"
  11. Careful, you could get a man in trouble making rash statements like that!
    But I stand by my comment: she had a pretty face...
  12. Yeah I just noticed the two meanings lol...I think you would love Thailand :p j/k
  13. Icing sugar!

    Doesn't make them go away...but does rot their teeth =D>
  14. Tiggers is that from personal experience or just an interesting internet facts you stumbled upon?

    Icing sugar can be fun in other ways :p, I didnt know of its medicinal properties.
  15. Erm, I do actually 8-[
  16. Do you like ping pongs? lol

    Pictures tell a thousand words :)
  17. a dude on a skateboard checking me out and then did a massive stack - face plant.

    absolutely awesome hilarious :D

    ummm... chick talking on her phone crossing the road without looking almost got hit by a car driver who was also talking on the phone not looking...
  18. Did he offer you a cone or he was being all selfish about it lol
    You could have arrived at work with a buzz.
  19. Just today, I saw a dude in heavy traffic with a newspaper draped over his steering wheel... I rode off shaking my head.... Not as exciting as the OP, but laughable all the same
  20. Judging by the pipe I think I would have passed. Not the smell you a expecting on your morning ride to work.